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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Anal Alternative #adult #content #sex #article

Content Advisory: The following article contains graphic material of a sexual nature, and is intended for a mature audience. (And for those of you who blush easily, leave the computer now!).

As with any activity and this includes sex, most of us do require practice. We aren’t born with an instruction manual. Although the human anatomy is the same for everyone, and basic bodily functions are similar, doesn’t infer that what you find sexually enjoyable your partner automatically will. Sex is the one thing that separates us from the animals. Not only can we have sex for self-gratification, but also to share an emotional bond, which gives us the ability express how we feel through the physical act.
It will take patience and experimentation to figure out which positions suit you the best. But according to the experts once you do overcome your fears and inhibitions you should discover that anal intercourse can be a source of immense sexual pleasure. This can be a big issue some gay men (those who are beginners), whether they see themselves as the top or bottom, and whether this has an affect on their masculinity. I can only speculate on this subject. In my humble opinion, the position should be inconsequential. If you’re comfortable with who you are and, more importantly, your partner, nothing else should come into play.
Whichever position you and your partner select, is again, strictly influenced by the pleasure factor. Some prefer top, some prefer bottom, while others like both. Cleanliness also helps to ensure total enjoyment. Enemas and douches can work very well, but I've been warned you can only use them sparingly, as repeatedly flushing out of the rectum can disrupt the body’s natural process to expel waste. And always practice safe sex!
The things that make anal sex pleasurable are: the position, technique, and prostate stimulation; of course, also the pressure and shape of the erection. A man's prostate gland is in the perfect location to be stimulated during anal sex, especially when his partner's penis applies the correct pressure through the wall of the rectum. And it’s that pressure that provides the majority of the pleasure. The shape of the erect penis can determine the position. For instance, men who have a cock that curves upward, almost like a hook, may give their partner the greatest pleasure when he rides or missionary. If the cock has the opposite curve, doggie will probably grant most of the arousal.
The anus has a fairly high concentration of nerve-endings just as other erogenous zones in the body, which for some includes the perineum. And this is where anal foreplay can prepare the receiver for intercourse. Foreplay can be penetrative or non-penetrative. There is fingering, face sitting, anal fistula, sixty-nine, anilingus, and toys, et cetera. Lube is a must with most penetration, as the rectum doesn’t provide any natural lubrication; although if penetration is deep enough, the bowels may secrete an enzyme, making it slick.
For women anal sex can grant a different type of orgasm; while the penis penetrates and, if positioned correctly, it can push on the vagina, stimulating the G-spot along with the rectum. And she can experience orgasm's from both areas simultaneously. It’s been suggested, that if you’re a newbie to anal sex, the first thing you should do is become comfortable with your body and experiment alone. You can masturbate and self-stimulate your anus, and once you get used to the anal penetration, your partner can join in. Perhaps you masturbate while he plays with your anus. Lots of lube and have fun! 
It's interesting to note, not every men or women enjoys anal sex, nor do they actually get any gratification from it; a person's mental state has a huge bearing on what the individual finds "okay". I guess it really depends on personal choice. Some are more adventurous than others.

Blak Rayne


  1. Well done commentary on anal intercourse.

    1. Thank you, Pablo, glad you liked it. And thank you for stopping by. :)

  2. I SO agree with the comment on practice. You would not expect to dance the tango without doing some learning, so how come so many people believe they can make love (MUCH more involved) without learning how to do it well?
    Of course, learning and experiment needs intelligent discussion between partners...