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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Come One Come All! #invitation #authorinterviews #articles #authors #fiction #blog #writing

Welcome to BRB, everyone! I had a real busy day, got home late, and I didn't have the mental stamina to finish writing the article I wanted to publish. So, I'm taking a break from posting anything major today. 

Instead, I'm extending an open invitation to my fellow authors and anyone else in the business who'd like to do an interview or book promo, you can contact me @

On a personal note, I'm right on schedule with my writing. But the project I'm currently working on, the revision of the Devotion series, has changed somewhat. It seems 'my little project' has become more than a simple revision. I've literally rewritten the bulk of the first novel and part of the second, adding and subtracting sections, changing perspectives and incorporating several new POVs. I think it's because my writing style and abilities as an author have changed since the books were first published, therefore I'm looking at the story with fresh eyes, and I see things in a different light now. I love Reeve and Slade, but I felt certain key ingredients were missing from the original story. I've added character history, more interaction between Slade and his nemesis, a little mystery, and a few other tidbits. I like the flow of the story now, more than before, and I think with the addition of the third novel, the entire series will end on a good note where everything ties in together quite nicely.

Also, in the coming weeks, I will post more author interviews, book reviews, and articles. And, I've decided to open the vault and add a few posts that were originally published elsewhere. I just finished reading another yaoi Spiritual Police and I can't wait to review it! What an awesome manga! In addition to SP I've ordered the Saki Aida's Deadlock and I've downloaded an epub edition of Into Illusion, another yaoi novel. I can't wait to read both. :) Have a great weekend!

Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne

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