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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Losing my Inhibitions
First full length hetero release

Greetings readers! I’m excited to announce the latest addition to my smexy backlist of snarky, wicked, erotica romance, Losing My Inhibitions. Yes, you saw that title right, my first hetero piece and now, the characters have asked for several short stories to follow so that means I better get crackin’ right?  *laughs* Obviously my fun fearless female and her hunky new man Jayson Freed have more to talk about and well, do…

You might ask after doing so much m/m, why I decided to do a hetero story? Well, I am a woman after all, a female muse and well, Shar is a female who likes to write some m/f on occasion. Something hubby won’t feel embarrassed to read even though when he does, he’ll find the twist in there to be erm, very interesting to say the least. Of course I have to throw something in there to keep you readers off balance. I couldn’t make this just a straight love story, no sirree. I had to add a little more spice to make you think and hopefully make your toes curl in the process. And as per usual, add the snarky characters that might give you a chuckle throughout.

Now, the next question is, will I continue to do hetero? Yes I will, not as much as the m/m especially since the followup to this story is a gay romance with Vanessa’s gay male BFF Franco, but yeah I’ll be doing a few more in the future. I’ve actually got a hetero BDSM story on the back burner that I’d like to get back to and edit and as I said, Vanessa and Jayson have more story to tell so stay tuned.

In the meantime, please enjoy my newest release. Let me know how you like it too. Here’s the blurb as well as a snippet
Officer Vanessa Daniels is fast approaching her 35th birthday which also happens to be on Valentine’s day. She seeks a specific kind of man to be her lover and likes being the one in the driver’s seat.
Jayson Freed is a bartender by day and a writer by night. He’s looking to find the right woman to help fulfill some of his inner most fantasies. The two meet on an internet dating site and immediately start talking. Will the connection work? Will Jayson turn out to be just what this hard nose girl needs?
A week and a half had passed and “Booklover” became Jayson Freed, an author who lived on the north side of Chicago in Lincoln Park neighborhood. He’d been working a little over two years as a part-time bartender at one of the up and coming restaurants/clubs called, Vision.
Jayson’s main profession included writing romance, ménages, kink, which I loved. His tastes in music were very similar to mine, a little bit of everything with a preference towards rock music. On the surface, he seemed to be exactly what I wanted, even without the background check. I felt like I already knew Jayson. The more I spoke with him, the more I wanted to take him.
Now, I’m ready to exchange phone numbers and get a lot closer to my seemingly perfect match. I needed to hear the voice that went along with all that smooth and sultry wordage we’d exchanged in the chat room. Being an author, of course he’d be able to turn me on. I could imagine speaking to him live would be even more of a treat.
Jayson left me an email saying to meet him tonight in the same room so we could talk a little more. I wrote back and told him lets chat by phone instead but he didn’t respond. I didn’t want to sound desperate, so I did what he asked and hoped he would want to do so after our talk tonight. I know I could’ve waited for the check to come back to get his digits but how would I be able to explain that when I called?
After devouring my leftover Chinese, I sat in front of my laptop, waiting for his message to pop up. The anticipation of meeting this man killed me. I hoped we could get this ball rolling once we’d had a couple of conversations by phone. Within a minute, the window popped with the link which I clicked on immediately. The chat started with the pleasantries and then he went “quiet.” I decided to just come out and say it. The worst he could say was, not right now, or flat out no. However, I thought we’d made enough of a connection that he’d go on and give me what I wanted. I had no reason to believe that he wouldn’t.
I typed in the words.
LawGirl: Hey. In my email earlier, I asked you if we could chat by phone. Can we exchange phone numbers?
BookLover: I saw that and was a little taken aback. Are you sure that you want to?
LawGirl: Why wouldn’t I be? J
BookLover: Because, we’ve only been talking for about two weeks. I’m sorry. I’d been in a long term relationship for so long, I’m not aware of the rules these days. When I met my ex-fiancée, she didn’t give me her number till we’d been talking for about two months.
I had to laugh at that statement. Occasionally, you’ll find men like this that like to play by the rules. Obviously, Jayson’s outgoing personality came out in his books and not in his personal life.  I shook my head, and finished typing.
LawGirl: Well, I’m comfortable giving you mine now. Besides, I need to hear your sexy voice. The words you put on the page have gotta sound hotter coming from your mouth.
Booklover: *g* Maybe. You’re quite the charmer. Even though we’re in a private room, I don’t want to type it out.
LawGirl: I hear ya. Let me message you mine and I’ll call you okay?
BookLover: Okay Vanessa. I’ll look for that.
I stopped typing so I could click on his moniker. As I put in the digits, the nervousness grew a little. Finally, I’d be talking to the man that had me running home to my computer just about every night. Due to his late schedule at the club, he’d be getting home around two or three just as I did, since me and my partner were on third shift at the moment. I’d been primed and ready to talk with him as soon as I got in the door. Now, that we’re exchanging numbers, there wouldn’t be a need for the computer. Jayson and I would finally talk. Hopefully we’d continue the connection and become closer.
My fingers couldn’t go fast enough to dial the numbers. Nervous, my stomach churned and heart quickened. I’d never had this many jitters in my life. I began to worry if I did wrong by calling him first. Would he think I’m desperate or in a rush? Maybe I should’ve given him the option to call me. Ah well, too late now. After three rings, he picked up.
“Hello.” The voice sounded a lot deeper than I expected; not quite Barry White, but damn near close.
“Hi, Jayson, It’s Vanessa.” Shut down my computer and plopped on the sofa.
“Hiya. You sound very sexy on the phone. I’m sure you look even better.” I heard his grin through the receiver.
“Well, thank you.” Blushing from the compliment, I twirled my black curls around my fingertips. “I feel the same way about you. I’m glad you agreed to talk to me.”
A small pause. “Why wouldn’t I? We’ve been hittin’ it off in the chat room, not to mention, gettin’ off.” He laughed once he completed the statement.
I spread my legs out on the couch. My fingers were right at the waistband of my sweats. I wasn’t wearing any underwear so I could easily slip my fingers inside when we had hot phone sex. “Yes we have. Tell me we’re gonna do that some more tonight, Jayson.”
“We are, Vanessa and I must say, hearing you speak to me adds to my arousal. First, there’s more I want to know about you.”
Of course you do.
I nodded in agreement and made myself comfortable. Despite the fact I was ready for more virtual lovemaking I calmed myself so we could chat. “There’s not much more to tell, however, you my friend are more of a mystery.”
Jayson laughed and I heard his smile through the handset. “Not really much to me other than the fact I write and bartend. I only keep doing the latter to keep a low profile.”
“Why is that?” The last statement intrigued me.
“Well I’m still real close to my parents and I know they wouldn’t approve of the fact I write erotica. They aren’t bible thumpers but I’m sure they won’t like my choice profession. They aren’t really happy with the fact I mix drinks for a living.” I could hear the disdain in his voice. We apparently had that in common too; meddling, bossy parents.
“I hear ya. My mom wanted me to be a lawyer like her. She wasn’t thrilled when I traded in my chance at taking the bar exam for a trip to the police academy.” I rolled my eyes and glanced at my broken nails. Hard to maintain nicely manicured nails while doing cop work.
Silence. “God Vanessa, that’s really hot you know. I’ve never talked with a lady cop before. I’m inspired just thinkin’ about you dressed in uniform and armed with a gun. A very big one,” he emphasized. The smile came through the receiver again.
That comment caused a small disruption between my thighs. “Oh really?”  I perked up at that statement. I’m fueling his creative fire. That definitely got me interested.

BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are Silver stars on All Romance Ebooks. She writes bi weekly for Red Lipstick Diaries and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark
Thanks for the peek at your new book, hun! It sounds great! All the best! ~ Blak Rayne


  1. "That comment caused a small disruption between my thighs."

    What a fabulous line, Morticia!

    M/F or M/M, I'm sure that whatever you write will have that special spark!

    1. TY Lisabet for the comments. I write it all. *grins* All with humor too!