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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Welcome sweeties, today's author interview is twice the fun! Please welcome writing duo Chris Almeida & Celcilia Aubrey, and their newest release 'Countermeasure'.

Tell us everything!
Chris and I have been writing together for about a year and half and as published authors for a year. Prior to that, my writing was for business publications and program materials. Chris used to write children’s stories when he was younger and pursued a Literature degree in University but eventually turned to technology and became a web designer. Our story started when we joined a Role Playing group on Facebook and were paired as a mated couple within the group. We found that we enjoyed the intense story lines we were writing and decided to take it further by writing erotica shorts.

What made you chose to write erotic romance thrillers in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?
Our jump into erotic literature was a natural transition from the RP story lines we were used to writing. We did switch from Paranormal to Contemporary Erotic when we began writing our own stories. While we appreciate the many paranormal erotica stories out there, we wanted to tackle something different and felt comfortable with contemporary stories. We just added a little pinch of spice to it. We most definitely intend to dabble in the paranormal later on for a change of pace and to get back to our roots. We currently have drafts on the shelf for an erotic paranormal and a Sci-Fi romance dealing with time travel.

Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?
It usually starts with one of us yelling, “Hey! I have an idea” or “Hey! I have a scene in my head” and the other yelling back, “Write it down!” Each idea brings in the plot and characters simultaneously. So pretty much everyone comes to the party at the same time…geez we never follow convention.

What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? 
Each has its smooth and rough patches.
Once we’re in the grove, we know roughly where we are going and the chapters burst forth on their own accord. Also, if a chapter from anywhere in the story is screaming to be written we never ignore the demand. For example, in Countermeasure, the last chapter was pretty much written while we were still in the early stages of putting the beginning of the story down on paper. So for us there’s really no beginning, middle or end. It all flows as one gigantic wave.

Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
Surprisingly, this is an area that we don’t find difficult. We actually look forward to them. We draw inspiration from each other and from our characters.

Tell us about your newest release. 
Countermeasure is our latest body of work, which is self-published under Éire Publishing. It is the first of a series involving Trevor Bauer and Cassandra James. In this first novel, Trevor Bauer, an NSA analyst is on the hunt for clues to his parent’s disappearance. Following a lead throws him in the path of Cassandra James, an ex CIA officer turned security assurance agent, who is on the trail of an infiltrator who stole a formula she was safeguarding. Thinking Trevor is her thief, she confronts him. Their meeting sets them on a course that neither expects. 

Just for fun–

What is your favourite colour(s)?
My favorite is blue and Cecilia’s is green.

Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain?
Definitely the hero. But a strong villain makes the story more interesting.

What is your favourite movie? And why?
Chris has whispered in my ear that he enjoys the Bourne Identity Trilogy because the plot and action sequences are out of this world. I have to say Mission Impossible Series for the same reasons. I love the whole suspense thriller aspect notched up by action sequences. 

If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And why?
We are asked this question a lot. For me it would have to be Cassandra. Her independent but passionate nature intrigues me. I love that once she committed herself to Trevor she let loose and jumped in with both feet and never looked back. In some ways I already feel like her.
Chris has often expressed he would definitely be Trevor. His life since meeting Cassandra had gone from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds. The many adventures they get into while handling the recovery of data is what he considers a hell of a ride.

Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
Hopefully to have established a foothold in the industry. But either way, we will still be here. Knee deep in writing the stories we like, getting them into the hands of the readers, and sharing what we’ve learned along the way with others.


Suspicious and determined never to fall into the love trap, security specialist Cassandra James takes on a chase to recover files stolen right out from under her nose. In an effort to prove to her father—also her boss—that she is a capable woman, she follows the digital trail—a trail that leads her directly into the arms of Trevor Bauer, an NSA analyst who appears to have more secrets than she has scars...

Haunted by the mystery surrounding his parents' disappearance, Trevor Bauer's dreams for his own life have been put on hold. But being confronted by Cassandra James derails every one of his best laid plans to avoid a relationship until he can find the closure he desperately seeks. When he accepts her request for help in recovering the files she's hunting, they embark on an adventure that takes them across the ocean and into a world of intrigue and violence. As things between them begin to heat up, Trevor realizes that, if he is ever to win Cassandra's heart and the future he craves, he has no choice but to reveal all his secrets.
Without a word, she turned her back to him and headed for her door. Before she could reach it, Trevor grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall. Cassandra struggled and Trevor groaned inside at the feel of her body pressed tight against his. "Damn it, Cassandra. Hold still for a second."

Her heart drummed rapidly against his chest and he saw her pulse beating at the base of her throat. He didn't like using his size against her, but he needed her to understand. "This is not about obsession, and I sure as hell am not like your friend, who, by the way, sounds like an ass. This is about friends caring about friends. You said you wanted us to be friends. You wanted us to be a team, and yet you took off and never checked back with me. The next thing I knew, almost an hour had gone by and I had no clue where you were. We know there is something bigger happening behind the scenes, that Allison didn't act alone. What if you had been hurt?"

"I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself," Cassandra breathed hard in agitation, and bucked against him, still trying to push his body away.

Trevor banked the urge to press harder against her. He continued to pin her arms above her head and put some space between them. "I know you can take care of yourself, but friends are going to worry about your well-being, whether you want it or not—whether you like it or not."

Trevor grew distracted by the feel of Cassandra's sweet breath against his skin and leaned slightly forward. "All I'm asking is that you let me know next time so I can be there for you. With you."

By the time he finished his statement, his lips were mere inches from hers. His mind went into overdrive and the need to taste the texture of her lips overrode his common sense. When her lips parted to protest, he silenced her by capturing her mouth with his.

The kiss made him numb to his surroundings. His sole focus became the softness of her full lips and the mingling of their tastes. Slowly, he released her hands and cupped her face with his, deepening the kiss. A jolt of electricity hit him when she responded, kissing him back just as urgently. Her freed hands gripped his forearms tightly and the kiss grew hot and deep—tongues exploring, teeth nipping.
In a flash, Cassandra pushed him from her. Both froze and stared into each other's eyes. Before he could comment, she slipped into her room and softly closed the door between them. Trevor stared at the door and ran his fingers through his hair. His arms felt empty without her. The taste of her on his lips was sweeter than he had ever dreamed.

Thanks for the great interview Chris and Cecilia! It was a treat to have you both, and I wish you the best of success!
Blak Rayne

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Greetings readers of Blak Raynes. Today, I’m doing a post about my other favorite thing besides, music, sex, and drinking… *ahem*  Tattoos.

What is it about a hot tattoo? I mean, it could be a sleeve full, on the chest, in other places that usually remained covered up. *snicker* One of my fave spots for a tattoo is on the lower back which is usually called a tramp stamp. To me it’s hot! Does it signify trampy, it might but hell, there are other more blatant things to show that.

What about a full back tattoo?
 Ooh impressive! Pretty hot when there’s a hot man that’s sporting it and hopefully when these people consider getting them they think about how it looks on their fleshiest parts. Nothing worse than showing the ink and erm, the body is just uh, well, gross! *frowns*

Tattoos have been around for centuries and I’d say over the past few years they’ve become more mainstream. Now even what would be considered as the most conservative of people get little cutesy ink, like butterflies or flowers. Hey all of this is well and good but to me, the sexiest are the hot men and women that go all out.
This is a great example of a man “going all out.” Wouldn’t you love to lick that? Trace the outlines of it with your tongue and give him as well as yourself a thrill by exploring his full body. Tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water.
This one has them on several parts. Wonder what he has by his crotch? Could it be a tattoo? Maybe a piercing? Ink is just really hot and there’s no wonder why so many people are deciding to take the plunge.

So what about you? What do you find sexy about tats? Or if you don’t, why not? Leave your thoughts!

Book One
Something Fresh Served Hot

A gay contemporary comedy which features a Chicago homophobe by the name of Jimmy LaCosta who works at a diner called the Greasy Spoon on the Northside of Chicago near Boys Town. While working, Jimmy meets the incoming manager, Alex Seidling, a young British man who his present boss is hiring to take his place as he retires. 

After the initial meeting in which Jimmy feels uncomfortable with Alex's stares, Jimmy cultivates a friendship with Alex which develops into something totally different than he himself expects. This shocks him and he tries to fight it but because of his growing feelings he decides to pursue it despite all of what he has been taught.

Will he do what his body wants? Will Alex accept his advances even though he will soon become Jimmy’s boss?

Excerpt: R Jimmy mentions Alex’s tattoo

Shaking my head, I stop staring at him, going back to scraping. After a few moments, he stepped in. He looked tired. The sweat on his forehead was in beads. The double d tattoo on his right forearm that he said stood for Devin Davidson, his first boyfriend’s initials, was illuminated by the perspiration. Alex leaned against the wall. He put the mop and bucket down. “Hey man, why don’t you get going? I’ll finish up, yeah?”

I stopped to look at him. He began mopping in here, cleaning some spilled grease. “No, no, I wanna stay and help you, Al.” Since we’d become chummy, I called him Al. “I don’t have anywhere to go.” It was true, I didn’t. I hadn’t hooked up with hot pussy since he and I first met two weeks ago and honestly didn’t care to anymore.

“Well make yourself somewhere to go, huh? I got cleaning to do. I don’t need you hangin’ around the diner, tracking dirt everywhere while I’m trying to get the place clean. I’m sure that your little black book has some treats that you could find to get into for the evening,” he laughed.

“I don’t have a black book, besides, I thought we could go check out the game at Spock’s. The Cowboys and Eagles are playing tonight.”

“Yeah, I know. I thought I’d just go watch it at home. Not feeling up to going anywhere. I need to get used to these Friday rushes.”

“Oh yeah, well how about we go by your house and see it then, I’ll grab some…”

“No, really,” he interrupted and raised his hands. “I just wanna go take a shower and watch it in my bedroom. I know you’ve got no interest in seeing me stripped to my boxer briefs, so I’ll just go home alone.”

How do you know what I wanna see?

Annoyed, I placed the spatula on the grill. I sensed by his tone he really didn’t want me around, so since I felt we’d cultivated a friendship, I just came out and asked. “Al you tryin’ to get rid of me?”

He rolled his eyes and stopped pushing the mop. “Jimmy, I’m just tired is all. I wanna get this done so I can go home and enjoy the game. That isn’t tryin’ to get rid you…um…look we just don’t need to be spending much time together anymore, yeah? I’m your boss and you, well you’re my subordinate…we’re becoming too chummy in a very short amount of time.”

I exhaled and stepped closer to my friend, my boss to be. I patted his wet bicep that looked good enough to lick. I moistened my lips and peered into his beautiful brown eyes.

What the hell am I doing?

“Why all of a sudden are you sayin’ those things when you’ve been so friendly and open to me for these first couple of weeks, huh? You aren’t my boss yet.” I rubbed his muscle.

He winced and shrugged away. Alex stared at me like I had three heads.

Being only inches away from him made me want to do something I couldn’t believe. I wanted to kiss this guy. “Alex, c’mon, what’s the deal, man? I like being around you, we have a good time together.”

“Yes I know, but we’ve been hangin’ like every day. I don’t think you’ve had no pussy since that first night we met and I know I haven’t had any dick. What the fuck, man? It’s cool for us to be around each other sometimes but not every single fuckin’ evening…we aren’t datin’!”

I couldn’t resist running my hand through that long brown hair. Damn, it was sweaty. It felt good between my fingers. “Yeah, but we enjoy it so what’s the problem?”

His brows furrowed. Alex moved a couple steps away from me. “The problem is I like you, Jimmy. I like you too much, all right, and you’re not gay! It’s a fuckin’ piss poor shame that you aren’t either because we’ve got so much in common, you know. Just…” he stopped and shook his head. “I shouldn’t have even told you that. Just go man. I’ll catch you later.”

I locked my gaze with his and closed the gap in between us. I took his face in my hands, and yanked him into me. Once I did, I enveloped his lips. It felt amazing to finally have that soft and pouty mouth on top of mine. My balls drew up against my body and I felt the pressure in my groin.

On the inside, I had a mixture of emotions. Everything my dad told me as a boy flooded my brain. Real men cannot be in love with each other. The preacher in the pulpit talking about hell for homosexuals, the teasing and taunts of kids who were homos at high school, the random stupid talk on the street and my thoughts about how I could, in no possible way, be attracted to another man with all the pussy walking around. Well, here I was, kissing another guy and it felt so good to be in his arms, enjoying the tastes of the coffee he drank several times a day.

I grasped Alex in my arms, gripping onto his back.

He tried to struggle away from me but after awhile, he stopped fighting and reciprocated the embrace. Alex wrapped his hands around my waist.

I let my hands fall to his buttocks. I recalled that he liked to be a switch hitter.

“Shit…” he muttered. He engulfed my mouth once more.

We both gasped for air.

I nuzzled the side of his neck, smelling his cologne and Marlboros on his skin. The ardor from him was intoxicating. 

Alex, damn it, I don’t care what other people think, I really do like you!

BL is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are Silver Stars on ARe. She writes bi weekly for Erotic Diaries with Rawiya and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books

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Friday, January 27, 2012

SHIFTERS 'R' US (8) - Edward Kendrick

“Think Rémy was telling the truth?” Terry asked as he and Alfie dressed for a trek into the mountains.

“You are such a skeptic. Yes, I’m ninety percent certain he was. At this point he’s got more to loose by lying than he has by letting us know where to find him.”

“True. At least his friends vouched for us, more or less.”

Alfie laughed, remembering John’s telling Rémy, ‘Yeah for adults they’re not so bad’, thinking that because he had his back turned and was whispering Alfie wouldn’t hear.

Terry pulled on a sweatshirt over his turtleneck as he watched Alfie in amusement. “Any more layers and you’ll look like a toddler who was dressed by his worried mother.”

“I’m a cat, we don’t do cold,” Alfie growled in reply as he debated between another sweatshirt and a sweater.

“Baby, you have the world’s warmest jacket, at least according to the salesman, so quit while you’re ahead.”

“Alright,” Alfie said grudgingly. “But if I freeze to death it’s your funeral.”

“Umm, I think it would be yours actually.” Terry laughed and raced out of the bedroom with Alfie in hot pursuit.

An hour later they were turning off the highway into Idaho Springs. Terry pulled into the parking lot of one of the restaurants to check his map. He was grinning slightly which immediately put Alfie on high alert. “What do you know that I don’t,” he asked warily.

“Ever been on the ‘Oh-My-Gawd’ road, because from what Rémy told us that’s where we’re headed.”

“I’ve heard about it, and you waited ‘til now to let me know we’d be going on it? In this weather?” Alfie looked out of the jeep’s window at the dark clouds over the mountains in the direction Terry was pointing. “It’s going to snow again any minute now.”

“That’s why we’re in Old Bessie and not the car,” Terry replied, patting the jeep’s dashboard. “She’ll go just about anywhere.”

“Good. She can take us back home and we’ll teleport.”

“Without a visual? Uh uh.”

“Details, details,” Alfie grumbled. “All right, if we have to do this let’s get moving before it starts to snow, or get dark, or both.”

* * * *

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Alfie moaned, peering through his fingers at the almost invisible road ahead of them.

“You are such a… scaredy-cat.” Terry chuckled, but he felt the same way. The drive had been harrowing but it would be over soon. He spotted their destination just to the right. Literally just to the right since with the driving snow he could barely see three yards in any direction. He was just glad they were the only ones stupid enough to be on the road at the moment. He turned a bit too fast and felt the jeep swerve. Biting his lip hard, he managed to keep it from sliding into the building that loomed in front of them. With a huge sigh of relief he got the jeep stopped. Then he carefully pulled it forward and around the building so that it wouldn’t be visible from the road if it stopped snowing, and turned it off.

“We’re here,” he said, tapping Alfie’s shoulder.

Alfie opened his eyes. “About time,” he muttered. “What now?”

“Now we walk.” Terry picked up his backpack and got out of the jeep.

“How do you know which way?” Alfie almost whined, his forehead creased with a frown as he joined Terry. “Damn, I’m sounding like a real pussy.”

“Naw. This just isn’t your thing and honestly right now I wish we had waited until the snow storm had passed.” Terry squinted in an attempt to get his bearings. “He said to go up the hill behind the blue house. I see blue,” he pointed, “so let’s hope there’s only one building like that here.”

Terry led the way through the deep snow. The only saving grace to it was there was no indication anyone had been here recently from the fact that the snow was relatively smooth ahead of them. The blue building had been a home at one time. They worked their way around to the back and saw the hill just as Rémy had said.

“The mineshaft is up there somewhere I hope,” Alfie said.

“Better be or he’ll have more to worry about than avoiding whoever killed his brother.”

It took a while for the two of them to make their way up the hill, which was steeper than it had seemed at the start.

“You’re sure this isn’t the Continental Divide,” Alfie grumbled at one point, earning himself a laugh from Terry. “At least the snow’s slowed down,” was his next comment.

It had. Enough so they could just make out their destination a few hundred yards ahead of them. A mine supply house, ramshackle but still standing met them first. Behind it, almost hidden from view, was the mineshaft.

“Tourists must not come up here,” Terry said as he looked at the supply of snow-covered mining tools that filled half the entrance to the shaft. “That’s a good thing I suspect.” He studied the area behind the tools, looking for any sign of footprints. “He’s definitely here, or has been fairly recently,” he told Alfie, pointing to faint fox prints in the thin layer of snow a few feet inside the shaft.

“Then let’s find him.”  

 Thanks for the great post, Edward! All the best. ~ Blak Rayne

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tell us about yourself.  
I am retired and write full time from home. It's the best job I ever had. My husband, mom and our two daughters are a great support system. Two of our nieces also do a lot of promo for me. I love my husband with all my heart. I'm crazy about cats - we have two. I think orchids are the most beautiful flowers on God's green earth. There have been many ups and downs in my life, but still I feel so very blessed.

What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why? 
I've been intrigued with sex and erotic lit. since I was quite young. I was about ten when I found a book about the sexual act and marriage and I was close to twelve when I found my dad's Playmate magazines. Considering the pictures in them then were very conservative, they still rocked my world. In the ten years I've been writing, I've tried my hand at a murder mystery, a vampire story, and several M/M. When I first started writing I wrote several full-length contemporary with some fairly steamy scenes. I've written in several genre, but no matter what I write it always ends up with at least one erotic scene. I can't seem to help myself - there has to be sex in every book or it simply isn't complete.

Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title? 
That is a hard question to answer. I'd say in general it's usually the plot that comes to me first. I've been told several times I'm terrible at giving my books names. I usually give it a working name and my manager, Leslie, or my dear writing friend Marie Nicole Ryan, who is a member of my writers group, are the ones who come up with the final name. Both women are great at picking just the right name for the story.

What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why? 
The middle is my nemesis. Sometimes I feel like I'm slogging through mud and I'm always afraid the middle will be boring. I have found a few good sex scenes in the middle perk things right up.

Do you have a method you use to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination? 
I prefer the sex to be open and bold. Out there - in your face. But, I also want love and romance in my novels. In most of my novels the sex is for pleasure and to move the romance to a higher level.

Are your characters based on people you know? Or are they completely fictitious? 
I can honestly say my characters are completely fictitious. To be honest - they are the people I want my husband and I to be. There is plenty of love, fun and romance in our lives and I'll leave the sex to your imagination.  Let's face it - I love love and sex. They make the world go round.

Who is your favorite character, which you’ve created? And why? 
Edward Declain III from Bad Blood. He's good hearted, handsome and masculine, loves his wife to distraction. He's a vampire who hates the taste of blood and wants to become a human so he will stop using his wife for sustenance.  

Tell us about your latest novel.
I have 5 books coming out in the next month and I wish I could give one of them. My latest release was Bad Blood in Oct.  Everything of interest regarding this book can be found on Manic Readers site.

Just for fun–

What is your favorite color(s)? 
I love the color purple, the deeper and richer the color the better.
Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain? 
I prefer a great hero. I want a man who is funny, sweet, large and good looking. And, like the song said, he needs to have a 'slow hand'. I want the women in my stories to be strong, yet feminine. I don't like to write about whining or crying women if I can avoid it.
What is your favorite movie? And why? 
The Beguiled with Clint Eastwood. It is a very sensuous movie, sexual without being blatant. In his young years Mr. Eastwood was very handsome and it only served to make the movie even sexier. I only saw the movie on TV a few times, so there may have been sex scenes in the theatre version, but even without the sex scenes, the story makes you melt.
If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And why? 
I would like to be Marilyn Monroe in this day and time. She was beautiful, voluptuous, and smart. She loved life and love. However, I wouldn't have fallen into the pit of vipers she fell in with. Fifty years ago women were chattel to be seen and not heard. It was expected that a woman could be used and abused all in the name of love. She was not the bimbo she always played. She really was intelligent, just unwise in her choice of men and that could have been because they promised her the world. Obviously, her way of life became too much for her in the end.
Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years? 
I'm hoping to be able to have at least 3 novella's published a year and a notebook on the side of my desk with letters from editors asking for more.
I can dream can't I ?

Bad Blood

Edward DeClain III married his soul mate, but there were secrets he kept from her. Clarissa, his wife of twenty-five years, loves him with all her being. She gives him everything her body and heart have to offer for she is well trained in the art of lovemaking. But still, Edward is miserable.
There is one thing keeping their marriage from being perfect; Clarissa wants children and children are the only thing he cannot give her. Edward knows his progeny will carry the vampire gene. The thought makes him ill for he wants his children to be human.
He searches the family's library looking for a cure. Somewhere there must be one. Diligence and Clarissa help him find the answer. However, he soon realizes he cannot carry through the plan without her help.
The answer is painfully clear; only in death can he be reborn. Clarissa loves her husband, but isn't sure she will be able to do her part of the plan, even if it may possibly make Edward human. Can she do the unimaginable, or will she become a widow? 

Edward DeClain III climbed out of the high feather bed and strode nude, to the double French doors. Shoulders hunched, hands gripped behind his back, he stood staring out into the dark. He knew what was out there, but it didn't matter. He'd seen it all many times before. The fact he could see little or nothing didn't bother him one whit. He'd been here so long, so very long. So long in fact he'd lost count of the years.

In truth, his life and memory had begun the day he met her.

Clouds covered the moon. Gloom and doom. Suited his mood perfectly.

The woman curled up in his bed slept silent as the dead. Her long glorious hair spread out like a golden fan around her. Some of her curls covered half her precious face and much of her left shoulder. The tip of her left breast peeked out from her curls teasing and tormenting him.

His cock stirred, filling and rising, pulling his balls up tight against his body. He was exhausted. He'd given his all and she, in return, had given back as good as she got. She was a perfect lover, something that was not easy to find in this day and age. Many women protested making love was nasty and so their husbands went elsewhere for their pleasure.

He couldn't resist her siren's call. Even asleep her very soul called to him. "Eddie, darling, come to me," her soft whisper filled the room and his cock throbbed.

Her voice was only in his mind. She was dead to the world.

Edward didn't like the pun he'd just made. It was sickening.

He couldn't go on much longer. The whole thing was beginning to nauseate him. He loved his beautiful Clarissa with all his heart. The things he did to her made him ashamed and sick to his stomach.

Edward stood next to the bed and brushed Clarissa's curls away from her face. He leaned over to kiss her. His belly clenched and he gagged. Had he done that to her? Devil take him. How could he have damaged her beautiful, soft skin? It disgusted him and yet he could not stop.

His cock shriveled and flopped against his balls. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, Cherie! It was really nice to have you. And I wish you the best for the future. ~ Blak Rayne

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Welcome, sweeties! Thanks so much for stopping by. Todays guest is paranormal, romance writer, Honoria Ravena! 

Tell us about yourself. 
I’m a paranormal romance writer. I love to belly dance. I’m currently got to school to be an Aesthetician, which has to do with skin care and makeup application. I’m a makeup junky! 

What made you chose to write romantic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why? 
I’ve just loved romance forever. Even when I was younger I read YA books with more of a romance plot. And then as you get older sex just goes hand in hand with love and so I started reading the dirtier books.

Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title? 
For me a (very) basic plot comes up first. It’s not even really a plot, more like a good beginning of a back cover blurb. After that ideas just start flying. For example, the first idea I got for The Devil’s Trap was “What if the vampire this woman is hunting kidnaps her brother and turns him?” It just snowballs from there. 

What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why? 
Middle, middle, middle. And I can tell you an exact range of the word count too. Things start to get hard around 26,000 words. I’m hoping it gets difficult there because I don’t plot. Remember that small idea I had? Well it only equals the beginning of a story. After that I go blank on how to end it, and that’s the point where I actually have to sit down and think out the rest of the book.

Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
It really depends on my mood. If I’m super into the flow of my story, those things just go. BUT I have a tendency to stop writing in the middle of sex scenes. I don’t know why, I just must get writing burn out at that point because there is so much detail and emotion that goes into them. When I stop writing, I lose flow, and when I come back that sex scene will just be dead in the water. At that point I just have to push through and go back and fix it when I rewrite the story. Also, if for some reason I’m not in the mood for the sex scene, I just have to push through it and I’ll think it sucks. Oddly enough, those usually end up being the hottest scenes in the books.

Who is your favourite character, which you’ve created? And why? 
My favorite so far is the character in my recent release, Zarek. He’s a sarcastic, pain in the ass. Definitely one of my bad boys. He won’t take crap from anyone, and he’s always going to tell you what he thinks without sugar coating. He always gets his way.

Just for fun–

What is your favourite colour(s)? 
I love blue. Cerulean blue.

Which do you prefer a great hero, or a great villain? 
A great hero. Because in the end I want a love story, and I like to see hard ass men get bowled over by bold women that they can’t resist loving.

What is your favourite movie? And why? 
Wow I’ve got so many, it’s hard to pick one. I guess the first Terminator movie. I was raised on it. It’s got a bit of a tragic love story and a heck of a lot of action. It just never gets old. In my world it’s a classic.

If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And why? 
I’d be J.R. Ward or Rachel Brice. I’d be J.R. Ward because I admire her writing skill and her discipline, which I lack. Rachel Brice (for those that don’t know) is an amazing tribal fusion belly dancer. Again, I admire her self-discipline and mad skills. She also gets to travel the world doing what she loves, and I want to do that. I’d spend the rest of my life traveling if I could.

Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years? 
I hope to be published with a NY publisher. The dream is a Penguin imprint like Berkley. I’d also like the self-publish some books, and continue doing some work with e-book companies. I really want to grow as an author and be published in various formats and eventually various niches in the romance genre. Also, the big dream is to be able to support myself as a writer. It probably won’t happen, with the way publishing and the economy is going, but I can cross my fingers and work towards it.

The Devil’s Trap


Regan is the best vampire hunter money can buy. But when she's paid to kill one of the most powerful vampires in existence, she doesn't realize she's in way over her head. Things go terribly wrong, and there is no escape...
Zarek is so powerful, he scares other vampires. One little hunter should be no challenge. However, Regan is different, and as soon as he sees her, he will do anything to keep her. But she's a stubborn woman who refuses to let someone else control her.
When a powerful enemy comes to town, she's forced to trust Zarek with her life. Who is the larger threat? The man out to destroy humankind? Or the vampire determined to own her heart?


I reached the wooden bar and slid onto a sleek black stool with a groan of relief. In front of me, a shirtless vampire buffed the countertop, muscles flexing with each circle he made. Now this was a guy you actually dreamed about seeing naked. He was built like a god. Every muscle toned to perfection. He had probably been a big, chiseled guy before, and vampire blood washed away any flaws he might have had as a mortal. His raven-black hair gleamed in the lights. He was the perfect thing to bring in young women for a bite on the neck.

I sighed in pure feminine pleasure. Just because he was a vampire didn't mean I couldn't appreciate the view. But, a black aura and raw vampiric strength bled from him. He would have been jump-his-bones hot if his power didn't creep over my skin like spiders. I suppressed a shudder. No matter how enticing their form, vampires always made my skin crawl.

His gaze met mine, and I drew in a breath. He had the most gorgeous violet eyes. They were filled with an ancient intelligence. His lips curled into an amused grin, as if he knew I was ogling his body.

I frowned. It annoyed me that he read me so easily. I shook my head. I needed to remember the real reason I was here. I was here to kill Zarek, not drool over some gorgeous vampire. I was in a den of evil creatures, and he was one of them. Now really wasn't the time to do any lusting.

The smile widened and he raised his voice over the music. "What can I get you?"

He had a subtle accent I couldn't identify, and the deep, growling bass made my toes curl. It soothed my nerves in spite of what he was and caused another kind of excitement to bubble in my stomach. God, this was not the right guy to get that good down-low tickle for. Focus, Regan!

I cleared my throat and leaned closer to him. "I'd like to see the owner."

The smirk turned wicked and suggestive. "I'm Zarek. I'm the owner." He scanned my body, eyes finally resting on my throat. The scrutiny made me flush and wish I could hide my neck. Unfortunately, my black tank top and ultra-short shorts didn't leave much to cover up with. People who went into vampire clubs usually favored bare skin and a gothic appearance, so I'd been forced to blend.

Had he fed tonight? Vampires were twice as dangerous when they were hungry. The better question was, had he killed tonight? For some strange reason, I found myself hoping he hadn't. I tried to shake the ridiculous feeling. Even if he hadn't killed tonight, he had in the past. And even if he'd stopped, like Alaric and his brothers, it didn't change what he was, or the fact that someone wanted him dead.

He licked his lips before meeting my gaze again, leading me to believe that he hadn't fed. Great, I wouldn't leave this place without giving a little blood to him, even if I ended up killing him. If a vampire wanted blood, he'd find a way to take it.

Thanks for doing the interview and sharing your novel, Honoria. All the best and I hope your future is great! ~ Blak Rayne


First, I'd like to thank everyone that stopped to participate in FFAF contest. I know it took a bit of effort to find the answers. Anyway, I'm sorry to announce, but not all the answers were correct. 

1. Final Fantasy is one of the most successful RPG games ever developed. First published in 1987 for the Nintendo console, by the Japanese company Square Co. Ltd (or more commonly called Squaresoft). The creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, named his role-playing game 'Final Fantasy' because it was his last ditch effort to fight off the threat of bankruptcy. What company did Squaresoft merge with in 2003?

Answer: Enix Corporation

2. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com claims to be the largest Internet retailer in the world. What two companies sued Amazon in the late 1990's, settling out of court, and what years?

Answer:  Barnes and Noble filed a lawsuit on 12 May 1997, alleging that Amazon's claim to be "the world's largest bookstore" was false. Barnes and Noble asserted, "[It] isn't a bookstore at all. It's a book broker." The suit was later settled out of court. Amazon continued to call itself "the world's largest bookstore." Walmart subsequently filed suit on 16 October 1998, alleging that Amazon had stolen trade secrets by hiring former Walmart executives. Although this suit was settled out of court, it caused Amazon to implement internal restrictions and reassignment of the former Walmart executives.

3. What yaoi manga artist, and in what year, had to publicly apologize due to copyright infringement, after tracing advertising photographs for the illustrations in her manga?

Answer: Youka Nitta and the year was 2008.

4. What is the largest desert in the world?

Answer: The world's largest desert is the continent of Antarctica, and the driest place on earth. Antarctica is 5.5 million square miles, or 14,245,000 square kilometres.

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
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