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Friday, March 18, 2011


Good evening, sweeties. I've gone back to the basics tonight - jotting down my thoughts, aspirations and those things in life that I'm most passionate about. And this time I'm dissecting the movie industry - Hollywood, Bollywood, BBC 1 or The National Film Board of Canada, whichever country you choose, each has one thing in common. They enjoy testing the waters.

What do you consider acceptable content? Does vulgar language offend? Should sex enter into the equation? How far is too far? Are we being desensitized? For decades now committees, the general public and movie production companies/producers have been at odds, each pushing the boundaries of what should or shouldn't be acceptable content.

My thoughts are private inside my head and how much I wish to absorb can be controlled. My conscience is my safety zone telling me how much will I allow in  and what I'm comfortable with. My eyes can shut it out and my brain can disregard what I don't want to remember...but can it? On a personal note, I can tell you, some of the most disturbing images that I've seen over the years were from movies. I'm not squeamish but like any human I have my limits and there are a handful of movies that you couldn't pay me to watch ever again. Whether it was the actual content or just the visual, something deeply disturbed me and has stuck with me ever since. 

My list of movies: 

Clockwork Orange... This movie was SNAFU.

The Exorcist... Read the book, which was very interesting and thought what the hey, I'll watch the movie. Ah yep, big mistake. Poor Linda Blair, she was just a child. What were her parents thinking? What was Hollywood thinking? It ruined her and her career. Oh and by the way, in the book, it was a little boy, not a girl. Hollywood thought if they used a girl it would be more acceptable??? WTF!

The Entity... The rape scene did it for me (and I believe it happened in front of the oldest son).

Caligula... Absolutely brutal, nothing tasteful about it.

The Accused... The rape scene was so bad I grit my teeth and walked out of the room cursing. 

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... Now I know why it's controversial.

Broke Back Mountain... Not so much disturbing, but extremely upsetting. No one deserves to die like that.

Deliverance... Yeah, no comment.

Trainspotting... Anything with children and I go mentally ballistic. My ex insisted we go to the theatre, to watch trainspotting, and within the first five minutes, when Ewan Mc Gregor dove inside this disgusting toilet to retrieve a suppository he dropped, half the audience got up and left. I wanted to do the same, but my ex was an ass.

The Lovely Bones... This movie had me clenching a fist the entire two hours. I didn't realize how deeply it had disturbed me until I went to bed. I dreamt my daughter was buried underground in a field and there I was on my knees, soaked, and frantically digging up the mud yelling for her. The nightmare repeated all night long. I had no choice and finally got up.

Those are the movies that really stand out. Was it because of the images or the fact that the story (content) had an eerily real life ring to it? Either way, these movies did nothing for society - nothing constructive other than shock, disturb and force me to question the director's state of mind and the producers intentions. I wonder if those in the movie industry ever feel guilt when someone with a sick mind copies their ideas...maybe a twinge? Highly doubtful. And of course this brings me to the sexual aspect. I don't mind a hint of sex but again, when has the scene gone to far? I do read the ratings, yes. But sadly, in Canada, our rating system is very lax and movies in the states that are rated R are given as low as 14A and 18A. So you can be duped into believing that a movie has mildly suggestive content when it actually doesn't. And as my daughter pointed out, some countries won't even allow certain movies to play in their theatres.

The Lover... OMG...orgasm after orgasm after orgasm...I was worn out after this one! LOL Great story, really, and very touching, but for shit-sake. The lead actor's wife was right there on the set making sure her husband wasn't getting more than signed for in the contract.

Returning to the issue of sex, I can tolerate a bit but if the only things I see are tits, ass and rubbing bodies, I might as well go rent a porn video. At least in a porn you know the end result and there's no need for a story. I swear some directors just throw the tits and ass in there because the plots sucks, and they have to do something to keep your attention. Well write a better script then!! Hey I don't mind, seriously, if the sex is relative to the story and everything flows, otherwise ditch it please! I know, I know...you're saying to yourself: "Blak you write erotica, which basically porn and you're shooting the sex down? What's up with that?" (First off, refer to my article titled 'Erotic versus Porn' and you'll discover they aren't the same.)

It's simple. The best porn, the best erotica and even the best sex is in the mind! It's scientific sweeties. Check it out, if you don't believe me. The orgasm your body feels starts and ends in your brain. When I rent a movie, I don't want to feel like I wasted two hours of my life and money. I don't want to puke or feel this overwhelming need to slit my own wrists! LOL There's enough bullshit on the news that I have no desire to see it on the big screen. I want to be entertained, certainly, I want escapism, but with a little class. If something horrific needs to be there it can be done tastefully. Leaving a bit to imagination can pack the same punch. And the big one for me, don't use child actors in a scene that isn't appropriate to their age or mental maturity. Would you allow it to happen to your own child in real life? Not too likely. People have become desensitized. 

That's my rant for the evening! LOL I hope you enjoyed it? Tell me what you think? :D 

And as promised, I must announce the winner of the Lux Zakari contest! Thank you everyone for reading the interview and telling us your happy thoughts. The winner was Teresa K. Lucky lady! **whistles and hollers** Teresa, I hope you enjoy reading Coercion! And after you're done please do pass on a review -  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

This weekend I'll be posting some jokes, sex facts and other fun stuff! Happy St. Patrick's Day - did you notice the green?? 

Happy Yaoi Hunting 
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. Blak, I'm SO GLAD you are raising this issue. Our stupid leaders (meaning all of them - politicians, bishops, crazy feminists, evangelists etc) are so anti-sex it's ridiculous. Nothing about sex is natural for these folk. They insist on Hollywood stars getting into bed with enough clothes to brave the Antarctic. They just can't abide sex - unless it's the hole-in-the-corner feeling up the altar boy, gay cruising in airport toilets type of thing they secretly indulge in themselves.

    On the other hand, extreme violence is just fine. Blow them all away, scatter blood and body parts all over the screen - that's just fine. But an erect penis? Not a chance!

    People fall in love, and make love EVERY DAY. It's normal, so how can you tell a decent story without it? Shooting people is not normal, but we have it dawn to dusk on TV. Are we crazy?

    Blak, I share your rant.

  2. (*sigh* I had this wonderful, long response, but there was an error, and it was suddenly wiped blank when I hit 'post'. Shortened version to follow.)

    I was also rubbed a bit wrong by Brokeback Mountain's ending. I loved the movie as a whole, but it definitely sent that message to everyone. All that hype about it starring a gay couple, and everything just goes to hell. There was social commentary there, showing that even now, a relationship like that would be met with anger and religious fanaticism. Still, I'm hoping that there will be a movie one of these years that stars a gay couple but actually has a happier ending (even if it isn't a perfect ending, which wouldn't be as realistic).

    One movie I'd add to your list is Boys Don't Cry. That one really got to me because of the graphic depiction of a hate crime. Of course, I'll admit I was stupid and rented the film without knowing that's what the story centered about... So I got all invested in the character's struggles with her/his being transgendered, and then Hilary Swank gets her brains blown out by some close-minded asshole. It... shocked me in a bad way, though again, it definitely sent a message in the social commentary way.

    Nice post! It was the opposite of what I was expecting (which was the films that had the most positive effects on you XD), but it really made me think back on my own experiences, which was a good thing! ^_^

    ~K. Piet

  3. I so adore you!! I always love to see what you are going to do next, Blak! Look at you stealing my thunder...lol! **hugs**

  4. Thanks KatNic **loves**! LOL Well K, I did think about the good things, and there are many movies that have left a positive impression, but for some reason the not-so-good ones seem to stand out more. I'm not sure if it's the horrific nature of the content or plain human fear that prolongs the memories? I do believe though, that in some cases (the rare case) even a disturbing movie can produce a positive outcome. Schlinder's List is one and American History X - both were visually horrifying but the directors definitely got the point across and in a good way.
    Jacqueline, I agree on the violence issue especially. Violence happens. It's a fact of our society no matter how much we chose to turn a blind eye. Sex on the other hand is a natural human act and between consenting adults, fine with me. But mixing the two or glorifying anything that would give some whack job ideas, isn't a good thing in my books. Like I said I don't have an issue with sex in a film but my question is, where do we draw the line? For seriously explicit content there are adult movies, do I want to see it in a feature film?
    Another movie that leaps to mind - The Watchmen. My husband and I watched the first twenty minutes then shut it off. When the one guy (supposed superhero) sexually assaulted the female superhero and then he shot some pregnant Asian woman dead (it was his kid) I was done. Since when does a superhero rape and murder???? Never. It's a contradiction in terms.
    Thanks for the great comments everyone! xoxox