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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I can't believe it's Monday already! Where the heck does all the time go? My apologies sweeties, for not posting on Saturday night as I usually do, but things didn't go quite as planned this weekend. Saturday was very hectic. I got up early, did the work-out, read emails and answered a few then I rushed my son to his father's place for the night (forty-five minute drive). At around noon I met up with an old girlfriend from high school, we ate lunch and shot the shit until about four PM. After that I rushed back to my neck of the woods, picked up the hubby and drove another forty-five minutes to my uncles. Well by the time we left his place, it was so late and I was so exhausted, there was no way I could post. My uncle has diabetes (very bad) and we had to remove some items from his house. He wasn't feeling too well and a little lonely, so we stayed longer than anticipated. But family is family.

Anyway, enough of my babbling! Today I've got a treat for you. The lovely and popular C.R. Moss is here! Thrilled to have her. So you know the routine, sweeties! LOL Pull up a chair, get comfy and please welcome, C. R. Moss to BRB!

Who is C.R. Moss? Tell us about yourself. 

Here’s my bio information: An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities. She has been studying the craft of writing since her early teens. It started with working on the school newspaper in middle school to creative writing classes and Teens Art Festivals in high school. She received her BA in Communications, Information and Library Studies from Rutgers College with a strong concentration in English Lit/Writing and Interpersonal Communications. C.R. took a round about way to settle down as a fiction writer, having worked in the corporate and real estate realms writing newspaper articles, press releases, corporate newsletters, etc. Now that she’s settled into the health care industry, she has returned to her first love: creative writing. When she isn’t working at her practice or at her computer cooking up another tale, she can be found hanging out with her husband and cat.

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

I’ve been working toward a career in writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been creating stories since I started to read, but the thought of writing for a living solidified when I was in middle school and received an A in English. I looked at the grade and that’s when my life was defined. I realized I could do it. From that point on, I put pen to paper to get my thoughts down and made sure to take classes appropriate to learning and honing the craft.
Who and/or what prompted you to write your first novel?
If I remember correctly, I believe I wanted to try my hand at a novel after reading a Stephen King book in my early teens.
Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?
I get my inspiration from everywhere—conversations, songs, news articles…
What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?
I started writing erotic literature because I was writing a particular story line and going for a specific house. But my writing roots began in horror. I wanted to be the next great horror writer until a friend of mine lent me her copy of A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. Then I wrote some romance. Now, I’m looking to merge stories with romance/love story/strong romantic elements with horror/the darker aspects of life. What can I say? I like to torture my characters at times. In fact, the first two books in my Dirty Little series were considered ‘creepy’ by one of my critique partners. And my story, Beautiful People, is pretty disturbing as well. Dirty Little Demons isn’t as creepy or disturbing, but it kind of has a dark angle to it. I still write the light stuff, though. My writing partner and I have a co-authored erotic contemporary with cowboys story that we’re shopping around that has aspects of humor and romantic elements. I’m also currently working on a story that’s more mainstream romance  and it may not even have any sex in it.
Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?
I’ve had times when it’s been a character who’s said ‘Hi!’ I’ve also had times when the whole plot/story line comes to me (love when that happens so I don’t have to worry about the story too much). Then I’ve had times when title comes to me first and I have to start playing the ‘what if’ game. It all depends on my committee of muses and what they want to throw my way.
What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why?
Most times it seems that it’s the beginning for me and wanting to find that perfect start to grab a reader.
Has your own life influenced your novels? And if so, how?
Yeah, it has. I use places I’ve visited. Sometimes taken a quality here and there of the people I know to put into characters. I’ve even included some of my own life experiences.
Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
It can be difficult at times, depending upon who my characters are and where they’re at in the story. Plus, there is being in the mood and all, too. ;) If I’m finding I’m particularly stuck, I’ll work on something else or read until I can get into writing the scene.
Do you have a method you use to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination?
Nope, I can’t say I have a particular method. It’s usually just a matter of planting my butt in the chair and writing. As for the heat level, it depends what the story calls for.
Are your characters based on people you know? Or are they completely fictitious?
Some are based on me. Some on others. Then there are the characters that are fictitious.
Who is your favorite character, which you’ve created? And why?
Oooh, toughy. I have a few, but right now, my favorite characters are in my ‘Dirty Little’ series, Ash and Jay. Ash is a devil who in human form is tall, dark haired/eyed, good looking and very charming. Jay is my kick-ass heroine. 
Can you tell us about your latest release? Give a synopsis.
My latest release was in January—Dirty Little Boys. It’s the sixth book in my ‘Dirty Little’ series. This novella follows Jay and Keg when they’re in hell and what happens to them. It’s a love story that focuses mainly on Keg and his love interest, TC – a man he meets in hell. There are also a few scenes that revolve on Jay and Ash. Here’s a blurb: What happens in hell—stays in hell.  Demon slayers Jay, Keg and The Cleaner have ended up in hell, all brought down to the fiery pit for different reasons. TC and Keg are on a mission to save Jay while battling their own demons and discovering new feelings. Alone and under the sway of Ash, Jay has found herself torn between the love of a man and a devil—and sexually frustrated for the latter. Can the trio escape before their lives are changed forever? For your best reading experience the Dirty Little books should be read in the following order: Secret, Lie, Trip, Girl, Demons, Boys  Story contains m/m & menage scene(s) & elements of the following genres: Contemporary, Erotica, GLBT, Horror, Love Story, Menage (m/m/m), Paranormal  
What’s your newest WIP? And when we can expect a publication date?
My current WIP is Look What the Cat Dragged In for Cassandra, the third book in my ‘cat’ series. I’m hoping to have the Contemporary Paranormal available by the summer via Devine Destinies. I also have a co-authored Contemporary Erotic Western submission that is in the process of finding a home. 
How many novels do you have, that are currently published? Please list all the publishers, so the readers can locate you.
I’ve written about twenty-two stories that range from short works of about 4,000 words to novels over 75k. Currently, these books are available between eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies More information and individual buy links can be found on my website.
Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
My plans are to become agented in the next few years, release and sell stories through a NY/traditional publishing house and making it on the best sellers lists like USA Today and NY Times—along with keeping a supply of e-books available.

Excerpt for Dirty Little Boys ~
Hot, moist air wisped into Keg's ear. A shiver ran down his side. Fighting the passionate urge rising in him for TC, he turned and came face to face with the top of the man's chest. "Excuse me?" TC's lightly tanned skin smelled of musk and rich spices. Keg caught a sigh before it left his mouth.
   "We're in hell, Dorothy." TC chuckled.
   "Please don't call me, Dorothy." He placed his hands on TC's chest and pushed. The big man didn't budge. He tilted his head back to give TC a piece of his mind. The man offered a crooked, sexy smile. Keg snapped his mouth shut, let out an exasperated huff of air. Seemed that his new friend was enjoying his unease. He needed to turn the conversation around. "So how did I get here? Why do you need help? You don't exactly look like the damsel in distress."
   TC puffed out his chest. The skin over his pectorals rippled. "Jay's here."
   "What? Jay's…here?"
   TC's face grew grim. His hauntingly handsome eyes peered at him as he nodded his head.
   Damn. He's telling the truth. "How? She's in a coma at UMC."
   "The shell of her physical self is there. The rest, the parts of her that make up her, are here. Just as your body is lying on your kitchen floor. Just as mine is in my secret home location where I got jumped." TC shook his head. "Our spirits have materialized in the devil's realm into solid form." He held up a hand. "Don't ask me the particulars. I have no clue about physics or whatever. It's somehow a matter of focusing on the person and pulling on their spirit. This place aids in the process."
   "So we're not dead then?"
   "You, me and Jay, no. As for the other humans here, can't say. But it's a good thing I got caught when I did. Jay seems to be in some sort of trouble that goes beyond merely being here. Every time I try to sleep, I hear her telepathic cries for help. How I'm connected to her all of the sudden, I don't know. In our brief chats, I've told her to relax, that I'd find a way out. She's warned me she's heavily guarded, is a demon's pet. If it weren't for all the minions surrounding her all the time, I would have barged in and rescued her by now. But part of being a highly skilled warrior is knowing when to call in backup. I didn't feel it'd be prudent to fight this battle alone."
   "So you called on me to help you. Why me?"
 "That's a good question. Well, you're the one I've—" TC's gaze narrowed as distinct, obnoxious laughter trilled outside the cavern.
To find C.R. Moss: http://www.crmoss.net/Links.htm

Thanks for having me on your blog!

It was wonderful to have you, C.R.! You're a very talented lady. All the best for your future endeavours.

Just a couple of short announcements - don't forget author Alan Nayes will be @ BRB for the  'Author Interview Wednesdays'. March 25th. Edward's back! I wonder if he's got another excerpt for us? And on March 26th BLMorticia will be here and I'm positive she's got something steaming hot! 

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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