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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Cats rule, dogs drool, and humans serve.

If I knew how to call the cops I’d have done it half an hour ago. That…that burglar must have done something to Bart. I mean come on, my human figured out where he lived easily enough by the phone number and then he went to deal with him. Did he just call the cops himself? No. He had to go play the hero. I bet Rail did something horrible like knocked him out, tied him up and dumped him in the cellar so he could make his getaway with his ill-gotten gains.

And now here I was, locked in my house with no way to get out. I’ll starve to death, or worse I’ll have to eat only dry cat food until who knows when. Pfft. I’d rather starve than do that.

So I paced the house, jumping on every windowsill to check and see if he was coming up the walk or across the lawn or driving into the garage. I’m going to kill him if that crazy burglar hasn’t already. I mean he could at least have taken me with him but noooo he goes dashing off without a thought to my well-being.

Finally after what seems like forever I heard the key in the door. Did I dash over like a stupid dog would to greet him? Not even. I jumped up to my place on the mantelpiece and stared disdainfully at the door as it opened. He owed me an apology and until I got one he was going to be totally and absolutely ignored.

 Okay, this was not good. The first one through the door was Bosley. He dashed over to look up at me and bark. I hissed at him before turning to look for the traitor and the burglar.

And there they were. I sniffed and scowled. Yes cats can scowl. They smelled of sex and looked like cats that had swallowed canaries. Not that any self-respecting cat would do that. The feathers are disgusting. Be that as it may they were quite obviously very pleased about something. And I found out what seconds later as Bart says...

“It’s not big but it’s all mine and there’s a yard for Bosley and…well…you’ll be safe here until…

Oh no. No way, no how!

“Who says I want to be ‘safe’,” Rail said, grinning at Bart who immediately turned bright red. “You’re so cute when you do that.” Rail pressed a quick kiss to Bart’s mouth before returning to the original subject. “You’re really sure you want us moving in?”

Bart nodded emphatically. “As long as you keep your promise.”

I proceed to yowl angrily, standing on the edge of the mantel with every inch of fur standing on end, my tail bristling in fury as I prepare to leap and do great bodily harm to Rail.

Rail backed out of attack reach, chuckling. “I take it this idea isn’t sitting well with the cat.”

“Well he does think it’s his house so he probably thinks he should have a say in things.”

Think? I know I should have the last word. I glared at Bart and he glared back.

“He’s moving in, Socks, so deal,” Bart said.

I looked down at Bosley. He growled but not at me. His eyes were fastened on Bart. Maybe if the two of us presented a united front we could stop this insanity. I jumped down from the mantel, sitting down beside him, adding my feline growl to his canine one.

Rail knelt down on one knee. “It won’t be so bad, honest guys,” he said, holding out his hand.

Of course Bosley immediately folded, going over to lick his master’s hand and get petted in return. Bart, the traitor, kneels beside them, beckoning to me with one finger. Then he does that kissy sound that says he really needs me to come over and join them. I stick my nose in the air, feigning indifference as I wait for him to come to me instead.

“Don’t do it,” Rail muttered. “He’ll have you right where he wants you, under his thumb, or paw I guess.”

Bart snorted as he inched across the floor. “I’ve been under his paw from the first day we met.”

When he reached me I let him pet my head and then put me in his lap when he settled cross-legged on the floor. I gazed regally over at Rail and Bosley and then up at Bart. He looked so worried and hopeful. Then Rail smiled at him and his eyes lit up. Both of theirs did. Damn it, I’m such a sucker for humans in love. Just don’t tell anyone.

So anyway I ceded to the inevitable. I put my paws on Bart’s shoulders, licked his face and gave him the silent meow.

Then I jumped off his lap, walked haughtily over to Rail and patted his arm. Bosley I ignored. After all he’s only a dog.

“Whew.” Rail blew out a long breath, quickly followed by one from Bart as he stood up. Rail was on his feet seconds later, crossing to take Bart into his arms. “I guess we know who rules this roost,” he said with a laugh. “I never thought I’d need a cat’s approval to move in with someone I…care about.”

“You could love me to death,” Bart replied, amused, “and it wouldn’t make any difference to him if he didn’t approve of you for me. So…I guess he does.”

“You know,” Rail stared deeply into Bart’s eyes, “I’m well on my way to that.”

Bart’s face lit up, and turned red, again. “I…well…umm…not to death I hope.”

“No,” Rail said softly, “just for ever. Well if the cat doesn’t kick me out that is.”

“On that he has no say,” Bart told him firmly, “because…well…forever doesn’t sound too bad. If you’re sure.”

“As sure as I’ve ever been about anything.”

I’m no expert, at least about that, but on a scale of one to ten I’d rate the kiss they shared an eleven. I looked at Bosley and grinned. His head was buried under his paws so he didn’t have to watch. I had a feeling he’d be doing a lot of that in the days to come. So I guess I’ll have to take him under my wing so to speak and keep him entertained. Humm, I wonder if I can teach him to fetch, roll over and play dead. 

The End

Okay now I'm sad hun, this is the last installment! But what a wonderful story and thanks for sharing all these months. I've also posted @ Edward's Blog - it's the usually blog swap. http://edwardkendrick.blogspot.com/

Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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