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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strictly Sex Talk

The question…

Does size actually matter–as in penile size? I’m not joking. The question is serious. Both men and women, regardless of the gender they prefer to be intimate with, claim the size of a man’s penis makes no difference during sex–it’s all in the technique. Others have stated that size is everything. So, which is it?
Medically speaking, the size of a man’s penis averages 5.88 inches in length when erect. Yes, you read correctly. And, once you consider all the facts, this is about all the length anyone would need. For women the G-spot is approximately at a 2 to 3 inch depth from the vagina, and the prostate is just inside the rectum half an inch from the anus opening. These areas contain a concentration of nerve endings and, of course, are highly sensitive to stimulation. So, how long do you think a man’s penis has to be? Evidently, Mother Nature knows best, and the length is irrelevant.
Does racial background have an effect on penis size?
Of course not! This is an urban myth, or what I like to call, racial typecasting. Just because Asian men can be inherently shorter in stature, and supposedly more intelligent, doesn’t mean their penis is smaller. And, just because black men are usually taller and bulkier in build, and supposedly less intelligent (according to the slave drivers), doesn’t mean their penis is automatically larger. There is no scientific proof to correlate penis size and race.
Most would agree, size seems to mean everything to a man, in the back of his mind. If you look at all the penis enlargement pills, and gadgets, you’ve got to sympathize. The whole bigger is better syndrome isn’t just about women and toting an abnormally big set of tits. Society is obsessed with bigger and better everything–food, houses, and vehicles–literally anything you can name and, it isn’t a healthy attitude. Our fixation has created a warped sense of what is real and it has placed a tremendous amount of stress on our young people; living up to high expectations is impossible. We all should be satisfied with who we are.
Personally, I think the penis is an amazing part of the male anatomy, and not just because of the pleasure factor, but how it functions, and what it can produce. Men are amazing! And every man should be proud of his penis!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne


  1. Does size matter? I would say yes, for me. If it was just a matter of reaching the prostate, then why bother with the penis at all. Sex is more than just touching the happy places. Personally i like the fullness of a bigger guy, and I know other people who prefer smaller , because they don't like it. So does size matter, hell yeah, but it is not the be all and end all.

  2. Physically we only require a certain length, but for personal enjoyment it varies. Great thoughts, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by!:D