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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How To Introduce Role Playing #sex #mm

Getting into erotic romance and fantasy novels is a great way to get in touch with your sexuality and explore new realms of fetishes, sexual play and ideas.  It is also a great way to introduce role playing into your bedroom. 

Role playing is essentially acting in bed. It's taking on a new persona, whether from existing characters and a prescribed script, or from your own imagination and then living vicariously through their personalities and attributes to experiment in bed.

Many people find the common themes to be fun like student and teacher, doctor and nurse or even the jock and the nerd, but it can be even more fun to get a little creative with it.  Role playing works best if you can pick roles that you're familiar with but are nothing alike. A great place to start is actually a book or movie. Find roles and sex scenes in your books that you like then try to emulate them.

Getting into costume a great way to really solidify the role and lose some of your inhibitions. If just starting out, ease into it by just using an accent or wearing a wig. Once you've become more involved, consider piecing together a costume or buying props whether it be crops, anal toys from Adam and Eve,  scenery pieces or even music or scents to recreate the mood/scene.

You may be thinking, "this sounds fun and all, but how to do I get my partner to join in on the fun?" With anything, communication is key. You could always surprise them with a little dirty talk that obviously falls into a character mid session and see if they get the hint, but you're probably better off talking to them about it. Let your partner know that you're happy in the bedroom, but you'd like to experiment a little by trying to role play. You can even use your books as an excuse. Tell them you've read something recently that really turned you on and you'd like to recreate it.  If your partner seems a little wary, select a few chapters or scenes from your book and let them read it. This way they can get an idea for the character and will hopefully understand why you want to give it a-go.

Then as mentioned before, try treading lightly. Don't jump into full on cast of Cats style. Ease your way in and add elements as you become more and more comfortable. Even try some of the tried and true themes mentioned above and then escalate to the books and even your imagination!

Ultimately, role playing can be a really fun way to spice things up in your bedroom, allow you or your partner to let go of some inhibitions and will even bring you closer together as a couple. So give it a try, you've got nothing to lose!

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