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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Ghosts' Return - Simone Sinna #menage Lisabet Sarai Winner!

Were-Devils of Tasmania 3
The Ghosts' Returns

By Simone Sinna

Lena Magnussen is unhappily lost in a romance novel on a charter boat when fate intervenes in the form of two hot men, Lincoln and Kael Tremain. Only problem is she is a ghost vampire and they are the enemy, were-devils. The men know who she is and presume she senses them, but the curse, after two generations, is about to turn against the ghosts. They find they are racing against time, battling age-old hatreds between the groups, and trying to make sense of Lena’s illness—the old curse or the Hendra virus Lincoln is working on, which could be the one his father caused to mutate in order to exact revenge. In a gripping climax, the ghosts return to Tasmania to rescue Lena and her cousin Gabriella from the were-devils they love, and in doing so threaten to finally wipe out the remaining were-devils and their home Tarrabah. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. ** A Siren Erotic Romance


She was calling him before she knew what she was doing, and then when they both were there, standing at the foot of her bed, she knew she had sent two messages simultaneously though she had never done such a thing before and had not even known it was possible. One went to Kael, a cry to be soothed and loved. The other, to Lincoln, was to be held and protected, though she did not know what from.
They stood there wordlessly, both naked to the waist, Kael lean and Lincoln broad, taking up the entire of the doorway. Watching her in a way no one, not even Zac, ever had.
Lena sat up wide-eyed and pulled the sheet around her, aware she was wearing only her lace panties.
“We’ll leave if you ask us to,” said Kael.
“Or stay and just hold you if that’s all you want.”
Lena closed her eyes and felt her grandmother with her. Love isn’t easy but as essential to life as breathing.
She opened her eyes. “Be gentle,” she whispered.
The brothers looked at each other. Kael sat at the end of the bed, calm radiating from him as his hand rested on her sheet covered leg. Lincoln hesitated then sat beside her, an arm bringing her to his chest. It felt firm and solid, safe. She leaned against him as his hand went through her silky, blonde hair, lips kissing her forehead.
The electricity she had felt earlier now went through her in waves. Kael slowly pulled the sheet off her, tickling her legs as he admired her body. “You look like an exquisite art piece that touching might spoil,” he murmured.
Lena felt as if she had spent most of her life falling short of anyone’s assessment as a woman. For reasons she couldn’t fathom, these men seemed to like her just as she was. Kael read her thoughts and grinned. Both hands rubbed up and down her legs, alternating between a firm massage and a light tickle that set off goose bumps. Lincoln edged himself behind her so she could use him to rest against, and in doing so he was able to bring his arms around her, holding and protective, but then moving over her breasts. Lena had seriously considered having them reduced. But now as Lincoln made clear his appreciation, any lingering anxieties evaporated. He moaned with pleasure as his hands massaged her, circling her nipples and watching them harden and lengthen under his touch. He sank his lips into her hair, her neck and ears, nibbling and licking, savoring the taste of her.
Kael edged his fingers under each side of her panties then slowly pulled them down. Lena closed her eyes, wondering at how she had ever dared to let herself be so wanton. But each moment was more delicious than the last and seemed to be so right. She felt more at ease and comfortable with these two men than she ever had with Zac, even though he was family and she had known him all her life.
Kael, having removed her panties, stood and dropped his own briefs, his cock long and hard as he peeled a condom over it. Then he knelt between her legs, easing them apart as he licked the inside of one inner thigh and then the other. The feeling of his tongue tickling within an inch of her pussy but not going closer kept her on the edge. She hadn’t ever known she could stay suspended like this for so long and in such a state of pleasure.
Lincoln brought his lips over hers, a hot breathy kiss that became deeper and more insistent as he pinched her nipples. Kael moved his lips over a nipple, biting gently and then harder until pain and ecstasy seemed to blur and become one. It heightened her desire, and her pelvis was starting to grind as she increasingly wanted them to take her completely. Lincoln eased out from behind her to find a condom. Lena lay back on the pillow, and Kael pushed up her legs, his mouth now coming over her mound and searching out her clit.
Lena groaned as Kael dipped his tongue into her slit and tasted her pussy juices. His fingers on her lips separated them fully so he could access her with his tongue, pressing deep inside. The feeling was delicious, the writhing of her pelvis in time with Kael’s licking and thrusting creating an ever-increasing spiral until Lena moaned that she needed him inside her.
Kael tried a finger first, tentatively and gently, but deeper than his tongue had been, then sat beside her as Lincoln on her other side trailed his fingers over her slit and ran his tongue over her. But swapping again, Lincoln returned to kiss her lips and breasts as Kael knelt closer and eased his cock over her slit.
“Are you sure?” he whispered.
Lena had never been so sure of anything in her life. As they joined they both gasped, Lena wanting to suck him deeper and deeper into her, body and soul, as Kael, thrusting with a need that seemed to take him by surprise, brought them both to climax within less than a minute. Lena gasped as it coursed through her, but almost immediately wanted Lincoln, too. She pulled gently away from Kael and, pushing Lincoln onto his back, sat astride him, lowering herself onto the firm shaft that was more than ready.
The change in position and man sent Lena off again, as desperate for Lincoln to fill her as she had been Kael. It took longer this time, but again it seemed they were matched and in synchrony. Lincoln following her signals, and pulling her hips down onto him, he pushed harder. She arched back, and, squeezing, they both came, shuddering until they were finally spent.
There were no more dreams on this night, just a deep, peaceful sleep. It would be the last for many months.

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Thank you for the awesome excerpt, Simone! All the best. Blak Rayne

***Also, last week the lovely Lisabet Sarai was here at BRB, and she did a giveaway. So I must let you know who won. Congratulations to Shannon Bereza, you've won a copy of 'Fire In The Blood' by Lisabet Sarai!