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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Welcome to BRB, sweeties! My guest today is quite special. Not only is she a co-conspirator at Red Lipstick Journals, she's a fellow writer, a friend, one extremely talented lady, and someone I deeply admire, Kharisma Rhayne. Thanks so much for the interview, hun. It's great to have you!

Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?
I write for my kids. My inspiration lies within them. I want to be able to be home full time and take care of them….to be able to drop everything and run when they need something. Even though they are getting older, they still need Mom. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to keep us all close and I don’t want anything getting in the way.

What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?
I write in a variety of genres but most all have some element of erotic in them. I almost feel that life and sex are one in the same, so how do you write to an adult audience without including sex? Sex is just natural. It has to be there.

Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?
Wow, for me this is all over the place. Sometimes a title will hit me first. Other times a character or two will pop into my head demanding to be heard. Then, other times, a plot will hit me and I struggle with mapping out the perfect characters to place with it.

Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
I’m the oddball. The sex and romance is the easiest part for me to write. It’s everywhere else that I have an issue. Well, sometimes. Some books just flow so much easier than others and sometimes the characters cooperate more. Anyway, sex and romance are the easy parts for me.

Do you have a method you use to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination?
I love open and bold. I think a lot of people lack confidence in certain personal desires. I try to let those out for everyone in my books. Outdoor sex, trying new things and so on. 

Just for fun–
What is your favourite colour(s)? 
Pink and black

Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain?
 I’ve always gone for the bad guys – so, villains.

What is your favourite movie? And why? 
It’s honestly a tossup between Troy and Death Race. What a difference right? I love ancient Greece and have been obsessed with historical accuracy (which, by the way, troy is not). But I love the warriors and actually can recite this movie word for word. For Death Race? Well, Jason Statham, of course.

If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And why? 
You know, I really just want to be me. I have great kids and every struggle I’ve had got me to this point. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years? 
Hopefully selling millions and millions. Don’t we all hope for that? Seriously. I don’t know. I hope to see several of my series’ doing well and maybe be able to pay the mortgage and car payment off my royalties.

Bound by Temptation 1: Nigel & Lance


Nigel is a professional sports player with a wonderful boyfriend at home. Their sex is always hot and Lance is always willing to do whatever it takes to keep Nigel happy. But, what has Nigel been hiding?

Lance lay on the couch in his boxer briefs, remote in hand, clicking through the channels. You would think with over two hundred and sixty channels he would be able to find something to watch. 

Truthfully, he was becoming bored with television, movies, and the internet. When he had first started staying home and taking care of the house, he thought it was great. But too much time indoors and away from other people quickly made him depressed. Lance was way past bored, it had to be depression. He was no more than a kept housewife.

He threw down the remote as he heard keys in the door.

“Lance, I’m home from the game early.” Nigel yelled out louder than needed, obviously still in team spirit mode. Was he picking a fight?  Maybe.  Maybe he had gotten so bored and disgusted he would rather be childish than rational. Was he more disgusted with himself or with Nigel?

Lance rolled his eyes. “I’m here, where else would I be? I never go anywhere other than the grocery store. Or have you gotten so busy with your game wins, football friends, and new records?” He knew he sounded like a spoiled brat, but he just couldn’t help it.

“What? I thought you enjoyed the things you have here. Are you unhappy being with me?” Nigel didn’t know if he wanted to know the answer, they’d been together for five years. He couldn’t imagine life without Lance.

“I do enjoy being with you. What I don’t enjoy is being locked away. I’m gay. You’re gay. Why are we hiding it? Are you ashamed of me or of being gay?”

“It’s work. We’ve had this discussion before. You enjoy the millions I make on my football contract as much as I do. I won’t be able to play forever. Everything is temporary. In years to come I’ll retire and we can do whatever we wish while having a nice bank account to do it on.” He doubted that would appease Lance since Nigel was only twenty-six.

Lance rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath that sounded somewhat like “greedy bastard.” 

“You know full well you won’t be retiring for years to come. Money. I couldn’t possibly care less about money. Sure it’s nice and it makes things easier, but I’d love you and want to be with you even if we live under a box in a dark alley.”

Nigel really hated these conversations. They were a total buzz kill for his victory mood. Every time he thought this was behind them, Lance would slip into a funk and drag it all back up.  Hell, sometimes Lance could be so moody.  The ignorant bastards Nigel had to be so careful around growing up would have labeled him as the husband and Lance as the wife in their relationship. He had just wanted to come home and celebrate with Lance rather than fight with him.
Purchase Link: No Boundaries Press 


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