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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cats and Dogs - (10)

Everyone needs a dog to adore him, not a cat to ignore him.

Trouble, oh we got trouble… Okay so I’m not singing the rest of that, I’m not one of those dogs that do horrible renditions of songs to amuse humans. But we are in trouble. Someone’s pounding on the front door.

Rail’s swearing as he tries to decide on fight or flight. Me, I’m all for fighting cause I can tell by the smell it’s Bart. A very angry Bart. Rail realizes it’s him too when the dork starts calling his name and telling him to open the door or else.

So, like a fool Rail does. I gotta give Bart the dork kudos. The minute the door’s open he pulls back his fist and lands one square on Rail’s chin and down Rail goes. Who’d have thought the human had it in him to do that. Of course now I have to do my part and defend Rail. I race over, growling at Bart, fangs bared.

“Go ahead, try it dog. I’ll…I’ll…” Bart stands his ground, fists clenched.

“Bosley, back off,” Rail orders, rubbing his jaw as he sits up.

So, still growling I stop right by Rail’s shoulder, glaring up at Bart.  

“Do you mind telling me what that was all about?” Rail asks as he gets to his feet.

“Like you don’t know you…you…cat burglar you.”

“Hey now, I didn’t steal your cat. He just showed up in the alley,” Rails blusters.

“Yeah, my alley, after you broke into my house and stole everything you could lay your hands on.”

“Not everything, I left you your computer. That thing’s so old your probably still running Windows 3.1.”

Way to go, stupid. Open mouth, disengage brain. There goes my four squares a day.

“Windows ME actually and it works just fine.”

“Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, not that that thing you call a computer could handle it.”

“Yeah, well if I had you’d have just stolen that along with everything else.”

Rail nods, rubbing his jaw. “But I didn’t because… Damn it.”

Rail turns his back on Bart, heading for the kitchen and I trot along behind him to make sure he gets there without the dork’s trying to throw another punch. Which might be what he’s planning since he’s coming after us quickly. I stop and growl and I swear to you he gives me the finger before grabbing Rail’s arm.

“Don’t walk away from me you…you rat.”

“Rat?” Rail tries to grin and winces instead. Opening the fridge he takes a bag of peas from the freezer. “Ice pack,” he says when Bart looks at him questioningly.

So there the three of us are, standing in the kitchen glaring at each other.

“Does it hurt,” Bart asks, as Rail puts the frozen package against his jaw.

Duh. Is this human for real? He punches my master hard enough to knock him off his feet and he wants to know if it hurts.

“Yeah,” Rail replies with a slight smile. “Who knew you could hit so hard.”

Bart chews on his lip. “Not me. That’s the first time I ever hit anyone in my life.” He looks down at his hand and flinches as he tries to bend it into a fist. “I think I broke something.”

“Here, let me see.” Still holding the peas to his jaw Rail takes Bart’s fist, laying it on the counter. Then he feels each of Bart’s fingers.

Oh boy, this isn’t looking so good. Or maybe it is. They’re doing that eye thing again. Aw what the hell. I go lay down on the floor by my food bowls which are looking awfully empty right now. I paw one, tipping it over noisily. Neither of them notices.

“Nothing broken,” Rail says, not taking his eyes off Bart’s face.

“What about..?” Bart touches Rail’s jaw where the bag of peas isn’t covering it.

Rail shrugs. “I’ll live. For a beginner you pack a hell of a punch.”

“Well I was pissed.”

“I don’t blame you,” Rail replies honestly. “I’d have been too if it had been me.”

“So what now?”

If the looks they’re giving each other are any indication I could tell them what now. What they almost started but didn’t at Bart’s house. I put a paw on my bowl and bang it on the floor again, hard so it makes a lot of noise.

“Damn, Bosley, you’re not going to starve to death,” Rail grumbles but he turns away from looking at Bart to get out a can of dog food, open it and dump it in a bowl. “Here, eat hearty and stay quiet.”

Eat, you bet. Stay quiet. Not so sure yet. I mean any second now the dork, Bart that is, could decide to call the cops on us. Then I’d have to take him down before he could. I wonder how long it would take me to dig a hole in the backyard large enough to bury him.

Looks like Rail’s wondering that too, well not about burying Bart’s body but about his calling the cops.

“So now what?” Rail says, returning to the previous conversation. “I guess that’s up to you. You can call the cops. I won’t try and stop you.”

Bart looks at him in surprise. “You won’t?”

Shrugging his shoulders Rail says, “Would it do any good if I did? Short of killing you there’s no way to keep you from doing it sometime, either now or later. So we might as well get it over with if that’s what you’re going to do.”

Coming September 10th from Silver Publishing 


Two men:
Glenn Tanner, a thirty-four year old hitman who wants to disappear and start a new life.
Joey Fairburn, a twenty-one year old Criminal Justice student studying to become a cop.

One problem in common:
Joey's father, an escaped killer, is on his way to the small town where Joey and his mother live, and where Glenn has finally settled down. Only time will tell if Glenn and Joey, so disparate in both age and backgrounds, will be able to find a common bond to unite them in an attempt to stop the killer from murdering Joey's mother, and in the process perhaps find love.

Thanks for the wonderful post as always, Edward. Each part of 'Cats and Dogs' is a treat! I've also posted at Edwards - you know, the swapping blogs! Edward's Blog On August 22 Alexandra Cristian will be here! Have a great weekend sweeties!

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