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Thursday, March 10, 2011

CATS AND DOGS - (2) - Cats rule, dogs drool and humans serve.

“Sit, stay, watch.”

Yep, that’s my master talking. So I do. His name is Raymond Robb, R.R. or Rail for short. Least that’s what his friends call him. I’m Bosley. Dog extraordinaire. Pit bull actually but don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m not going to bite unless you give me reason to. 

I’m like his watchdog when he’s working. Can’t let the wrong people come by and stop him. I mean come on, if they did I’d be out a home and I happen to like my warm bed and four squares a day. Okay, his warm bed cause we share it. Hell he’s got no one else in it and it’s soft and comfortable. No way I’m sleeping on the floor if I can help it. 

So like I’m saying, I’m sitting here, watching while he cases the joint. He’s good, I’ll give him that. Finds a window he can jimmy open without the owner hearing him. Yeah, he’s fearless. Goes in even if it is someone’s home. I mean come on, at three in the a.m. they’re sleeping anyway. Right?

He’s in and out. He musta not found much this time worth taking. Least not anything big cause he’s only got his bag, no big stuff. Not like he takes the TV’s and junk like that. He’s discriminating. But laptops, that kinda jazz, yeah. And jewelry and…well you get the picture. Stuff he can sell so we have food and a place to stay.

“Okay Bosley, time to get,” Rail whispered, heading to the car.
He pats my head and I bound off, standing at attention until he opens the car door and I jump in. The thing’s old but it gets us where we need to be and back. He says we don’t need fancy, it attracts attention. He talks to me a lot which is more than my last master did. Some human’s ain’t got no couth. The other master thought I should learn how to fight. Like…Not. Ran away and got caught by the men who put you in a cage and feed you. Not so bad but no freedom. Not till Rail came and adopted me. Now I’m his best friend and watcher.

Thanks for stopping by, Edward. Another great excerpt and very much appreciated. If you'd like to hit Edward's blog, we've swapped this evening. Click on his name: EDWARD BLMorticia will be here tomorrow night with another naughty post! Can't wait! Also this evening I've post an article @ RLJ…wow I know lots of reading eh?? LOL Yes sweeties I've gone crazy with the blog posts! And wait until you hear my next announcement.
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  1. Woohoo for my partners in crime! :D

  2. I love the new group! I think it's going to be a hit and a lot of fun!