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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Darlene-David Russell #adult #fiction #contemporary #romance

What genre do your currently write? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet?
I write speculative fiction and contemporary romance. I’d like to have a try at an Interracial Romance.
Many authors use a nom de plume, and they may use one opposite to their own sex. Do you think an author's sex or sexual orientation should dictate what genre they write?
Definitely not; there now seem to be masses of women writing M/M
Some authors have issues with character development, writer's block, plot summary etc. What is the biggest challenge you face when writing? How do you overcome the problem?
Character development and dialogue are my greatest problems; these demand conscious effort.

What has been the single most successful marketing tool you've used to date?
My chief ‘marketing tool’ has always been romance review sites.

What are you currently reading?
Anais Nin’s diaries
How do you measure success?
According to the substance of reviews and dialogue with other authors (see the reviews for my novella Self’s Blossom in Good Reads)

Just for fun–

What is your favourite drink? Apple Juice
Are you a cat or dog person? Cats – at a distance
Love or lust? I believe in both, including platonic love
If you could spend the day with any famous author, who would it be? And, why? Ben Okri, in order to explore the depths of symbolism
If you could indulge free of any consequences, what would be your ultimate sexual fantasy? To have a one-off with a Hollywood Diva, rejuvenated to her prime (Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, etc.

The hero, Percival arranges a date through a contact mag. He and Darlene have a rapturous scenario, handled with superb finesse and supreme command of the wardrobe. He finds some hints of her complicated past. Before and after the encounter, he is eyed up and accosted by malicious-seeming men. The sense of an underlying hornet’s nest is scary, and immediately detracts from the euphoria, which does finally prevail.

I envisaged Darlene dressing before her mirror, adoring her own image, caressing her thighs as she drew up her stockings, loving her own image in the mirror, savouring her own fully charged magnetism. I imagined delicious dressing in preparation for delicious undressing – perhaps some feeling in her bones that I might be someone out of the ordinary, or even an additional bonus of doing it with another woman before my eyes.
I, in turn, practiced disrobing in front of my mirror, in subdued light, capturing all the alluring angles, savouring myself under the dream spell of her implicit eyes. I sensed the bleeps of telepathy in operation between us—laser-beamed gazes and breaths of rapture.
I spiced my sensations with my favourite videos. Katy Perry’s Thinking of You and Teenage Dream came to the fore, those graceful balletic of revelation, pulling on the stockings, pulling off the jeans, my hands all over that lithe, tanned form. I washed, ironed, and immersed myself into putting on and taking off all the items in my wardrobe. I even had some limbering up chats on the phone – some alluring voices there, even more magical for their anonymity and their covert location. Those blind rehearsals sharpened the visual and tactile imagination. Some aspects suit complete darkness, others suit subdued light. Maybe at some point, there will be a home video, capturing idyllic trysts indoors and outdoors, two lovers willing themselves into dream perfection…great art is often a substitute or reminder for experience. How much more fulfilling when it is an accompaniment or a backdrop

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