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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting Down 'n' Dirty With Cara Cane - #erotic #sex #adult #fiction #smut

Lolly Learns a Lesson
By Cara Cane

When sexy college student Lolly Lane comes to Professor Artemus Hooper and begs him for a better grade, he decides to make her earn it. Lolly agrees to put on a show for him, but quickly discovers that her naughty teacher wants much more than that. Professor Hooper has a passion for kink and a desire to make her submit to all of his demands. 

Content Warning: This three-part novelette is all sex and no nonsense. It contains explicit language and material. For readers 18+ only! 

Themes explored in this short story: Submission, domination, spanking, rough sex, dirty talk, polyamory, scopophilia, anal sex, and much more. 

Series Note: This book is the first in the Classroom Kink series.

Artemus Hooper looked down at the girl that sat across from him. She had possibilities. Her tits were nice, and she looked like she had a juicy little pussy. Her name even sounded slutty. Lolly Lane. And she was twenty years old.
"Please, Mr. Hooper. If I don't get my GPA bumped up, I won't stand a chance of getting into the business program next year," Lolly said, her eyes full of tears.
Artemus took off his glasses and looked at her. Hard.
"Miss Lane. You should have made an effort earlier in the year. It wouldn't be fair to change the grade now."
"I did make an effort--"
"You didn't. You spent the entire year chasing frat boys and partying. I noticed you in the hallway. I heard you talking about it in class," Artemus said sternly. "If you want me to change your grade now, you're going to have to offer more than a few tears." 
Lolly sniffed. "What do you want me to do?"
"I want you to make an effort, Miss Lane. A real effort. You can start by taking off your top and showing me your sweet little tits."
"Wh-what," she hiccupped.
"You heard me, Miss Lane."
"Why do you want to see my tits?" 
"So I can get my cock hard enough for you to suck. Do you want the grade or not, Miss Lane?" Artemus asked.
"I do, Mr. Hooper. It's just--"
"Just what? You've shown them off before. Clearly, it's no big deal. Show them to me now."
Lolly hesitated and then pulled down the straps of her tiny tank top. Like most of the girls nowadays, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits sprang free. Her nipples were large, pink, and hard. Artemus felt his cock stir instantly. 
"That's very good, Lolly. Now I want you to put your index finger in your mouth and suck it."
Lolly lifted her finger to her mouth slowly and inserted it between her full pink lips. She closed her mouth around it and sucked. 
"Good. Get it nice and wet," Artemus instructed. "Now, take your finger out and make a slow circle around each nipple."
Lolly did as she was told. It pleased Artemus that she could follow instructions. He began thinking about the things he wanted to do to her and wondered how far this little slut would let him take it.
"Stand up, Miss Lane. Come closer to me."
Lolly rose from the chair, walked around his desk, and stood beside him.
"Take your panties off."
"I'm not wearing any," Lolly said. She blushed.
"Your skirt is very short, Miss Lane. It would be all too easy for you to expose your pussy when you bend over or sit at a desk in the classroom. Is that why you don't wear panties? Do you like exposing your pussy to the boys?"
"Yes," she whispered.
"That is very, very naughty. But you like being naughty, don't you?"
"Please, Mr. Hooper."
"Please, what? I'm not making you do anything, Lolly. If you'd like to leave now, you can. If you'd like to stay, you can earn the grade you want."
"Any grade I want?" Lolly asked.
"That depends," Artemus replied.
"On what?"
"Your performance, of course. Isn't that what grades are based on?"
Lolly nodded. Artemus grabbed the waistband of her skirt and pulled her closer. He stuck his hand between her parted thighs and ran it over her pussy. It was soaking wet.
"Miss Lane," Artemus chastised. "You're pretending like you don't like this, but your pussy couldn't be any wetter."
"I can't h-help it," she stammered.
"And I can't help it if I want to put my cock in your little slut mouth. So, let's cut the dramatics and proceed. On your knees, Miss Lane."

Website Link: http://www.caracane.com

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