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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sex isn’t anything new. Sex has been around since the birth of mankind. But what makes the sex fascinating is the cultural diversity behind it. Every race has a different set of rules, myths and a philosophy indicative of their culture, which can and usually does have close ties to a religious belief. One of the oldest examples of spirituality meeting with sexuality is that of an Eastern teaching, called the Tantra, whose origins date back to four thousand years ago in India.

I read webpage after webpage until my eyes were burning and I confess, there is so much to learn. Tantra is a total surrender of mind, body and soul, to create and cultivate sexual freedom that liberates and expands your consciousness. Say that three times fast! Basically, in layman’s terms, the idea is to produce a more enriched sexual experience for both parties through various techniques of stimulation i.e. breathing and massage. Another important aspect of Tantra sex is the chakras, which are energy centers in the body between the pelvis and the top of the head. Tantric (sacred sexuality) is to experience the merging of two beings via their sexual energy.

Everything in nature is viewed as energy (chakra) – energy that moves at a different rate, making itself visible through space, time and so on.  And these energies, if existing in balance will produce a harmonious peace. When these energies become unbalanced we may find ourselves with poor health and even lack when it comes to sexual performance. Before any sexual activity, it is important to bring your energy centers (chakras) into balance. There are seven primary chakras in the body, each with a specific function. The three above the Heart Chakra pertain to intelligence and spirituality, and the three below pertain to physical and emotional needs. The spirit must function in harmony with the flesh and the Heart Chakra is the balance between.

Tantra doesn’t discriminate. It’s a sexual practice that can be enjoyed by anyone – heterosexual or homosexual. All you need is trust and a willingness to experiment. Keep an open mind, relax and I promise, from what I’ve read, you will orgasm to your heart’s content. There are two sides to Tantra sex one male and one female and it’s the male side I’ve found to be the most fascinating. There are certain ritualistic steps leading up to an evening of Tantra that help to prepare the body, mind and soul.

Step One: Preparation

There is a long list of ways to prepare for an evening of Tantra sex and it’s something that you’d definitely have to research thoroughly before attempting. I can’t possibly explain and neither do I want to, as I’m not an expert. But to give a basic outline your chakras must be in balance, which also includes your physical and mental preparation. It is advised that the necessary exercises be preformed in the nude for five to ten minutes every day; breathing, relaxation, stretching and controlled masturbation are part of the process. Once you’ve achieved a heightened sense of awareness, your mind, body and soul is open then you are ready for the next step.

Step Two: The Bathing Ceremony

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and it is also a part of sex that does matter and aid in making the experience that much more pleasurable. Fill the tub part way with warm water (not too hot) but at a temperature you find the most relaxing. It is recommended that you use a variety of scented oils and soaps to induce a sense of calm, those that you find to be the most appealing. The giver can then use these soaps and oils to massage your body and to cleanse, starting at the temples and working his/her way down to your toes. The warmth, massage and scents will relieve all your stress and any anxiety. The giver is encouraged to use perhaps a soft sponge and candlelight is always a welcome addition to the ambience. You will know when you’re fully relaxed and can progress.

Step Three: Tantra Lingam (Penis-Wand of Light) Massage

The whole purpose of Tantra/Tantric massage is to induce a trance like state – not orgasm, where there are no more emotional, mental or physical barriers, and whatever problems you may have been fretting over are gone. If mastered, in time, you will become fully receptive to the giver and you’ll enjoy prolonged and multiple orgasms during actual intercourse. Lingam massage is essential to reaching a spiritual and physical ecstasy.

It is advised that the receiver lay on his back with his head, neck and upper torso supported by lots of pillows – whatever he finds most comfortable. Then the giver should also place more pillows behind the knees and under the legs so they are spread apart with the knees slightly bent, which provides unobstructed access to the genitals but still be resting at a comfortable angle. Once your partner is ready, he should do some deep breathing and then the massaging can commence. It is suggested that you massage chest, nipple area, abdomen, thighs and legs first, while reminding the receiver to continue with the deep breathing. Begin by pouring a small amount of oil on the shaft and testicles then gently massage the testicles. Then massage the scrotum, the pubic bone and the perineum. Of course don’t forget to massage the shaft. Varying the pressure and speed can be quite enjoyable. It is advised to gently squeeze the base of the shaft with your right hand and pull up, making sure to slide off. You should alternate between both hands and then change direction by squeezing at the head. This is to be repeated over and over then the massaging can move up to the head. Cup the head and move in a circular motion. If the receiver is going to ejaculate the giver must stop and allow time for the shaft to soften.

Another part of the Lingam massage is the sacred spot. This spot is a small indentation approximately halfway between the testicles and anus. When you locate the sacred spot you must be gentle and push inward. The receiver will feel pressure deep inside and for some it may be uncomfortable. But by way of repetition, the more this area is massaged and softened; the receiver will eventually be able to take pleasure in longer orgasms and controlled ejaculation. When the receiver is close to ejaculate you can press into the sacred spot. At this point he may experience some overwhelming emotions; this is a normal reaction and the giver must be reassuring. After the massage is finished it’s important to allow the receiver time to rest. And don't forget you can swap with your partner and instead of playing the giver you become the receiver–wouldn't that be awesome!

Wow it’s getting a little hot in here–if I wore glasses they’d be steamed! LOL I think it’s time to call it quits for today! I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed researching and writing about it! Thanks for reading! 

March 9th author Lux Zakari will be here! Very thrilled to have her @ BRB. And on March 11th I'll be posting at RLJ. Also on March 11th Edward Kendrick will be back! Hopefully posting another excerpt to continue on from his last post! BL Morticia will be passing on a little more of her insight on Mar 12th! There's a great week ahead! Thanks for dropping in! 

Happy Yaoi Hunting^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. OOh this is a hot post. Makes for a good story. You need to write it. LOL

    Yummer. Men caressing one another to have sex longer...HAWT!


  2. Thanks! Enjoyed writing it! Yeah maybe there is a storyline in there somewhere!