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Thursday, January 5, 2012



Can a story have too much sex?

Well, that's like asking if Roots has too many characters. LOL Actually, allow me to rephrase the question. Can you have too much of a good thing? And, I believe, the answer's OMG definitely! Sex, like all other aspects of the novel should only be there if warranted and conducive to the plot and characters personalities. The same rule applies to dialogue, description and anything else you can think of. Food and alcohol should be consumed in moderation, no different than the number of sex scenes one can endure before boredom sets in. I realize every author has their own voice and I'm not talking about editing issues. I'm talking about the flow of penmanship and what's correct for the story. For example, some authors use huge words, some use slang, some love tons of dialogue over description and others prefer longer sentences rather than short. And here's the thing…it's hard to find the right mix so the story reads well. In my case, I have to forever remind myself 'keep an even flow', watch the 'repetition' and double check bloody 'spell check'. I have to say it, most the time spell check's an ass! I've been accused of poor spelling and I have to say thank you so much spell check! Adding to this problem is the fact that I use British or Canadian vernacular, so just because I spell 'travelled' with two Ls instead of the American 'traveled' with one doesn't mean I'm illiterate. That's how I was taught.
So, how do you know when to call it quits? I've found one of the best methods is to read out loud. I know it sounds like I'm off my nut, but it really does help to catch most errors, especially the repetition and whether a scene rambles on too long or needs additional editing. Even the dialogue will improve and you'll be able to pinpoint where verbal emphasis is appropriate. And if anyone asks, just tell him or her you're crazy and always talk to yourself. LOL My kids and husband are so used to me yapping away in my office that when I do call for them they don't respond. *sighs shaking head*
Another simple technique that helps tremendously is keeping notes. For my Benevolence series I kept scads of notes–half a book full. In order to remember names, dates, character descriptions and yes, how many sex scenes I'd incorporated into the stories, I kept hand written notes. Too much sex can turn a reader on as well as off. This also depends how each scene is written. Sometimes less really is 'more'. I admit there's a fair amount of smut in my novels, but most scenes are very brief where I imply or the characters are in the middle of it then I cut to the next paragraph or chapter. Sex can be used as filler. Every book has filler. Hell life is full of filler! But again, remember to use it sparingly. Anyway, that's my advice.
Just for fun I've added some pictures of my computer and work area. I try to keep everything clean and tidy. Okay, I’m a Virgo and we’re insane when it comes to organization. LOL
Have a great weekend!

Happy Yaoi Hunting
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