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Monday, May 26, 2014

Super Cyber Bully #ebooks #books #war #mustread #fiction #worldwide #publishing

Super Cyber Bully

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

A while back, I'd posted an article about Amazon (penned with my usual sarcastic stabs), which pertained to a personal experience I had with them. I'd warned authors, especially those who aren't American citizens to speak with a certified accountant before applying for a TIN number. Depending on which country you reside and any Tax Treaty Agreements, which may or may not exist, you might require a TIN number to sell your books in the US. Anyway, aside from a few other issues I had with Amazon–their constant changing of the rules–how they're taking more of the author's rights and money away–I've grown to love and both hate this company, that I prefer to call, a Super Cyber Bully. And allow me to say, don’t misconstrue my reference of love, as 'I love to shop at Amazon and they're so great'. I don’t love Amazon for what they’re doing to the authors or publishing industry, but I do appreciate (love) the business tenacity they seem to have. They’ve got balls, metaphorically speaking, the size of Texas to do what they’re doing. As for the hate part, I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

From every other article I've read it really seems like Amazon is trying to monopolize book sales worldwide, or as stated in one article ‘eBook’ sales; the wave of the publishing industry future–a totally untapped money generator that is already revolutionizing the way we, as authors, publish, and the way readers find and purchase our books. Which is precisely the reason we need the competition, and why most countries have laws in place to stop this type of consumer bullying. If Amazon or any other company like them took total control of the distribution and sales of books/eBooks worldwide can you imagine what would happen? Well, I can, and it's already begun. All I can see is a dystopian-Hunger Game-ish world, where no one can think or live for himself or herself, where every last person is forced to purchase or sell from one retailer. I know that sounds far-fetched, and you might even laugh, but there is significantly more going on with Amazon then the general public realizes. I don't know if you've read these particular articles, but I've added the links just in case. They’re recent and contain numerous internal links to other related articles.



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