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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Klass Act - L. Anne Carrington #excerpt #adult #fiction #chapter

Klass Act - The Cruiserweight Series
Donovan Klass is in the fight of his life. A probation officer, he is the son of a seven-time cruiserweight wrestling champion. He has seen his daughter’s mother and his best friend climb to the very top of the pro wrestling world. Should he switch careers and become a wrestler? If he does, can he still be a good father to the daughter he adores and hold on to the beautiful ballet dancer who loves him?
Chapter 1
A tiny finger poked the mound of bed covers. “Daddy.”
Donovan loudly groaned under the covers in response. It is Saturday morning, for Christ’s sake. Weekends are the only time I can sleep...oh, wait. Avadon is visiting.
Another poke. “Daddy.”
“Nobody here named Daddy,” he sleepily replied from under the covers.
“Uh, huh! You’re Daddy.”
He peeked out and grinned at Avadon, who stood beside his bed. “Says who?”
Donovan yawned and sat up. “If she says so, I guess I am.” He glanced at his bedside clock and saw the time was eight-thirty. “What are you awake so early, baby?”
Avadon made a face. “Not a baby.”
“Oops, Daddy forgot you’re now a big girl.”
“I’m hungry.”
“Already? You ate before I put you to bed last night,” Donovan kidded.
“That’s a long time!”
“Yes it is, kiddo.” He put Avadon on his shoulders and headed to the kitchen. “Good thing I went to the store and loaded up on good stuff. What does my princess want to eat?”
“You’re in luck. I have a variety waiting for you.” He opened a cupboard door. “Pick a box, any box.”
Avadon pulled out one and handed it to Donovan. “This.”
“Good choice.” He gently lifted her from his shoulders and placed her on the floor. “Go sit at the table and Daddy will bring you some.”
She scurried to the table while Donovan prepared her breakfast. He just set the bowl of cereal and a glass of juice in front of her when the phone rang. He felt slightly annoyed as he glanced in its direction.
Who the hell is calling this time of morning? “Yeah?”
“Rise and shine!” Peter cheerfully said from the other end.
“Morning to you too, Dad!”
“I’m surprised you’re already awake. When you lived with me and Kathy after you came back to Florida, someone practically needed to throw a grenade before you got your ass out of bed.”
“You can thank a hungry four-year-old this morning.”
“I thought the Hassans had Avadon this weekend?”
“They were booked at the last minute for a wrestling convention in Calgary. Ava’s doing shows with Southeast Wrestling all weekend in Daytona, and I didn’t want Avy at your place since Kathy and Peta have colds.”
“Yeah, I think I may be getting their damn bug.”
“How’s life in our old hometown?”
“Florida spoiled me, boy. I forgot Allentown has some cold winters. Nice place, but I don’t think I’ll be back to live anytime soon.”
Donovan chuckled. “Now you know why I finished college in Florida. How did the graduates of your wrestling school alma mater like your speech?”
“Better than expected. I never considered myself as a public speaker, but when Ali Junior asked if I would come and say a few words to the graduates, I couldn’t say no. After all, it was his father who gave me my start. How’s work?”
“There are days I think helping raise Avy is easier. I don’t know what some of those kids are thinking when they don’t obey their judges’ orders.”
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