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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Walk On The Wild Side - Jacqueline George

Welcome to BRB, everyone! It's Friday and another FFAF. As I stated previous, friend and fellow author Jacqueline George is going to be a regular at my blog once a month, and I decided this Friday would be as good as any to start. Enjoy!
Walking on the Wild Side - Jacqueline George
I suppose there are people around who only indulge in plain vanilla sex. In fact, I’m sure some of the crazy religious groups that the US has in abundance only make love fully clothed and with the lights off. And then only when they want to make babies.
For the rest of us, well, we are normal. We just do the ordinary things. Except putting your finger on exactly what is ‘normal’ can get very difficult. Let me give you a for instance - what about oral sex? Of course that is normal, isn’t it? I love it, and do it all the time.
Are you surprised to hear that a significant percentage of Americans (we won’t talk about those disgusting foreigners) react to the idea of oral sex with Oh yuk!!! And don’t even ask them about anal sex…
Let’s face it, normal sex is what we do. More than that is perverse, and we don’t want to go there, do we? And yet, and yet, what about the astounding success of Fifty Shades of Grey? That is a story of bondage, dominance and submission, and look who bought the book. Mostly women in their thirties, and it has become the leading book of a new literary genre - mommy porn.
Mommy porn? Mommies aren’t meant to even know about stuff like that, let alone enjoy it. I mean, being tied up and spanked is perverse, isn’t it? I mean, just the thought of all those American moms being tied over their coffee tables to have their wobbly bits spanked… what is the world coming to?
In reality, I don’t suppose more than a tiny percentage of readers carried the book home to their husbands and said ‘Please read this, Master’. But they did read it themselves, very carefully, from cover to cover. If they were not prepared to take a walk on the wild side, they certainly wanted to peep over the fence. And now, after an extra glass of wine, who knows what might happen if hubby gives them a playful slap on the bum?
Women might not admit to doing anything out of the ordinary, but they are certainly open to thinking about it. Look at the flood of ménage à trois romances on Amazon. Look at the amount of erotica involving gay sex and relationships, much of it by female authors.
Women fascinated by gays - isn’t that a little weird? Men have no interest at all in lesbian relationships. They do like watching lesbian sex, but that’s just because a female couple has twice as many interesting bits for them to watch. Women are not so, well, visual. Still, they are curious about gays and like to read about them - in great detail.
Well, good luck to them all. Sex is such a wonderful thing to share, why should we limit ourselves? If you only walk on the wild side in your fantasies, so what? It is still fun, and who knows? One evening, if the stars are right, and the men are right…
A Walk on the Wild Side is a collection of four stories that dance on the edge. Here is a peep at one of them - Bangkok Boys.
This was Bangkok, and there was food around every corner. They stepped out onto the street through the friendly crowd of girls and katoeys hoping for a rich foreign lover.
“Busy place,” said Gina.
“Well, yes, but why not? It’s all in good fun.”
Gina thought about that. “Would you ever pick up a girl from the street? Or whatever?”
Greg smiled at her clumsiness. “Possibly whatever. And no, I don’t think I would. Not when there are so many places where you can do it more officially. This place do you?” They were standing outside a brightly-lit restaurant called Seven Seas. It looked clean and did not have lines of beer-drinking foreigners sitting at the bar.
They sat down and scanned the menu. Already a girl appeared with two beers, and returned to bring small saucers of sliced bird’s eye chillis in clear vinegar.
Gina raised her glass to Greg. “Here’s to a good meal.  Thanks for rescuing me, Greg. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to come by myself.”
They had already started their second beer when the food arrived, green soup with prawns, spiced in the way that only Thailand can manage. Gina ate gratefully. It had been a long time since lunch.
“So, where are you heading now, Greg. Out clubbing?”
Greg avoided her eyes. “Ah well - if you can’t go clubbing in Bangkok...”
“Must be a bit of an adventure, I imagine.”
“Yes and no. It’s all perfectly safe here. They even have special police just to take care of tourists. On the other hand, you’ve never seen clubs like the ones here. Really hot, and relaxed at the same time. Suits me.”
“Um - gay clubs?”
“All sorts. Straight, gay, katoey, whatever you fancy.”
“Transsexual. You know, shemale. Women with dicks.”
“Really? Clubs for them too?”
“Well, clubs full of them. The customers are male. Mostly male, anyway.”
This was a world Gina had not even imagined. She played with the word. “Katoey. Sounds strange, but I guess they’re strange too.”
“Not so strange. Just girls with a bit extra, that’s all. And they have a male sex-drive too. That makes them more interesting, I suppose.”
“Have you ever..?” She did not know how to finish her question politely.
“No. I never did. There never seems to be time. And besides...”
Gina did not want to intrude, but she could not stop herself. “I suppose if you want male, you want male. What are the gay clubs like?”
“Hot, mostly. Super hot, compared to home, but then - everywhere is hot compared to Adelaide. Some of the shows are good. Really good, and the guys are, well, they turn me on, anyway.” He sipped his drink thoughtfully.
Gina thought about the evening ahead, and her plan of spending it back at the hotel with her Kindle. “And that’s where you are going tonight?”
Greg seemed to reach a decision. “Um - yes. Want to tag along?”
The taxi dropped them on a main street and Greg took the lead. They walked to the entry of a narrow, crowded street. “This is Soi Twilight. The gayest strip in town. I hope you don’t mind?"

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  1. I have read this book by Jacqueline, it's fun and sexy. Her writing just floats effortlessly from the pen! A great read.