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Monday, July 29, 2013

Is Something Wrong With Me?-Sharita Lira #adultfiction #sex #men #writers

Is Something Wrong With Me?
Author: Sharita Lira

*pictures of left Angelo Cruz and right Justin Barringer, aren’t mine, borrowed for this post*

A day on my Facebook wall is like this…

FB friend: Good lord, look at those eyes, those lips and man look at that other one.
Me: Yeah, I have to write a story for them. They’re both hot
FB Friend: I could stare into his eyes for hours
Me: I could write them together and be very happy…


That’s the sound of the brakes most likely going off in my FB friend’s head. Write them together? What? Are you mad? Why aren’t you thinking of your next hetero novel where one of this dashing young men whisks you away to some exotic locale, feeds you berries, makes love to you for hours. Oh, and then you can add some tension. He loves some other woman, he’s married with kids…oh the hetero HEA is on the horizon…


Now I slam on the brakes. *laughs*

As much as I love a good hetero book and yes I do own some, I enjoy reading and writing m/m the most. And so in turn when I see the lovely men on FB, Tumblr, and other peoples blogs and or websites, I’m looking for a partner for that man, a male partner who wants to whisk him away to that exotic locale, make love to him for hours and yes I love the fluff but tension is even better between two strong men, especially if one isn’t ready to come out the closet.

*eyebrow raise*

Yes, I love writing gay romance or m/m and well, I enjoy it so much I’ll stick with it the majority of the time. It doesn’t mean I won’t do ANY hetero. In fact, I have a couple of het books out under Rawiya and BLMorticia. At times, I do love a great het book and if I’m really feeling saucy, I’ll do an MMF but my first love is gay romance. Writing about two men, falling in love, overcoming obstacles like overbearing parents or friends, rejection, fear of being found out by their employers or their military supervisors is what I love the most. And even though I don’t possess the same equipment, it shouldn’t matter. Men can be emotional and or insecure. They could be whiners too just like women. *grins* Just because I don’t have a dick doesn’t mean I can’t write about one. I’m a straight woman, married with kids. Doesn’t mean I can’t write two men together. And well, many woman write in this genre and are damn good at it too. Some made best sellers lists right along with their male counterparts. You know them well. No need for me to mention them.

When I first began, I hadn’t written any gay or m/m stories. In fact, I wrote nothing but hetero under my first moniker, BLMorticia. I did dream about members of bands or hot, sexy models having their way with me and making me a happy woman. Then something clicked when I read slash fanfiction. Eureka! This is hot, oh so hot. Then I started reading gay fiction. Oh can I do this as a woman? I wondered, I pondered. And then came the uncertainty. I’m a woman, I can’t write about this. How can I write about dicks, how they feel inside of a man, so on and so forth? Well Jeez I know about this. Hell it feels good I think once you get past the initial pain.

So I adopted a gay male persona, Michael Mandrake and wrote my first short sappy story. From then on, I continued to do this and picked up some readers along the way. Now, almost 3 years later. I still do it. I love it. I can’t stop, not only because of my love for gay romance but also the community that I’m proud to be associated with.

So, this goes back to my earlier question. Is there something wrong with me? *laughs* My overly religious mom and bro thinks so. My dad doesn’t really have an opinion. My friends chide me about it daily but they support me and my hubby, whose opinion matters most, has no issue with it. Will he read it? At times but I’ll need to make it PG. Will I stop doing it? No. I love what I do and God willing, I’ll continue to do it for as long as I’m able.

Readers, nothing’s wrong with me. I love writing about men, period and I’ll continue to dream about the lovely men that grace my walls on FB being in a relationship that I myself created. 

That's my kind of HEA. 

Thanks for stopping by, Sharita! Great post as always. :D Blak


  1. You know, for decades guys have gotten off on f/f to the point that some idiots act like lesbians only exist for hetero-males gratification. So why they hell would people act like there is something wrong with a woman being into m/m?

    You are a good writer who handles your characters with respect and empathy. What more is needed.

    IMO, I don't care about whats between the legs of the erotica characters I read. I love it all. Why shouldn't I? It's people, getting on, getting off and getting together.

  2. TY Jessica for the compliment. I agree with you about the between the legs comment. I mean, if its two people falling in love, or more... ehe, I'm all for it!

    Thx for reading and commenting

    And thx Blak for having me as usual