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Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Anime Convention Vancouver

Hello, sweeties! I hope all is well, and that your weekend, whatever you did, was enjoyable. For me, this weekend was a busy one, which included a trip to the anime convention in Vancouver. My daughter and her friends went for the first two days, Friday and Saturday, and then I joined them on Sunday. I'm an anime fan and I try to attend every year. 
To give you a little history the people who originally organized and held these annual conventions in Vancouver wound up in hot water, supposedly due to copyright infringement and not paying the appropriate taxes, something to do with the government, and they were forced to shut it down. So, this year a new group of people decided to set up a company and reopen the venue. 
Okay, my honest opinion, the people who ran the conventions in the past...please come back. I really hate to say this, but the prices were too high, thus there weren't near as many participants, or as many tables, and vendors. The over all feel; people were complaining and their complaints were justified. In the past, the convention was affordable and, as far as shopping went, there was a huge product selection. People were happy and the attendance maintained high numbers. Costumes were great. Unfortunately, not so much this time. And with a struggling economy you'd think someone would wake up and maybe not charge so bloody much? 
There was one other disappointing aspect...no damn yaoi or figurines to purchase! What's up with that? Who ever heard of an anime convention with no yaoi?

In conclusion, I really doubt I'll attend next year, unless there are major improvements. Which makes me quite sad. Anyway, I took some photos, and I thought I'd share.

Yes, I did actually stop people and say, "Hey can I take your photo?"  Most were all smiles and willingly obliged. Other photos were taken on the sly. I am a stalker. LOL

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
~Blak Rayne

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