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Thursday, March 6, 2014

FFAF The Exile - Book Review - Blak Rayne #bookreview #outlander #sex #romance #fiction #adult #love

The Exile
By Diana Gabaldon
Art by: Hoang Nguyen

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Once again, it's an FFAF (Free For All Friday), and I've chosen to post a book review. I wrote a review of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander not long ago, and now I'm adding to her saga, with The Exile, a graphic novel. It's no secret I love comics, manga, and GNs. I find all three provide a nice departure from reading regular novels. I suppose it's the art that attracts me, to see the creator's characters come to life. It's inspiring!

Anyway, I've just started the Outlander series, so I can't say that I'm an expert, or that I know every little detail about every character. OMG there is so much to learn about this series.

But, having said that, I'm certainly not disappointed that I purchased 'The Exile' like other reviewers have stated. I'm an artist myself, so I like most artistic mediums, and I can appreciate just about any artistic style. As an author, I also know it's difficult to explain to someone else how the characters inside my head should appear—description can be vague, or misinterpreted. What the artist sees isn't necessarily what I see, and the images the fans/readers create in their minds can also be completely different. The reviews I read were mixed, and of those who complained, most seemed disappointed with the depiction of James, in particular. Diana Gabaldon chose the artist and gave her stamp of approval, so who am I to say any different.

In my opinion, regardless of what I might've expected, I thought the artist did an outstanding job, and the story, as an abbreviated version, seemed to follow the novel accurately. No, James and Claire weren't precisely as I pictured them, but that is what made reading 'The Exile' interesting—to see them as the author intended changed my perspective. And, something else I forgot to add, it was nice to read the story from Jamie's view. I felt it enhanced the overall story. Normally, you're in Claire's POV, first person, but this time it was different. To see how he truly loves her, how he became infatuated and swept up in the heat of the moment. It was nice. Great idea!

If you can appreciate the artistic value, accept whatever discrepancies there might be, and take the story for what it is, then 'The Exile' would be a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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