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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Undisclosed Desires

Undisclosed Desires
By: M. Peters 
Paranormal, Erotic, Romance
Locked within Keith D'Ameron's twilight eyes are deeper secrets than he has ever dared to share with anyone before. But all of that changes when he meets Javier Estas and knows he has to have the young man as his own - forever. But even Keith's hypnotic gaze and burning desire for the young Spaniard might not be enough to make Javier admit to his own undisclosed desires for Keith ...
“Keith, it … Keith, I care for my wife,” Javier whispered.  “In my own way, I love Ofelia.  But … it is not ... love.  She does not make me feel the way you do.  I … I want to share that eternity – to explore the world – with you.  Not her.  But I cannot abandon her … I can only damn myself for not being able to feel the way I should about the woman I married!”
Again, Keith drew Javier to him, pressing his face against the folds of his linen shirt.  Cloth whispered and he shivered as he felt Javier’s hands wind beneath to press against the cool expanse of his moonlit skin.  “Javier – my Javier – it is not up to anyone to be the decider of who they will love.  No person, human or vampire, could ever hope to command – to control – in whose arms they will fall prey to love’s bite.  Someday, you will find a woman who captivates you as much as I have captivated you now – of that, I am very sure.”  He smiled faintly as Javier glanced up, angry denials coming immediately to his lips. 
“You --”
With a fingertip, Keith silenced him.  “I do not know if I am as you are, as prone to enjoying the company of a woman’s bed as I do a man’s.  I think I am not, but then – I do not know.  For now, I have captured your heart, and for now, that is enough for me.  I have forged a bond with you that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, my Javier.  Amaroq is my eldest and dearest friend, but there is something in you which defies explanation – something in your very heartbeat which called to me above the beats of an entire populace the night I entered this city.  That call is impossible to ignore, and though our relationship will shift even as time ebbs around us, I will never, ever be able to forget the feel of your hands as they closed around my heart.”
Javier managed a faint smile.  “It was not your heart I was reaching for, you know.  It was somewhere lower.”
Publisher Link: www.facebook.com/MPeters2183

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  1. Oh, this looks lovely--thanks for the excerpt!