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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craving Red: an Erotic Retelling of Red Riding Hood - Rosalind Scarlett #excerpt #authorinterview #erotic #romance #paranormal

What genre do your currently write? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet?   
I write Paranormal Erotic Romance, which includes books about Vampires, angels and faeries. For now, it is the only genre I am feeling compelled to write, but who knows what the future may bring!

Many authors use a nom de plume, and they may use one opposite to their own sex. Do you think an author's sex or sexual orientation should dictate what genre they write?  
No, I do not believe that an author’s gender, and certainly not their sexual orientation, should dictate what genre they choose to write.  Everyone should do what makes them happy, what they feel called to do.  If a man is inspired to write a Harlequin romance, or a woman to write science fiction, than why should they not?

Some authors have issues with character development, writer's block, plot summary etc. What is the biggest challenge you face when writing? How do you overcome the problem?   
Definitely writer’s block!  I am sure this is the most commonly experienced problem for every writer out there.

What are you currently reading?   
For Whom the Bell Tolls by Shane KP O’Neil

How do you measure success?   
I measure success in being happy with what I am doing and being able to get excited about seeing the results of my efforts grow day by day. 

Just for fun–
What is your favourite drink?  A chocolate martini!
Are you a cat or dog person?  Hmmm, that’s a tough one.  Once upon a time, I would have said dog.  Then for a long while, I would say both.  But lately it seems I am leaning more towards being a cat person!
Love or lust?  Love
If you could spend the day with any famous author, who would it be? And, why?    
Anne Rice, because she has inspired me more than anyone else, I love her imagination, and from what I have seen of her online, she seems like a really awesome mature lady!
If you could indulge free of any consequences, what would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?  Have you read my erotic short story, Double the Pleasure, where a straight-laced married couple has an unexpected foursome with a darker, more dominant couple?  Because that is pretty much what it would be!  Though rather than a typical partner swap where the couples have sex independent of each other, it would be a multidimensional sexual experience, with everyone interacting with everyone else, until it was nothing more than a heap of lusty bodies. 

Website Link:  www.RosalindScarlett.com
Craving Red: an Erotic Retelling of Red Riding Hood

It is the night of the snow moon. Sweden, 1790.

Maiden Kaia is days away from being married to the handsome Leif when her mother suddenly becomes gravely ill. Desperate to save his wife, her father sends his only daughter to the village on his horse to obtain help for her beloved mother.
But Kaia will not be returning home.

Out on the path, wolves emerge from the trees, surrounding her and spooking her horse. Fainting in sheer terror, the next thing Kaia knows, she is being dragged through the snow back to their lair. Shivering cold, half naked and bound, she startles awakes to the feel of warm breath blowing out over her body. 

The following day, she realises she sees no wolves around, but does see several other women there. Noticing they are all pregnant, Kaia fears her fate. Her fears are validated when one of them complacently informs her that her initiation is imminent. The moment her scent is ripe, she is to be mated by all males of the pack.

Still worse than that is the struggle she is having with herself upon being presented with so much blatant man flesh walking about, leaving Kaia flustered with the responses of her body which are swiftly summoning forth to betray her. And then, she feels herself drawn to one in particular, Dane, the youngest member of the pack.

Will Kaia ever escape this primitive place to see her family again? And if she does, will she be able to suppress the primal need she feels awakening in her? Worse yet, will she want to?


With that, they stepped Kaia out of the water, the cold night air biting at her damp skin and began rubbing her dry.  After that, Synnove took her by the hand and they led her to the open area of the camp where the males waited for her.  

Upon beholding her come into view, all seven pairs of eyes roved over her hungrily as though never had they seen a nude woman before.  

“She looks so scrumptious, I think I’ll have to taste her,” barked Thorin with a wicked laugh.
“Yeah, me too!” chimed in several other men.

Not entirely sure what they could mean combined with the residual fear from the first night they had happened upon her in the wood, the ever present dread reared back up within Kaia causing her to stiffen.  After all, she did not know the entirety of their intentions for her.  How long would it be before they did decide to eat her?  The next full moon when they transformed into wolves once more?  The thought rendered her motionless.

“Get over here, female!” snarled Thorin impatiently.  

Kaia was yanked towards them by the other women.  Determined to delay the inevitable for as long as possible, she dragged her feet.

The waiting men stood gathered about a raised wooden platform. When Kaia finally reached to them, Thorin pointed to it and commanded, “Lie upon your back, female!” 

Unwillingly, Kaia did as she was ordered, their covetous eyes feeling as though they were piercing right through her.  She said a silent prayer that this would all be over quickly.

The wood was coarse against her bare skin as she laid back upon it, feeling more vulnerable than she had since her arrival there.  Kaia could only imagine how many splinters she would have in her back when this was over.  Completely exposed to the frigid night air as she was, a shiver racked through her.  

“Looks like the female is excited to have us,” Thorin sneered upon noting her nipples stiffen in response.

Kaia’s stomach wretched at his slight.  

Dane’s eyes met hers and she noticed that while it was clear he appreciated her female form, his eyes did not hold the same greedy expression as was evident upon the others.  Instead there was something else evident in his expression. Shame, perhaps? Does he actually feel penitent for what they are about to force upon me?

This thought instilled in her a fleeting moment of false hope, that maybe, just maybe, the young pack mate would put a stop to this degrading event before it had the chance to occur.  But that fragment of hope was rapidly torn from her with what happened next.

Moving closer, Thorin forced Kaia’s legs apart until she was totally exposed, eliciting from her a humiliated whimper.   Then he bent his head down and inhaled of her, his eyes rolling back into his head as though intoxicated by the scent.  

“Ahh, yes,” he breathed out gruffly.  “She is positively ripe for us.”  With that, he brought his hand to her sex and parted the flesh of her folds, impelling his finger inside her and wiggling it about.  Kaia gasped, though whether it was in shock or pleasure, she did not wish to choose.

“Mmm, yes, she most certainly is,” he added, withdrawing his finger.  He held it up for all the men to see how it glistened with her wetness, before bringing it to his mouth and slurping on it, all the while similarly penetrating her with his stare as if to assert his dominance over her.

Kaia outright feared Thorin, Jorn and Magnar, with their dominating, borderline violent styles.  To her great detriment, one night, the three of them visited her together.  They did horrendous things to her which she could only pray to banish from memory, though she doubted that would be possible.  All she could do was to strive to detach her mind from her body and just endure it until they were through with her.

Now, with the state her body had been put in with that vicious incident, Kaia feared she would not be able to endure one of the male’s visits the following night.  

Every one of her orifices pained her and she was still oozing blood by the time the sun had set once again. She prayed for someone to take pity on her.

Kaia knew her prayer had been answered when she spotted Dane coming her way after the evening meal, running his hand through his dark, wavy hair.  But little did she know that he would be destined to be her saving grace.  

To her utter surprise, he did not force himself onto her as all the others men had the previous nights.  Instead he regarded her sympathetically, the concern obvious in his expressive blue eyes.

“I am so sorry they did this to you, Kaia,” he whispered, the deepest sincerity in his voice.
“How did you know?” she asked, perplexed.

“They have not ceased their bragging of it since,” Dane answered, the disgrace of his pack written all over his face.

“Do they typically treat the women this harshly?” Kaia asked, striving to ward off the tears which threatened just beneath the surface.

“Well, it is typical for them to be fairly rough with their mating rituals, yes, but still, I have never seen them do anything quite like this.  You must bring something out in them.”

Kaia frowned at that.

She kept waiting for Dane to move himself onto her.  But he did not.  Instead he caressed his fingers over her skin lightly, careful to avoid the wounded areas and planted little kisses along her.

When he lay down beside her and began to settle his body against hers, she looked at him quizzically.  “Are you not going to mate with me?” she asked, almost as though insulted that he would not.

“I want you, Kaia, believe me,” Dane began, “but not like this.  I can’t imagine the pain it would inflict upon you and I refuse to do that to you.”

“I … I don’t know what to say,” Kaia spluttered, in shock that a man— especially one of them— would pass up the chance to bed a woman who was already laying there fully nude and vulnerable.

“You do not need to say anything.  But, perhaps you will grant me the favour of being my first when the time is right for you,” he whispered, working his fingers through her silken blonde hair.

“Your first?” she repeated in shock.  “You have never bedded a woman?”

“No,” he replied. She could detect the hint of awkwardness in his tone. “That night I walked away was to be my initiation to the mating ritual, as well as yours.”

Kaia could hardly believe it.  Dane seemed so confident, the way he touched her, his mouth upon her.  Just thinking of it made her ache for him.  She almost hated that he wasn’t claiming her tonight.  He was the only one she had wanted since being brought here and now she would have to wait longer yet to know him.

“And you chose to walk away?  Why?” she prodded.

Dane laughed.  “Yeah, I did.  And believe me, I got an earful from the pack.  But, I just could not stand to be a part of something like that.  I wanted you— trust me, I wanted you— but I did not want to be just another one of them violating you like that.  I would rather wait for my turn to be with you alone.”

“And now you are putting my needs first and passing up your chance to have me again.  You must be some sort of angel,” Kaia declared musingly.

He snorted.  “Hardly!”

“Well, you are to me, anyway.  And I would be honoured to be your first, Dane.  I only wish that you could have been mine.  Then everything would be so different.”

“So do I, Kaia.”

Dane enfolded his arms around her, holding her close while she fell asleep, feeling safe for the first time in weeks.  In the morning when she awoke, he was gone. 

Thanks for stopping by, Rosalind! I wish you the best of success. ~ Blak Rayne

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