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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Love's Bite by Mica Jade
For stay at home mom, Ella, Halloween trick or treating with the children was the extent of her ghoulish activities. But her husband, Michael, has plans to bring out the devilish side of her when they masquerade as vampires for a bloodsucking night on the town. Will the vampire fling he has in mind leave love's bite on their ecstasy or will their wicked jaunt put a stake in their passion?

CAUTION: Love's Bite contains graphic and explicit sexual intimacy including some tantalizing uses of fangs!

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Publisher: Mica Jade, March 2011


“Spontaneous, huh?” Ella asked as she pulled the seatbelt from behind her shoulder and clicked it into place.
Michael did the same and started the car, “Spontaneous for you, all planned by me.” Michael gave her a ‘you know I got it’ grin.
Ella playfully shot back, “You know how I like it. But, you may think you are in control when you’re not. I still got you right where I want you.”
“Even though you didn’t see this coming?” asked Michael.
“Well, when you said a couple of weeks ago that you wanted you and I to dress up with the kids to go trick or treating, I knew then there was more to it than just impressing our neighborhood with our sexy vampire outfits.” Ella batted her baby blue eyes at him. She wore a tight black miniskirt and low-cut blouse that allowed her black- laced bra to give Michael’s eyes a peek of what lay beneath. She had bought a witches cape when she went costume shopping with the kids. Fishnet thigh high stockings flowed from beneath the mini-skirt to a pair of high-heeled black boots that would stop any mortal or immortal in his tracks.
“You knew, huh?” Teased Michael as he eased the car out of their driveway. His dark brown hair was greased back in a classic Dracula look. It made him look sinister and sexy. Ella had already felt the urge to run her fingers through his hair. He looked electric and his surprises made her feel she was someone else at times.
“Yes I did. You have few secrets with me. And by the way, you look devilishly handsome in that makeshift vampire tux.” She reached her hand across the console and slid her fingers over the sleeve of his jacket. He was dashing in this tux and Ella’s eyes were already playing with the muscles that lay beneath his vampire getup.
Michael feigned like he was coughing and when he pulled his hand from his mouth, turned and flashed her his fake, plastic vampire fangs, “Oh, you may have known something was in the works, but you have no idea what’s in store for you my sexy lady. Mwuahahahaha.” Michael laughed in his best but not so good Bela Lugosi evil laugh.
Ella giggled and said, “With that pathetic laugh I don’t think I am in any danger.”
Michael quickly seized her hand and puffed out his broad chest, “But danger is my middle name my lady. And I have plans for you of the dangerous kind tonight.”
“I hope it’s dangerous.” Ella said slyly. “I hope we have your mother for as long as we need to watch the kids.”
“All the time we want.” Michael had planned for a late night. “So, where are we going?” Asked Ella. “We are going back to our past. Hey, we are immortal vampires tonight, so we
can go anywhere.” Ella pressed, “Where is that?” He glanced her way and raised his eyebrow questioningly. “Do you trust me?” “Of course.” Her words betrayed her feeling that he was up to something more
than the usual night out. “Well, then trust me.” Michael said emphatically. Ella leaned back in the seat, “Well, let’s get this bat mobile going.” Michael winked at her, “ You are already under my spell” “Don’t be so confident yet, my dear Dracula.” Ella relaxed, fighting back any
concern. They pulled out of their subdivision towards their unknown haunt.The night was party cloudy and a bit muggy for late October. Rain was in the forecast for later, but it had been a great night for trick or treating. And Michael definitely had tricking and treating on his mind. Ella had no idea where their vampire romp was heading. She thought he was going to take them out for dinner and drinks. Her curiosity was heightened when he pulled down a road not known for the best eats or drinks in town. It was known for something far different. Spontaneity for sure, she thought. And a little surreptitious as well.
Michael pulled behind a car heading into a gated community known for the wealthy of the wealthiest in their fair city. It was a non-manned guard gate that utilized a pass code for entry. Ella looked at Michael a bit baffled.
“Why are we going here?” She asked now looking at the car in front of them trying hard to put together any association with this well-to-do place. She continued, concern rising in the edge of her voice. “We don’t know anyone in this neighborhood. Do you know someone here?”
Michael inched their car as close to the bumper in front of them as he could.
“Michael! What the hell are you doing?” She could see he was hugging close to the car as he stayed focus on the task of sneaking past the automated iron gate.
“It’s okay.” Michael stated calmly.
“Michael, this doesn’t feel okay with me.” She had her eyes back on him as he watched out his rearview mirror hoping to clear the closing gate.
“Ah, yeah!” He exclaimed with a sly smile. He focused his confident gaze back on Ella, “Hey, that was fun, no?”
“Fun?” She asked, clearly not on the same page as Michael. “If that’s what you want to call it.”
“I thought you said you trusted me.” Michael breathed out slowly.
“I trust that you know what the fuck you are doing.” Ella crossed her arms and stared out the passenger side window. Her expectations of the evening were fading fast in her mind.
“I do. I do.” Michael reached for her thigh with his large, square hand. “Do you remember our party days before kids?”
“Yes, of course. But those days were then. If you want to have fun, we can find a lot of other ways that aren’t sneaking past guard gates.”
“Oh, we are going to have fun.” Michael tried to encourage. “And that kind of fun as well.” He flashed her a seductive grin.
She felt a smile want to edge from her lips but her thoughts shoved her back into the reality that they had just illegally entered a neighborhood that was above their pay grade.
“I don’t find trespassing a turn-on.” She swallowed hard trying to not let her anger surpass reasoning with him.
“Ella, no one is going to get hurt. I know we are supposed to be mature and have moved on from those old days. But, I miss those days.”
“I don’t.” She said sharply. “Michael, we are god damn parents, not teenagers.” Her anger now passed calm reasoning. “Give me one reason to not get out of this car and walk home.” Her challenge hung in the space between them.
Michael felt a huge jilt to the plans he had in his head. Taking risks with Ella had often been met with protest. But he knew that the protests were a smokescreen to the fears she had at times. “Please, hear me out for a moment.”
“One reason.” Ella said adamantly. Her eyes were now squarely on him pinning him down. Michael continued to drive down the main street of the affluent neighborhood. Many of the driveways were lined with candle lit paper bags like a glowing snake slithering towards the mansion homes.
“Okay. Okay.” He spoke in a cool tone. “Ella, I wanted us to have some fun like we used to crashing parties when we were first starting out in college.”
“Not a good enough reason.” Ella swiveled her head towards the passenger window.
“And...” He drew the word out bringing her attention back to him. “I am the same Michael I always have been. You are safe with me no matter what we do. The worst that can happen is that we are asked to leave.”
She turned abruptly towards him in her seat. “It’s always about what you want. Michael is going to do what Michael wants to do.”
Michael pulled to the side of the street just past a lantern lit driveway and stopped the car. Several cars sped by them. Michael flicked on the hazard lights. Ella leaned against the door and shifted her legs towards the door as well.
Michael leaned across the middle console, “Hey, Ella. I am the same Michael you had 30 minutes ago and the same Michael who loved you and has been attracted to you from the first time I laid eyes on you in that dorm laundry room.” Ella’s gaze held tight to the dash but her soft lips were shaped in a sexy pout. “I think tonight is going to be fun.”
Michael slid his hand under her mini-skirt. Ella felt her chest tighten. She closed her eyes revealing a sexy vamp design penciled over her eyelids that would revive any undead vampire. Michael’s fingers moved slowly up her thighs tracing the fishnet stockings. The tips of his fingers felt the heat radiating from her soft panties. He gently pressed his fingers against the slope of her pelvic ridge. Ella breathed in deeply and opened her lipstick black lips. Michael could see her eyes roll side to side beneath her eyelids and he knew she would not be walking home tonight as she had threatened. He began to rub her clit through the fabric of her panties as he caressed her satin black blushed cheeks with the back of his other hand. Ella gasped and began to moan softly as she felt the heat from her pussy rush through her skin like an exploding wildfire.
“You are so fucking bad.” Ella sighed. “Okay, do you want to fuck me now on this McMansion side street or shall we enjoy a little vampire party crashing first?”
Michael increased his circling of her clit. “Are you sure?” He toyed.
“Michael, I knew the day I met you...” She licked her lips as her hips lurched towards each rotation of his fingers. “...That you were going to cause me a lot of headaches and love.” She smiled, leaned up and kissed him passionately.
Michael withdrew his hand from her simmering wetness, wrapped his strong arms around her and whispered, “I love you, Ella.”
“So, let’s go before I change my mind.” Ella adjusted her skirt and flipped down the visor mirror, checking her vamp image.
Michael put the car in gear and crept further into the neighborhood.

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