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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


You’ve heard the adage ~ ‘The only difference between a man and a boy is the price of his toy.’ And men do thoroughly enjoy flaunting their toys don’t they? Oh wait a second… You thought I was talking about that extra bit hanging between their legs? Well, we all know that is a man’s favourite toy. But no sweeties, I was actually referring to real toys, the ones a man can buy for use with his cock and anus.

There’s always talk about women and their sex toys–dildos and vibrators, but what about the men? There are fake pussies, blow up dolls to Titan anal dildos and some really interesting homemade contraptions, and for today’s blog post I thought I’d share a few I found interesting.

Say hello to the ‘New Life Like Inflatable’s’ - imported direct from Japan. These life size recreations of hot woman are perfect for the single man that doesn’t have that special someone. And the detailing is unbelievably amazing!

- These dolls are made out of 100% top-grade, medical silicone with a soft and flesh like feel that don’t require inflation before usage.
- The dolls have a 3D face and actual stainless steel skeleton with limbs that are moveable for a variety of positions at every possible angle.
- The dolls also come with built in heating system, where after heating the temperature of the vagina and chest can be set at a comfortable 37 degrees Celsius to give you that feeling of reality.
- In the lower abdomen there is a shaking sensor to give your body a 100% response and a hi-fidelity sound slug that works in conjunction with your movement range.
- These dolls have both vagina and anal holes, hair in the appropriate regions and make-up and fashionable clothes (supposedly you can change the wig colour). The vagina is made with a double layer design that creates a feeling of friction and suction (they state better than a real woman’s vagina). LOL
- The dolls are also non-toxic, waterproof, anti-fouling and durable.
Compared to the old style inflatable’s–I’ve got to say wow! Who wouldn’t want a little realism when they’re alone?

Next I’ve got a couple of the most popular anal toys (but don’t forget there are also dildos, anal beads, porn star penis replicas and prostate stimulators)!

At one time anal toys were generally perceived as items for a strictly gay sexual market. But times have changed and since the sixties sexual revolution our perception of what’s appropriate and what’s not in the boudoir has definitely come a long way.

First, the butt plugs, which come in an assortment of colours and varying shapes/designs. The A-Bomb Butt Plug–ouch, we’re talking this item is a decent size. It’s 4.75 inches in length and over 2 inches in diameter, and considered an advanced device (not for beginners). LOL It’s made from premium silicone and hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable and bleachable. Perfect for sensitive skin types. It’s a Tantus Toy and again, supposedly anatomically targeted.

Another wonderful toy for men ‘Titan Master Tool’–designed to hit that perfect spot for a fantastic orgasm every time. This anal toy’s construction is laced with an anti-bacterial agent, is latex free and non-toxic. Great for the adventurous man whether he’s into the same-sex relationship or not.

And what about the ‘Flashlight Butt Masturbator’? Never heard of it? You’ve got the hand held pussy, I’m positive most have seen. Well there is also the butt masturbator. The Flashlight butt masturbator has a firm case for easy grip and realistic design of–you guessed it, an anus. Inside it has a velvety sleeve where you can sink your erection, the skin is soft and pliable. You can also adjust the amount of friction you wish to feel by twisting the end cap. The butt masturbator is easy to clean and the outer casing makes for a discreet device.
My last section to this article is the ‘Home Made Remedies’! How do you like the watermelon? LMAO Sorry but this is really something. If all else fails remember you’ve always got the good old fridge–where a vegetable or piece of fruit can suffice to replace the warmth of a human’s touch. But for you ladies, I must forewarn you, in all seriousness…please don’t stick anything with sugar inside your vagina. As I’ve read this can cause yeast and other infections. Another no-no is anything that can break and get lodged, sharp objects or using oil based products as a lubricants. 
As I’ve learnt through research and asking (yes I actually questioned people I know) increased numbers of heterosexual couples as well as single men are becoming a little more experimental in the bedroom. And if that’s the case why not spice it up with an adult toy. There are tons of different toys to choose from, the selection is almost limitless, so I’m sure you’d find something of interest. Enjoy! 
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne^_^!!

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