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Monday, June 17, 2013

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle-BL Morticia #sex #adult #fiction #article

To Cuddle or Not to Cuddle?


Greetings folks! Another sexy post from me, BLMorticia. Okay, picture this. You’re having sex with your man, legs up over his shoulders, your fingers gripping the sheets ready for orgasm. You cry out when he hits that spot, oh just the right spot too that sends you over the edge. You curse, you bite your lip until it bleeds. Then he comes… and oh does he! You feel him shaking above you, repeating all the same expletives you did as he shoots his hot seed inside you. Oh shit! The two of you are in sync and you say, damn I’m in love. Oh no, this means no more dating three men at once right? *snorts* I just want this one cause he’s the man, the bees knees and then…

Your Prince Charming finishes and goes to the other side of the bed, heaving air in and out. Before you know it, he’s asleep. What? Oh hell naw, he’s asleep! Why did he just come and roll over like a dead log? What the hell? Wasn’t it good for him as it was for me? You feel like a two bit whore right? Or do you already know this man didn’t like the post-coital cuddling


Well, I’ll tell you. Some men aren’t into it. They let the power of their climax overtake them and they instantly doze off. Not all their fault, really. Some men are just prone to do it because of the energy spent during sex. I asked Shar about her DH. She says he pulls her close and then they go to sleep together. Awwww… so damn cute.

What about your man? He isn’t into cuddling after sex? What about just during the day when the two of you are alone or maybe you’re not. You’re out as a couple or with the little kids?

Is your man so hardened or consider himself so damn tough he won’t cuddle? Well if that’s the case, and it’s only my opinion, that’s really silly. I mean, if this is a long lasting commitment or hell, even if you’re just in the dating stage, what’s wrong with showing a little affection that isn’t kissing, having intercourse, or oral sex? Cuddling is almost as arousing as the sex moments themselves. To me, the person is saying I love putting my hands on you and signaling how much he wants to be with you, hopefully in a committed relationship. If you’re already there, this shows how much they care. I mean, nothing like having your man hold you close to his body right?

Or, okay, I better be fair. Some women might not want to cuddle either. What the heck ladies? Are you not affectionate with your partner? Don’t you like putting your hands on your significant other and claiming them as your own?

Touching, pawing, hugging, can all lead somewhere eventually and even when it doesn’t it makes both people feel good about their relationship. 

In my fiction, I love my two people to be overly affectionate and I really don’t care of that makes me a tad sappy. To me, two people who care about one another should be comfortable with displaying their affections, and that means, putting their hands on one another any chance they get! So open up your arms for your baby… yep, you tough guy or ice queen. Show do freaking affection will ya. I guarantee you, you’ll feel better when you did!

Thanks for the great post, BL! All the best. :D Blak Rayne


  1. For about 5 minutes. Okay, as unromantic as it sounds, my guy puts off heat like a furnace. So after 2-5 minutes, yeah, grossly hot and sweaty, and not in the fun way.