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Thursday, November 24, 2011


“Nice digs, sort of,” Alfie commented as Terry parked their car in front of the Reynard home. The house was older and brick, with a porch that took up one corner. A large picture window filled the rest of front façade. When they stepped onto the porch, the door opened immediately to reveal a good-looking woman of indeterminate age. She gave them a small smile as she introduced herself as Mrs. Reynard and invited them inside.

“My husband is running late,” she informed them. “He said to show you Rémy’s room. Would you like coffee or water or…”

“No thanks, we’re fine.” Terry looked around the well-kept living room and the dining room off to one side, complementing her on the pictures that decorated the walls.

She thanked him as she escorted them to a hallway off the dining room and opened the first door. “This was…is Rémy’s room. Please feel free to look around.”

It was surprising neat for a teen’s room in Alfie’s opinion. The bed was made; school books were stacked on one corner of the desk next to a computer monitor. There were no clothes scattered around and the one pair of shoes he saw were sitting primly next to the bed.

“He took good care of his room,” Alfie said to Mrs. Reynard.

She shook her head. “It usually looked like a whirlwind hit it. I straightened it up a few days after he left.” Her mouth tightened. “He was incorrigibly messy the last couple of years, as if he didn’t care what the room looked like.”

Terry chuckled. “A typical teen.”

“I guess, although his brother…” She sighed. “Do you need me here?”

“Not at all, unless you’d feel better off watching while we search.”

“No. My husband trusts you.” She excused herself and walked quickly from the room.

Terry and Alfie immediately set to work. They searched the desk, bookshelves and Rémy’s dresser carefully and thoroughly for anything that might give them a clue about what had been going on in the teen’s mind or where he might have gone into hiding.

“Nada, nothing,” Terry muttered in frustration.

“Or maybe…” Alfie was in the closet. He had checked the shirt and pants pockets of everything hanging there. Now he was standing on tiptoe, feeling around under the sweaters on the shelf along the back wall. “Looks like mom missed something,” he said softly. He showed Terry a thin spiral notebook of the kind kids used for taking notes in class. He crossed to sit in the desk chair, opening the notebook while Terry hovered over his shoulder.

As he thumbed through it, Alfie said, “It looks like a journal of sorts. From the date on the first page he started it three years ago. I’d say it was supposed to be a class assignment,” he pointed to a red letter ‘B’ and a couple of comments in someone else’s handwriting about a third of the way through. “Then, apparently, he kept on going.”

“There, that one’s just after his brother was killed. Whoa!”

“Yeah,” Alfie agreed, looking at angrily scrawled words on the page. “We need to take this with us and go through it slowly and carefully to see if he’s got anything to back up those claims.”

“Yes we do. And, personally, I don’t think we should let his parents know we found this quite yet.”

Alfie nodded as he closed the notebook, stood, and slipped it into the waistband of his pants in back, where his jacket would conceal it from the Reynards’ eyes.

They spent a few more minutes making certain they hadn’t missed anything else and then went out to find Mrs. Reynard. As Mr. Reynard still hadn’t arrived home they thanked her for her cooperation, said their goodbyes, and left.

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