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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Goblin Queen-Chris Kalyta #promo #adultfiction #romance #sex #love

The Goblin Queen
By: Chris Kalyta


It’s an erotic twist on the classic tale of beauty and the beast, or is it? Amy was human until she willingly ate faerie food the year before and transformed into an elf.  Now she’s left her friends to discover just what it means to be one of these mythical creatures.
Her journey through the wilds of northern Canada end up with her being captured by goblins, who seem only too happy to sacrifice her to their evil god.  Can she escape this fate?  Can she survive when she’s thrown into an alien world where deadly danger threatens her almost every second of the day?
Amy must learn her own true nature if she is to protect those she cares about.  But how can she do that when her own humanity prevents her from embracing faerie magic?


The two women heard the goblins leave the room.  Amy stood and searched for any stragglers, but found none.
“Sometimes Krull is heard to speak and sometimes only Grumach hears him,” whispered Armora, rising to her feet.
“Don’t you think that’s suspicious?”
“Cormac thinks so,” was the goblin girl’s response.
Armora led Amy around to the middle of the chamber.  The elf could see that the tunnel leaving the portal room turned as it went, so Grumach and guards would not be able to see the two girls.  Amy looked about and saw a yellowish-white, glowing sheet that filled the gap between two stone columns.  Sparks fell from the light as she watched and they fell more slowly than they should have.
“What is it?” Amy asked, not quite believing her eyes.
“Well, when the goblins made their way into this land, our greatest priests sensed this portal and directed us to it.  This is a portal or doorway into another realm, a world dominated by an evil god named Krull.”  Armora gave a fearful look towards the portal.
“So you stay here to worship this Krull?”
“No, we stay here to bar the way.  Goblins go to the dark places in the world to prevent passage from one world to another.  Krull seems content to stay on his side of the barrier, so the High Priest worked out a deal with him.”
“The sacrifices?”
Armora nodded.  “Krull is sent those the High Priest deems ‘worthy’ of sacrifice and he guards his side from any and all creatures in his realm.  The guards are stationed outside this room so that if something sneaks past Krull or if Krull falls, then we can prevent a fell being from invading our world.”
“This all seems wrong…” began Amy.
“And indeed it is wrong!” replied Grumach from the exit and the two girls whirled around.  “Neither of you should be here.  Your presence here is enough to anger Krull and you shall have to be sacrificed.”
“You sent my family through the portal, High Priest!” hissed Armora.
“And rightly so.”  He took a few steps into the room and the knob atop his staff began to glow.  “Everyone that I send through makes Krull appreciate me more.  He whispers secrets of power to me.”  Grumach eyed the bright light shining from his staff.
“Cormac will put an end to you, one day!” sneered the goblin girl.
“Cormac?  Cormac?  He’s a blight upon our people, polluting good goblin blood!”
Armora snarled and ran at the High Priest with clawed fingers.  Grumach smiled grimly, raised his staff and struck her a blow across her forehead.  A shock coursed along the goblin girl’s skin and she collapsed at the feet of her nemesis.
Amy and Grumach stared at the unmoving goblin girl.  “I’ll tell Cormac everything!” shouted the elf.
“I think not.  Guards!”
Goblin spearmen rushed into the room and then stopped, staring at the elf woman who stood in front of the portal.
“The elf girl bewitched our poor Armora into bringing her here.  When I came upon the scene and freed Armora from the spell, the elf threw a rock and struck her down.”  The High priest pointed an accusing finger at Amy.  “She must be sent through the portal to be dealt with by Krull!”
The guards started advancing, with their spears pointed at Amy.  She backed away until she felt a static charge on her back.  “He’s lying!  He hit Armora with his staff!  Look at the wound!”
Grumach scowled.  “I’ll have to tend to Armora’s wound and I’ll do my best to make her recovery swift so she can tell Cormac everything that has happened here today.”  He bent over the goblin girl while the guards continued to advance on Amy.
Just before one of them could jab her, she fell backwards.  Light flooded her eyes and burned into her very brain.  She squeezed her eyes shut and a great heat bathed her body.  Then a searing cold engulfed her and she tucked into a ball.
She felt something hard hit her back and then she rolled across uneven and unyielding stone, until at last she lay unmoving and barely conscious.

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  1. This is a strange tale - quite unusual and refreshingly different. Suited me very well...