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Monday, October 20, 2014

The Ravishing of Beauty - Jessica Satin #BDSM #sex #erotic #adult #fiction #ebooks #adult fiction #fairy tales

Welcome to BRB, everyone! My guest today is a talented lady with a flare for penning the erotic. Thank you for stopping by, Jessica! Let's get the party started. What genre do your currently write? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet?
I write fairy tale erotica, but have also written mythological erotica. I’m working on some nursery tale erotica and something with Santa too. So many opportunities for being naughty . . .
Many authors use a nom de plume, and they may use one opposite to their own sex. Do you think an author's sex or sexual orientation should dictate what genre they write?
I think an author should embrace whichever genre they want to write, regardless of their sex (or how their sex appears to their audience if they choose a nom de plume opposite to their own sex). It can be hard to break through gender barriers, but the more examples we have of genderfuck the better!
Some authors have issues with character development, writer's block, plot summary etc. What is the biggest challenge you face when writing? How do you overcome the problem?
Although the response has overall been very positive, there’s been some negative feedback on my most popular story, The Ravishing of Beauty. It’s is a dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast with non-stop sex scenes. There’s monster sex, anal, dub con, and a lot of blood play. Not everyone’s taste, as you can imagine.
It can be tough to block out the negative feedback and forge ahead as my kinky, non-mainstream sex-loving self. I know this sounds silly, but I’ve been listening to Eminem’s songs that are about being controversial, badass, and persevering through the sometimes sucky early stages of an artist’s career. “Without Me,” “Not Afriad,” and “Won’t Back Down” are especially motivational.
What has been the single most successful marketing tool you've used to date?
Doing a free giveaway of The Ravishing of Beauty over Labor Day weekend. My total sales in September were eight times what they were in August.
If you had to live as one of your characters, which one would it be, and why?
Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Huntsmen (which won the Bad Girl’s Bible erotica contest and you can read it for free here, http://bgberotica.com/snow-white-seven-huntsmen/). Snow gets seven hot huntsmen all to herself and lots of hot spanking.
While writing, have you ever drawn from personal experience, and why?
I have drawn some elements of the sex scenes I write from personal experience. It’s much easier to write about what having your pussy eaten out well feels like if you have experienced it! I use my imagination too, of course. In fairy tales, all is fantasy.
Just for fun–
What is your favourite colour?
Lolita pink
Which do you prefer: a little left to the imagination or explicit?
Explicit all the way. I want to inhabit the skin of the lovers as I read and feel every tingle brush against my skin as it brushes theirs.
When you first met your partner/spouse/lover what drew you to him or her first?
His nickname is Harry Potter. What is more endearing than someone who earns the nickname of a hot, famous wizard?
If you could spend the day with any famous author, who would it be? And, why?
The Marquis de Sade. I know he’s dead, but if he were alive, I think he would be such a fabulously, shamelessly dirty creep. He’s one of the great Kings of Taboo. 
If you could indulge free of any consequences, what would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?
A gang bang. Me and multiple hot men desperate to service me, fill all my holes, and give me multiple orgasms until they cum all over my body.

Website Link: http://www.amazon.com

The Ravishing of Beauty


Belle's choice to become the Beast's prisoner changes her in ways she never imagined. 

After her Beast transforms back into his human form, they eagerly explore each other’s bodies. He can caress every inch of her and probe his tongue deep between her lips. She can feel the warm bulge of his muscles and run her fingers through his red-gold hair, but it’s not enough. Their sexual affair began long before he was human, and Belle can’t help remembering what it was like to be with her Beast. She learned to love him through all the blood and sacrifice it required. Belle and her Prince must learn to find new ways to express their desires. 

Content Warning: This story was written to unlock your darkest fantasies and innermost desires. It is not for the faint of heart and is not your mother's erotica. All of the sexual descriptions found in this book are very explicit in nature. For readers 18+ only!


The concrete floor of Belle’s cell was cold and rough beneath her feet. Prince Adam had thrown her in here, again. He often did before ravishing her.
She took solace in the hard, gray walls and thick iron bars that held her there. The chaotic thoughts of her overactive mind eased away. Her mind was consumed by an acute awareness of her shivering body covered only by a transparent white chemise.
Although her Prince had transformed back into his human form just a few months ago, they had begun their affair long before. Just the thought of his incredible power sent hot tendrils of adrenaline shooting up her abdomen.
She thought back to their first time. She was in the library, sitting on the floor with her back against one of the many bookshelves and reading e.e. cummings’ erotic poetry. The words flowed hotly through her body and her vagina throbbed every time she read the words hunger, feel, touch, spine, killing, ow, oh no, come, divine, bones, and most especially, monster. She kept reading until her body was so overcome with arousal that she couldn’t focus on the words anymore.
She slipped her hands between her skirt and pulled her underwear down to her knees. She was already so wet her fingers slid between her lips. The smell of books filled her lungs and she arched backwards, displacing books as she delved further into her fantasy of her Beast coming in and taking over her. 
When she came, torrents of pleasure flowed through her. A dark pool of cum and sweat marked the silk lining of her hot pink skirt. She felt perfectly relaxed. She opened her eyes and the library had a soft, hazy glow.
A shadow wavered from the corner of her eye. She looked toward it and saw the form of her Beast in the doorway. His large, bright blue eyes took her in. It was unclear how long he had been there, but she secretly hoped he had been there to witness it all.
She was always astounded by his appearance. He was nearly seven feet tall and appeared to be a mix of fearsome, beautiful creatures. His back was broad and curved like a bear, his paws large and clawed like a lion, his limbs strong and lean like a wolf. A pair of sharp teeth lay against his upper lip and deep brown, silky hair covered his body. Horns curved up over his ears. Despite his outward appearance, she sensed a brilliant humanity deep within him.
She also noticed his turgid cock bulging in his trousers. It was huge. Painfully big. 
The Beast stayed in the doorway, watching his Belle, his Beauty, stare back at him. Her mouth was slightly agape, her cheeks glowed, and she was shameless about her exposed, wet pussy. Her smell filled his massive lungs with scents of a flourishing rose garden draped in sweet cum and sweat. His cock throbbed painfully against his trousers, begging to be unleashed and into her, into her everywhere. Ramming up inside her until she was drained of everything.
They had barely interacted before. He was intimidated by her. He could hardly do more than invite her to dinner and sloppily eat his meal while she watched, sweetly coaxing him into remembering his manners. His monstrous form was his constant torment. He read “The Ugly Duckling” over and over, hoping one day he would be handsome again. He tried not to dwell on her being his only hope for returning to his human body. If he thought of it too much, it would ruin him.
Even worse, she was as devastatingly beautiful as he was horrifyingly ugly. Her eyes were doleful and deep chestnut brown, flecked with gold. Her chestnut hair ran in waves down the long curve of her spine. Her lips were plump and a deep, rosebud pink. He often imagined how they would look stretched around his cock.
She was his only hope for reversing his curse, but how could she ever learn to love him? Her personality was all that gave him confidence. She was kind and quiet most of the time, but he sensed something twisted inside her. Something she wasn’t fully in touch with yet. It was territory to be explored. 
 “Stand up,” he said. 

Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com
Thanks for sharing the awesome excerpt, Jessica! All the best. Blak Rayne

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