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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Greetings again readers and welcome to another saucy post by me, BlMorticia. The wicked part of the triad. Again, I have a sexy post to kind of partner an earlier one about going down. The benefits of the juice, the passion wine, the liquids of his desire. I’m talking, the cum or come.

Heh! You didn’t think there was a benefit to swallowing?

First off, let’s ask why you do it or don’t. Now this is my personal opinion. If you have a man you love who is healthy why wouldn’t you? I’m not talking some random man that you met at a dance club, I’m saying the male that you’ve dated regularly and know his history. He’ll love you for it so why not indulge him?

Your man truly does love it when you take the time to please him and swallowing his jizz, passion wine, release, or however you like to say it, is just an added bonus.

He’ll be very happy you did and get this ladies, and gentlemen, if you do, there is research studies that say it’s good for you!

Consider this. According to sementherapy.com, here are a couple of reasons why you should swallow.

1.     Swallowing semen at least three times a week is a great source of protein and other vitamins.
2.     Fights cancer
3.     A good skin cream

Wow! I had no idea taking it down would have that much of a benefit but then again, I never really had an issue with it. As long as my guy was clean and healthy, let it flow baby!

Why deprive yourself and him of one of the finest pleasures of sex. Coming or cumming, however you prefer? Are you that squeamish? Sex isn’t meant to be a totally clean act anyway. You get down and dirty, naked and you swallow. That simple.

So have I changed your mind? Are you looking for your man right now to give him the pleasure he so rightfully deserves? Go on ahead and make sure you tell him who told you to do it. Me.

Enjoy your Saturday good people! J

Okay... ah wow, BL what a post! I'm feeling kind of hot around the collar right now. Not sure about everyone else? LOL 

Starting on Monday, April 11th it's going to be a busy week @ BRB! Next week it's special because every day I'll be posting a different author interview. Yep, I thought I'd try something different and break things up a bit. And I've got a really awesome lineup!

Monday will be Keta Diablo!
Tuesday will be Amber Scott!
Wednesday will be Marshall Thorton! 
I'm also @ Red Lipstick Journals that day!
Thursday will be Elise C.!
And Friday will be Stacy Kennedy!

We're talking superb literary talent! Don't miss out sweeties!
Until Monday have a really great weekend! All the best!
Oh LOL I nearly forgot - There are still some great prizes to win at IRM!
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. Some interesting facts about sperm! Thanks. Next week looks like an interesting on the blog. Can't wait for it.

  2. BLM does post some very interesting articles! Thanks so much, She! Can't wait myself ^_^!!

  3. Thank you She, as always. We also appreciate your support. :)