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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dancing For The Boys-Gemma Parkes #erotic #adult #fiction #mf #sex

Welcome to BRB, everyone! My guest today is the lovely and talented author Gemma Parkes. A lady that can write. And I'm not just saying that, she is very good at telling stories, and what tantalizing stories they are! *grins fiendishly* It's great to have you here, Gemma. I always enjoy reading your excerpts and finding out a little bit more about you. So, let's get started! :) 
What genre do your currently write, Gemma? And, is there a genre you'd like to write, but haven't tried yet?

Hi Blak, thank you for having me over today. I currently specialise in Erotic fiction writing as the mood takes me, and therefore, not sticking to any particular sub genre. I would like to write a murder mystery, what fun would that be? But I can’t see that happening any time soon!

Many authors use a nom de plume, and they may use one opposite to their own sex. Do you think an author's sex or sexual orientation should dictate what genre they write?

I really don’t think it should make a difference but I can see why people do it. I know of at least two erotic authors that use a female pseudonym when writing erotica. I think it’s because it’s a female dominated genre but some men are very good at writing erotica. When it comes to romance men can be very emotional, just look at the wonderful poetry out there and, of course, the many love songs. Most creative people are able to write about the emotions and sexual desires of the opposite sex, it is bizarre to think they can’t and a real shame that we all have to hide behind pseudonyms. 

Some authors have issues with character development, writer's block, plot summary etc. What is the biggest challenge you face when writing? How do you overcome the problem?

I hate ending stories. Endings can sometimes sound a bit rushed or a bit cheesy! There has to be a point where you decide that you’ve gone as far as you can with a story and leave what happens next to the imagination of your reader, but it doesn’t come easy to me. Do they head off into the sunset, live happily ever after; continue doing what they are doing? I over think endings and it’s something I admit I need to improve on. Or I could just write a story that goes on and on and never ends! 

What has been the single most successful marketing tool you've used to date?

Blogging I think. Guesting on other people’s blogs and promoting on my own is extremely important. Hundreds of people visit blogs each day and though they rarely comment, they read the blog posts and notice the books. It’s a successful form of advertising and you need to promote yourself and get your name out there as much as possible so that everyone knows who you are.

What are you currently reading?

‘Bread and Chocolate’ by Philippa Gregory.  It’s a collection of short stories about modern relationships and it’s wonderful!

How do you measure success?

Success to me is earning the love and respect from my family and my peers. To be thought of as an author and not just someone who writes is really important to me.

Just for fun–
What is your favourite drink?
First cup of tea in the morning and a bottle of Grolsch late at night.
Are you a cat or dog person?
Cat, I am so sensual, lazy, stretchy and cool that I really identify with them! 
Love or lust?
It has to be both, but love without lust in a relationship is not something I would be happy to settle for.
If you could spend the day with any famous author, who would it be? And, why?
D. H. Lawrence. The man was fascinating. His work was beautiful, inspirational, insightful and passionate. He could paint too! I would love to meet the man who wrote about women with such deep understanding. He was a visionary thinker and had a reputation as a pornographer which was ridiculously unfair. His writing was exquisite and a joy to read. I imagine him to have been a quiet, but witty conversationalist and l would have loved to have known him, if only for a short while.  
If you could indulge free of any consequences, what would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?
There are so many and they change weekly. I fantasize all the time which is one of the reasons I write. I suppose the idea of a threesome is always hot, to share a bed with two handsome, experimental men would be sublime...  
I’m in a beautiful hotel room, a white fur rug covering the floor, a super king bed with a pure white quilt cover and satin sheets. Through an adjoining door, there is a luxurious bathroom with a deep, sunken bath. Two suave young men, dedicated to spoiling me with their attentive indulgence are my only company. I take a foamy bath with both of them, drinking cool champagne poured for me and handed delicately as l sit between them. Jacuzzi jets softly pepper our naked bodies as we drink. Afterwards, l am patted dry by warm, fluffy towels and I’m kissed and cherished, with soft tongues and gentle kisses as l stand sandwiched between them enjoying the flutter of their fingers and their kisses on my neck, my thighs, my stomach. Eventually l am carried by one to be placed gently on the bed. My hair and toes are toyed with, tugged and stroked and rotated between them. I can feel tongues, fingers, smooth hands all over my body until finally, being no longer able to resist, l yield to their desire and give myself to them completely for hours and hours…but l can’t say I’ve thought about it much!

Website Link:

Dancing for the Boys


Two stories with the theme of exotic dancing:

Dancing for the Boys:

The idea of dancing privately for a group of young men appeals to college student Andrea Yates. After all, what could happen in a darkened room with a thudding beat and twelve hungry men? When Andrea dons the pink basque she discovers a bravado she never knew she possessed. How far will she go to get her kicks?
A Private Dance:

Tanya lives to twist and turn around a sleek pole in a gentlemen’s club. When she is observed night after night by a man who sits alone she is intrigued by his cool demeanour and finds herself thinking about him in the heat of the night. James, the gentleman in question, has a proposition for Tanya. Will she comply? 


Back and forth I walked swaying my hips, running my hands across my body. I tweaked my nipples between thumb and forefinger thrilling myself in the process. It was hot and dark; the music filled the small room. Gradually the beat took over and I almost forgot I had an audience as I danced with abandonment in my semi naked state. The beat pulsated through the floorboards and up into my body filling me with a bravado I never knew I possessed.

I teased the basque down past my toned stomach and leaned forward turning slowly around as l wiggled it to the floor before stepping out of it, one heeled shoe at a time. I stretched out my long legs in exaggerated high kicks first one way then the other stroking my hand up each, stopping short of my crotch. Turning my body away to grin at the DJ, l shimmied my butt causing a fresh ripple of delighted shouts from the men.

Turning back to face them l ran my hands over my breasts, the nipples of which were very excited and now pointed shamelessly towards the drooling faces. I wanted to make sure they all wanted me as I surrendered myself to Joe’s husky tones. The excitement in the room was tangible reflecting back at me from hungry eyes and heated faces. Their encouragement drove me on, this was my show, it was me they wanted.

Purchase Link:

Dancing For The Boys book trailer!


  1. Thank you for having me over today Blak, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog!

  2. You're welcome, Gemma, any time! It's always a pleasure to have you on. :)