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Friday, February 18, 2011


In the last week or so I've done quite a few articles that have been posted in several locations. It's hard to keep up at times. And right at this moment I must concentrate on my novels. Writing is my passion and this weekend my novels take precedent. I've got two novellas almost complete and the final instalments to my Benevolence series to finish. Plus the third part to my Devotion series is patiently waiting on the sidelines for my undivided attention (this is the one everyone keeps asking about). When your mind works like mine, it's literally flying in ten different directions at once. If you saw how many written works were in my computer you'd be shocked. I've got blurbs and titles for some only, others are started with a few chapters and a synopsis, where others are almost done. But they all have one thing in common - they need completion! Pretty soon I'll be knee deep in edits for my next release and I won't be able to concentrate on these novels. So for this weekend I must bid you all farewell until Monday when I shall return. Until such time I've revised and reposted an article that, Edward Kendrick, had at his blog last week! And of course as every other post, I've added some hot eye candy! Enjoy!

'Bite Me Big Boy' ~

Can you believe some people enjoy pain during sex? I'm not going to touch on the subject of BDSM as I know very little about it and though I have admittedly tested the waters in the past, it isn't something that particularly appealed to me. In my books that sort of pain DOES NOT = pleasure but then again I've got a serious hair fetish. No please don't go... **the sound of the narrator's voice echoes through the microphone as everyone swiftly exits stage left** LOL

Yes, I said hair fetish! LOL And I Iove large hands. Okay, I'm going to stop before I dig my own proverbial grave. The type of pain I'm talking about is biting. Which I've discovered more people are in to than we realize. All right I had a guy bite my neck once, and because I was half loaded, horny and all over him it did feel slightly pleasurable. Now, years later and after all the men I've dated, lived with and married, not one offered to bite me–many other questionable offers, but none of the vampyric kind.

Here is how it works ladies and gentlemen (and this is directed more towards the men at the moment). Chewing, nibbling and biting are all good things, provided you are in a decent relationship with your woman/man and there's mutual respect. Plus I'd advise you ask his/her permission first. If  she/he isn't drunk like I was and a horny little devil she/he will undoubtedly notice it when you press your choppers in.

Never do the biting or nibbling in a mechanical way. Always nuzzle your face into neck, caress, and show passion or wherever you prefer to add the spice, while using your hands to massage her/his body. Both sensations can work very well in conjunction with one another. A couple of the more receptive areas of the woman's body are her back, neck, shoulders, nipples, thighs and clit which includes the labia majora/minora (pussy lips). These areas contain some of the most sensitive concentrations of nerve endings. Therefore you must be gentle in your approach. For men it's my understanding that the nipples, neck, buttocks, thighs, foreskin and even scrotum can prove to be enjoyable biting spots. 

Even the Kama Sutra has tips on what is called 'sensual biting'. And as anything else, when it comes to the passing of bodily fluids or the contact of human flesh, always keep yourself clean. Brush your teeth. The human mouth is a bacteria factory. Never draw blood. Accidents do happen, in the heat of the moment, and if it does clean the wound thoroughly with hot soapy water then rinse. And it is recommended to wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide or some type of antibacterial solution that can be applied to the skin–either that or head to the doctor. Whatever your fetish, be careful and exhibit respect at all times for your partner because if you don't you could get bitten in the wrong spot! **Grins**

I also posted a brand new article today for RLJ - take a look titled: 'Circumcise Me'

And I posted my first article for Queer Magazine Online titled: 'Bombshell of a Life Time'

I'm thrilled about both! Queer Magazine is great and I'm going to be contributing there as often as possible. And Red Lipstick Journals is growing in leaps and bounds. There are some other really well written and cool articles posted by my fellow authors you need to read! I guarantee you'll like. I'm working hard to edit and prepare my serial (The Fallen) for the up coming month. I'd like to get at least half out before I leave for Japan (May 9)! I hope you enjoyed todays post! Have a great weekend sweeties! See you Monday unless something extraordinary happens that I have to share!

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. What an entertaining post.

    I love the first picture.

    WOW! Where on earth do you find these photos?

  2. I can't divulge my secret source! LOL I know yummy aren't they? Thanks.