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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Irish Kiss - BLMorticia #mm #mmromance #sex

Nathan and Bryant’s St Patrick’s Day in NOLA

Greetings readers

Happy Monday. Just last weekend, I did another story for my favorite couple Nathan and Bryant from My Lieutenant. For whatever reason, even though their main story is finished, they still have more they’d like to say. They are my first couple and well, they’re adorable too. I suppose that’s the reason I can’t stop writing about them!

Lucky for you readers this story is completely free. *throws confetti* Even though St. Pats is over, you can still enjoy this cutesy little short. It’s sappy, very but I love it. Hope you do too!

Featuring my characters from My Lieutenant Nathan Ellerby and Bryant Duncan are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, New Orleans style.

ARe     Smashwords    Irish Kiss

“Dea-maidin, my love.” (Good morning) My husband to be, retired Lieutenant Bryant Duncan woke me up with kisses and licks on my chin, lips, and collarbone. Immediately, my already hard cock stirred under the white bed sheets and formed a tent. Aroused, I gripped the side of his caramel colored dome and planted light pecks on the top.

“Mhmm, morning, sexy man. Are we still going back to New York to visit your folks? I found some good rates for last minute on Priceline.” I attempted to sit up but Bryant drove me back down to the mattress, causing both of us to bounce.

“No, love. We’re staying here in New Orleans. There’s plenty to do here for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Parades, beads, lots of drinking as always.” He yanked the top sheet from off my naked body and gripped the base of my cock in his hand. “Besides, the less traveling we do, the more we can spend making up for lost time,” he winked. Bryant’s light brown eyes met my gaze. That wicked smile that crossed his luscious lips did me in.

“Mhmm…indeed and we’ve lost a lot over these past few weeks. I didn’t mean for the Kajika Fortier exhibit to become a success but the man is beautiful.” I beamed ear to ear when talking about my latest discovery/new friend who might end up being the world’s next top male model.

“I know, he’s something and because of his pretty face, my handsome man’s been working long hours at the gallery. I get it, which is why we need to stay right here and not go back to New York.” Bryant leaned down to my crotch and kissed the tip of my erection. “My parents will be bummed but we can go see them in the summer before we get hitched.”

“Mhmmph…” I sucked in my breath and held his head there, wanting him to pleasure me from down below. “Yes… and…” I suddenly lost focus when that pink tongue went to work, licking pre cum from the slit. “And… oh shit, Bryant.” Completely lost in ecstasy, I leaned back against the headboard, enjoying the oral assault of my lover. Bryant’s lips swallowed my thickness in its entirety, putting any male or female porn star to shame.

Didn’t I tell you this man was getting better?

In moments, he’d devoured me whole while he reached up to twist my nipples. Ready for the next step, I groaned loudly, panting like a rabid dog. The pressure on my groin mounted in a matter of seconds. “Fuck, Bryant Duncan! Shit! Want you inside me…” I bit my lip while sliding my feet up and down on the sheets, forcing my crotch upwards into his mouth. Tightly, I clenched the bed covers under my fingernails, pulling off the corners, exposing our light blue Serta.

“You do, hmm? An-go maith. (Very Well.)” I loved when he threw the native language at me.
Much to my disappointment, Bryant stopped pleasuring my nether region. Immediately I felt the loss of warmth and sighed inwardly, wanting him to continue but I knew there was something better to come. He shared some of my morning juices with me and our tongues wrestled for position in my mouth. “Spread ‘em for me, Captain. Let me see that tight, rosy pucker of yours!” Bryant pried open my legs before I could move and pressed his lips on the top of both of my kneecaps. “Damn, so beautiful as always,” he smiled at me and dove right in, licking and sucking the bud between my thighs.”

“Oh Sh… Bryant!” I rubbed my own nipples and pinched them between my fingertips, toying with them until they hurt. Enjoying his affections, I closed my eyes and rocked into his mouth while his tongue slid inside me, leaving me breathless. “Damn Bryant!”

“Mhmm… ready now lover?” Bryant only stopped a moment before going back to work.

Hell yes.

In a daze, I only nodded my response. I needed that cock right now, that glorious thick dick that made me give up all control, say I do, and become the bitch in this relationship. Yeah I said it, I surrendered everything for this man and was damn proud of it.

Now as it stands we’ve been together for over a year and a half and not one time have I ever looked in any other guy’s direction. Okay I lie. Just once and that was Kajika. What could I say, the kid was gorgeous and that’s why I made him part of my artwork.

Despite the attraction to the lovely Native American boy, I’d never leave Bryant Duncan’s side and now, with his traditional Irish holiday coming in less than forty-eight hours, I was ready to show my love in front of everyone right at that parade.

I’d kiss my man in public in front of the world, ignoring my former declarations against PDA. Whoever didn’t like it could go fuck themselves. I loved this man and I wanted to lay claim in front of everyone.

New Orleans may not be the gay capital of the world but I had every right to share an Irish kiss with my lover as did any other couple in the country. And I’d show it on my lover’s favorite time of the year other than blasted Christmas.

Bah humbug

BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. She entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! She also writes a biweekly column on Blak Rayne Books and blogs on the First Thursday of the month at NNP Blog. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark
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As always, thanks for the great post, BL! The new book sounds awesome! ~ Blak Rayne

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