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Thursday, April 5, 2012


“Whoa, this is where we’re staying?” Rémy’s gaze landed on the marble counter in the center of the well-appointed kitchen, and then on the two-sided, fieldstone-faced fireplace separating the dining area from the living room, and finally on the curving staircase to the second floor of the condo.

“Pretty ritzy, isn’t it,” Alfie agreed as he went to check out the balcony that ran the full length of the rear of the condo. “I can see forever,” he sang out as he stared at the lights of Denver far in the distance.

Terry stepped out to join him, wrapping his arms around him tightly as he nuzzled his neck. “Fantastic.”

“I am, aren’t I?” Alfie grinned when Terry nipped his ear while telling him he meant the view. He turned in Terry’s arms to stare into his dark brown eyes. “Just in case I haven’t told you recently, I do love you even if you are a very strange dog.”

“Ditto, in reverse,” Terry murmured, not being one for fancy phrases when it came to stating his feelings. His actions however made up for that as he proceeded to kiss his lover quite thoroughly.

“Oh, umm, sorry,” Rémy muttered, retreating back inside.

Terry and Alfie quickly followed him, Terry’s arm tightly around Alfie’s waist.

“We’re the ones who should be sorry,” Terry said quietly. “Sometimes we forget that a lot of people don’t approve of men loving men.”

“Oh hell, that doesn’t bother me,” Rémy said in surprise. “I just…well you were kissing and it’s not polite to stand and watch you know.”

Alfie smiled at him. “And it’s not polite for us to do that when we know someone’s around who didn’t expect it. We’ll try to be a bit more circumspect in the future.”

“Eh, that’s okay. It was sorta cute actually.”

“Cute?” Alfie’s eyebrows shot up. “Cute?”

“Yeah. A cat and a dog kissing? That’s like something on those pet videos, even if you were in your human forms.” Rémy grinned, turning to cross to the kitchen and open the refrigerator door.

“Anything edible in there,” Terry asked.

“Oh yeah. We’re set for life I think.” Rémy spun around, holding cartons of ice cream in each hand.

Shivering, Alfie muttered that he’d seen enough cold snow today that the mere idea of ice cream was a real turn-off.

“How about steak and smashed potatoes, if there are any around here?”

“That I could handle.”

Soon enough the three shifters were busily making dinner. 

Thanks the great free read, Edward. Shifters 'R' Us is a wonderful free read. I've swapped with Edward today. I've post another Top Ten Yaoi Review # 8! I hope you enjoy. 
Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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