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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello sweeties! How is everyone? I hope all is well. My apologies that Denise isn't here today. Her and I were supposed to blog swap, but we both completely forgot. Ah...the life of an author! LOL Anyway, not to worry, her and I have rescheduled for October 1st. And this time I've written it in bold, red ink on my calendar. I know, you're saying to yourself... We live in the twentieth century. Blak, why don't you use the calendar available on your computer? Okay, one very good reason, I can't see it everyday. I prefer to have something physical hanging right in front of my face. Old fashioned? Yes! LOL But it works. 

Before I get to my article, I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by Deep in The Heart of Romance, this past week, to read my interview and entered the contest! It was a huge success! And thank to those who sent me emails! It was wonderful to hear from you all. Renee @ DITHR picked the winner. A huge congrats to Patti!!! Thanks for stopping by hun and I hope you enjoy both books. 

Explicit or Not?

Don't mind the picture above, I just had to share these two men. Aren't they just plain gorgeous! Beautiful! My post is going to be very simple, sweeties. I need your insight and valued opinion. I'm doing a little research for an upcoming project and it's always nice to hear what others have to say. So here goes...

Sex doesn't bother me and it isn't just the fact that I write about it. To be an erotic writer, let's face it, you've got to have either theoretical balls or the real thing. Also, I'm a human being and therefore a sexual creature. When I write the 'sex scene' sometimes I draw from personal experience or I take what I see in movies and the media. I can also draw from others and their lives. Basically I'm observant by nature and, to be honest I think you have to be in order to be an author. 

Consider this... Singers have instruments and music. Actors have props, others around them and stage. Painters use paints and a canvas. Photographers use a camera, prints and other means to show you their handiwork. Where authors have paper and the pen, now computers to share their written word, but that doesn't mean a book stimulates the same as perhaps a song. I believe writing is the most difficult form of artistic expression to master. Singers, painters and so on reach our ears and eyes. Their images and voices give instant access and instant gratification. But as for the author, he or she is up against an entirely different set of rules. To create from within and explain in a way that the reader understands isn't easy.

Getting back to the sex and, I've noticed this has become a regular debate. 

When is enough description enough?

How explicit should it get?

Do you prefer fluff or hardcore?

Is romance an influence on how the sex is written?

Should a particular genre dictate the type and frequency of sex?

Now for the plot.

Just because the plot or character's reaction(s) don't follow the norm (an expected pattern), does it make the author's idea wrong?

I've never considered that I have to follow a specific set of guidelines when I write. I've always done what feels right and what my imagination dictates. Of course, not everyone may care for my style or like the way I see the plot, but does that make me a bad writer? Food for thought. My only wish is to improve with time, and that's in reference to the editing and writing development. I think there's always room for growth.

Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

1 comment:

  1. I like explicit sex in a book. I read all genres and enjoy them but if I have to choose out of two books, I'll pick the explicit one. I'm tired of books that follow a pattern. Books like that are comfort food and I know there are times I need comfort food but I need to try new foods or I get into a rut and become bored. I like when boundaries are pushed. When I open up a book the author invites me into his/her world. When I read a book I accept the invitation to come into the author's world and I don't have the right to say the author did it wrong. I have the right to say I didn't like it and choose not to read that author again but the author didn't create a wrong world. He/she created their world and invited me to share it. If it doesn't appeal to me it becomes my problem and makes me make a choice to leave this author or find a common ground with this author for the future. For an author to be untrue to him/herself, this short changes the reader. The falsehood will come across in the writing. You may not get rich this way but look to the past, how many authors become millionaries? Be true to yourself. It's the best thing you can do for your readers. Your authentic self comes out then.