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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Do you buy books for friends and family members for their birthdays? If so, which books did you gift and why? Do you give your own books as gifts? 

Purchasing a book is an individual choice. I don't generally purchase them for anyone but myself. If someone is celebrating a birthday and I decide to go along with the idea of perhaps a book purchase, I'll usually get them a gift certificate instead. The only time-and this is very rare, where I do make a book purchase is in the case of a child. A child's needs are pretty basic and you can pick according to age. When it's an adult, tastes vary and I've found most don't even read (how's that for sad).

As far as my own novels go, yes, I've given them out as gifts but only to people who really wanted to read them. Erotica is a fickle genre! Not everyone is comfortable with it!
Happy Birthday Sassy! 

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. Hi, Blak -- yeah, buying books for other people is a difficult task -- I find even buying for kids difficult. I mean, both my kids LOVE Urban Fantasy and Paranormals. Other kids prefer what my daughter calls 'real fiction'. and then you have the Fantasy lovers..omg how do you which genre to even start in? Nope. BOOK GC are the way to go if you know a book lover and want to get them a gift. Unless of course you know exactly which book they want or would likely want.

  2. That's why the GC is a life saver! I've purchased many over the years - but one word of caution everyone, make sure the teller activates the card and keep your receipt! Bad experience, I lost $50.00 on a non-activated card and of course I'd thrown out my receipt. Ugh! Thanks for stopping by JoAnne!

  3. As a fellow bookworm, that's been my standard gift - as in that's what every one gets me. I don't mind though. It keeps my Kindle stocked and my mind active. :D

  4. Unless a person asks for a specific title, I give gift cards for books. Nothing worse than a book that will not be read!