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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Inspiration #sex #gay #glbt #FF #mmromance

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Can you believe it's the last Friday of the month? Time has just flown by. Not sure whose stolen it, or where it goes, but soon it'll be August, and before we realize, Christmas. Okay, I'll stop. :) Anyway, I have a couple of announcements to share. Older The Better will be available for purchase by next week once the formatting is complete. I also have another novel nearing completion with the hopes of publication by early October. And, my new website is almost ready to go live! 

I can't speak for anyone else, but I usually find my writing is influenced by music and to a lesser degree, images. I do love the visual stimuli photography and art provide, but feel it can impede the growth of my imagination. Music doesn't have an image until you create it. And music doesn't have any boundries. Having said that, I saved a set of gifs that did inspire. I think it was the seemingly romantic connection between these two men and the expression on the bottom's face that did it for me. Could he be any more enamoured with his lover? Talk about ecstasy. Anyway, I thought I'd post them and another funny one, just for a laugh. Perhaps you'll be inspired? Have an awesome weekend!

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