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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Allow me to share a simple hypothesis… 

I don't care what your taste is. I don't care if you love hot, sweaty, jungle sex or sweet temptation in a forbidden locale. And, it doesn't matter whether the stories you read are labeled homoerotic romance, menage, BDSM or HET.

Why do you read erotic books?

Oh come on! We're all adults here. You read erotica because you like the naughty bits. I bet, once in a while, most of you like to skip ahead, skim the book searching for the sex scenes. LOL Even those of you who thrill in the romantic build up enjoy a little arousal at the end. We've all done it. And, I'm pretty sure after reading some sex scenes, you sit there and think…is that even physically possible?

Well, you've got to allow some leeway. Why do writers pen their stories anyway? It's entertainment, right? Who cares if Johnny's dong is a couple inches too long, or Betty's bust line is so big it's like a pair of jumbo jets coming in for a landing. Isn't that the whole point of reading, escapism?

For me, I prefer a story, but I also think adding the jungle sex can make the story even better. A character can be anyone you want them to be, they can act whatever way you want them to act. I know the arguments exist, maintaining some realism does help to sell the story, this is true. But I also believe in no guidelines; what's right or wrong within the magical realm of fiction doesn't matter, only the hunger for more. Some people like BDSM, some don't. Others prefer m/m/m. Whatever your choice, reading should always be just plain fun!

At the end of this post I've added some yaoi humour. Thanks so much Deborah, for the funny GIFs! I can't believe the weekend is here again. Have a great one!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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