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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Undisclosed Desires - M. Peters

Welcome to BRB, sweeties! My guest today is a new author of paranormal erotic romance. I don't know about anyone else, but I really wouldn't know where to begin, when it comes to penning this genre of literature. I find it interesting, and I'm talking the concept as a whole, and I enjoy reading a little when time permits. How do you write an accurate sense of reality for the reader? Especially when you aren't a creature of the paranormal yourself. Hmm...
Anyway, enough of my babbling. Tell us about yourself, M. 
I always react to this question half-negatively. “But there’s nothing to tell! I’m boring!” I’m twenty-nine as of the day before yesterday, and Undisclosed Desires is my first novel, even though I’ve been writing stories–most of them only half-finished–for years and years. My fiancée and I have been living together in Florida for the past ten years; we’ve been together for thirteen years. We met in high school, and she was the one who really got me into writing vampires and broadening my genres, because prior to that, I only wrote little fan-fictions or fantasy stories involving wolves that could talk.
Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?  
Through music, mostly. A good piece of orchestral music can write entire chapters for me all by itself.
What made you chose to write paranormal erotic literature in particular? And, is there any other genre you’d like to write? And, if so, why? 
I didn’t actually set out to make Undisclosed Desires an erotica. The sex scenes just sort of wrote themselves that way. I can never successfully (in my mind) walk that fine line between cutting it off so that it reads like a sappy romance and making it something only adults can read. So I go all the way – quite literally.
Which appears first when contemplating a new project: a character, the plot or the title?  
The title is the only reliable thing that doesn’t come first. I almost never come up with a title until the very, very last minute. Any of the other things can come to me at their leisure – and it changes with every project. Sometimes, a scene will come first. The next time, it might be a name. This time, it was the character of Keith, but when I started writing the first draft of the sequel, it was a part of the plot – it’s staged around the American Revolution – that came to me first.
What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: beginning, middle or end? Why? 
Definitely the end; I always wonder if I’ve tied up all the loose ends.
Has your own life influenced your novels? If so, how? 
 I think the only way my own life influences my work is probably through little bits of myself getting written into my characters. Amaroq’s complete lack of directional abilities and his way of getting lost all the time? Definitely me. Keith’s habit of talking instead of acting? Also me. Javier’s character has very little in common with myself – except for the fact that he hides his true feelings.
Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?  
 I just let the characters have their head. I have to be alone when I write romance scenes – I guess that’s the British influence from my parents showing up or something – but the actual act of writing a passionate scene has never been difficult for me.
Do you use a certain formula to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination? 
I would actually say it depends wholly on the characters to decide upon, as far as the number of flames applied to the scenes, so to speak. Javier and Keith, the characters in Undisclosed Desires, are two very volatile, passionate people, so their sexual encounters reflect that. Other characters, maybe not so much.
Who is your favourite character, which you’ve created? And, why? 
My favourite character, hands down, was Keith D’Ameron. I had a general idea of who he was prior to writing the novel, but I truly liked how many times he surprised me during its creation, especially with the way he would react to Javier. I thought he was more withdrawn than he turns out to be – boy, was I wrong!
Tell us about your newest release. 
The newest piece I’m working on is the sequel to Undisclosed Desires. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it will clear up some of the storylines left unfinished in the first book. The second piece I’m working on is Amaroq’s story, telling of the origins of his kind – he’s the werewolf. That one’s shaping up to be even longer than Desires is, because there’s a certain point I want him to reach, and he’s giving me trouble in actually getting up to get there. Both of those, with any luck, will be ready for publication next summer.
Just for fun–
What is your favourite colour? 
Any shade of green. I adore the colour green. It’s the same shade of my fiancée’s eyes.
Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain? 
A great hero speaks to the romantic in me, that part of me that is my ‘bleeding heart’, but a great villain gives me a lot more writing material.
What is your favourite movie? And, why? 
Either Yeston and Kopit’s 1990 made-for-television version of The Phantom of the Opera, starring Charles Dance and Teri Polo (and as for why, it’s because I am a diehard Phantom of the Opera fan; I loathed the movie version made in 2004, but this one is one of the best because the character of the Phantom is so much more human and real in this adaptation than all the others I’ve seen. He is a man, and at the end of the day, that’s all we are – just people). Otherwise, I’d have to say just about any movie that Stephen King put his hand to writing, or anything with Anthony Hopkins in it. I would listen to that man read the phone book.
If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And, why? 
I wouldn’t choose to be anyone else, as boring as that answer is. I couldn’t bear it, because I think if I was anyone else, I wouldn’t have the relationship with my fiancée that I do. We’re matched – soulmates, to use a tired cliché. I’m hers and she’s mine.
Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years? 
I hope it takes off to the point where I’m selling at least one book a day, but who knows?
You can actually find me under it on Twitter: @MPDesires
Undisclosed Desires
Locked within Keith D'Ameron's twilight eyes are deeper secrets than he has ever dared to share with anyone before. But all of that changes when he meets Javier Estas and knows he has to have the young man as his own - forever. But even Keith's hypnotic gaze and burning desire for the young Spaniard might not be enough to make Javier admit to his own undisclosed desires for Keith ...
“Keith, it … Keith, I care for my wife,” Javier whispered.  “In my own way, I love Ofelia.  But … it is not ... love.  She does not make me feel the way you do.  I … I want to share that eternity – to explore the world – with you.  Not her.  But I cannot abandon her … I can only damn myself for not being able to feel the way I should about the woman I married!”
Again, Keith drew Javier to him, pressing his face against the folds of his linen shirt.  Cloth whispered and he shivered as he felt Javier’s hands wind beneath to press against the cool expanse of his moonlit skin.  “Javier – my Javier – it is not up to anyone to be the decider of who they will love.  No person, human or vampire, could ever hope to command – to control – in whose arms they will fall prey to love’s bite.  Someday, you will find a woman who captivates you as much as I have captivated you now – of that, I am very sure.”  He smiled faintly as Javier glanced up, angry denials coming immediately to his lips. 
“You --”
With a fingertip, Keith silenced him.  “I do not know if I am as you are, as prone to enjoying the company of a woman’s bed as I do a man’s.  I think I am not, but then – I do not know.  For now, I have captured your heart, and for now, that is enough for me.  I have forged a bond with you that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, my Javier.  Amaroq is my eldest and dearest friend, but there is something in you which defies explanation – something in your very heartbeat which called to me above the beats of an entire populace the night I entered this city.  That call is impossible to ignore, and though our relationship will shift even as time ebbs around us, I will never, ever be able to forget the feel of your hands as they closed around my heart.”
Javier managed a faint smile.  “It was not your heart I was reaching for, you know.  It was somewhere lower.”
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Thank you for the interview, M! Your novel sounds great! I hope that it does well. All the best. ~ Blak Rayne

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