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Friday, August 12, 2011


Everything happens in threes. Not sure why, but it seems to be the law of the cosmos. My hubby's harley broke down and after talking to the mechanic, it'll cost almost ten gees to repair. Needless to say, we're not going to fix it. Next the stove went and sadly that's something we have to replace. So there's another three to five hundred dollars. And last night my hubby plugs in the popcorn maker and yep, you know it-poof! Aside from these costs our business isn't doing well, and I mean we're heading towards a serious reevaluation of what we're going to do. We own a trucking company and the economy is really hurting us. we've got employees who rely on us. And hey, they know because we've discussed the situation with them. Then to add to the daily stress, we just got back from talking to a tax lawyer. Our old accountant did the corporate taxes wrong-the company and personal, and we're talking thousands of dollars we've lost to the government when we could've put it in our pockets. Almost twenty years of lost revenue. I cried that night. We've worked so hard for years and now what...nothing that's what. The business is floundering and we've very little saved.

Now enough of my miserable existence. Are you feeling kind of low, not happy with life or maybe you’re questioning an unlucky streak? Well, have I got a story to pass on that will perhaps make your existence feel like a dream. Just when you think your life couldn’t get any worse, someone else’s misery puts yours into a whole new prospective. And that's exactly what happened to me yesterday. The money, the bullshit sweeties, it doesn't matter, trust me.

The other day I was clicking through a fellow author’s website when I happened to notice her twitter feed.  She had tweeted ‘this is appalling’ and, of course, I had to look. What could be so appalling? The tweet link took me to the San Francisco Chronicle and here’s the link if you wish to read the full article.

Appalling doesn’t even begin to describe the predicament these two men are in. Words like egregious, heinous, outrage and even the commonly used BULLSHIT come to mind. Have we (society) become so immune to the plight of those around us that we can’t put the words compassion or civility before a person’s sexual preference?

I’m thoroughly disgusted folks. Not only do I sympathize for these two men, my heart breaks for them. I actually got teary-eyed when I read their story. Who the hell is the government to separate a married couple–allow me to repeat that–MARRIED COUPLE, and especially when one so desperately relies on the other for medical assistance and emotional support. The man is ill! Should he not be permitted the love and companionship of the person closest to him? Mr. Wells pays his taxes, he abides by the law in yet he’s punished because his spouse is a man. The government had no right to separate these two men.

Imagine if you will, even if for a split second…the government walks into your home grabs your wife or husband and say nah-ah! What would you do? How helpless would you feel? Pretty incomprehensible isn’t it. Something straight out of the movies–horror movie. I can only hazard to guess at the pain Mr. Wells and Mr. Makk are suffering and, believe me, I don’t envy these two men at all.

My deepest sympathies, prayers and thoughts go out to Bradford and Anthony–I so wish I could do more.

I took the image from the San Fransisco Chronicle online article. I believe the image was given to the paper by the Makk-Wells family. 

Food for thought, sweeties.
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. I'm also saddened by that too Blak. I hate that the gov't find it important to get rid of DOMA as it does DADT. Its a sad story really.

    I'm sorry the personal business is not going well either hun


  2. Aww sorry to hear of your troubles Blak but as you said there is always someone worse off. This story was heartbreaking. How can they be separated after 19 years together? It's very, very sad.

  3. Thank you so much for the support and for stopping by. I'll be just fine, more frustrated than anything. I feel more for these two men than myself. But all hugs accepted! xoxox