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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pucker Up!

I'm positive by the title of this post, you've got a pretty good idea where my thoughts are heading today. Yes, the topic is lips and we all know what a damned great set of those babies can do! LOL But as I discovered, when it comes to copulation, nothing compares to the human lips, and they do much more than we think. Yesterday, my daughter, read an article from one of her scientific magazines about kissing. Here are a few interesting points from that article. 

- As humans we're the only creature on the planet that have everted lips. 
- Aside from apes we're the only creature that kiss to express different emotions. 
- Every time you kiss a chemical called Dopamine is produced in the brain, the same area that is affected by addictive drugs (maybe that's why some people become addicted to kissing?).
- Passionate kissing makes the pupils dilate.
- This next point is in reference to boys/men, always brush and floss your teeth, the author stated it's proven that women pay closer attention and are attracted to men with nice teeth.
- Another point, men prefer open-mouthed, sloppy kissing and the reason being, this is a way of passing on a bit of testosterone to their partner. Supposedly over time with this type of repeated kissing, the woman's libido is enhanced, making her more receptive to sex!

I've always wondered why men enjoy the wet, messy kissing. Obviously it's natures way of boosting the bond in the relationship and coaxing more intimacy - after all we are sexual creatures with a need to reproduce. But regardless of the science, lips play an integral role when it comes to sex period. They express affection, they can stimulate and entice your partner both physically and emotionally. 

Whatever, I don't care, the lips have it! Totally my favourite. If a man can kiss, I'm all his. I've felt the tingle of a first kiss and the arousal caused by a passionate kiss, and there's nothing like it. My partner has to have the lips and be able to use them effectively. The hubby can kiss and come to think of it, he's got a nice set of choppers too! Ah yes, I think he knew exactly what he was doing. I was lured in!! Men are cunning!! LOL 

I'll be posting on Rawiya-Michael Mandrake's blog on January 15-2011! And her interview will be here! I'm really looking forward to Annie Alvarez's visit at the end of the month - seriously what a great author! On January 21-2011 I'll be posting @ RLJ! I've been tossing two different ideas around. I'd like to do something a little extra special since it'll be my RLJ debut. We'll see how things work out.
In personal news I'm heading to Japan @ the end of May! OMG yes I'm so excited!! I'm taking my daughter. It's kind of a graduation present for her and something I've dreamt of doing since my childhood. We're both anime/manga addicts (kind of similar to a Trekkie) so this is a huge event for both of us. She speaks Japanese, thank God, otherwise I'd be lost. The hubby bought me a digital camera for Christmas (mine had the biscuit) which is great because I intend on taking lots of photos! I'm not sure how to do it, but I'm going to try and blog from Japan! LOL Taking the laptop too I guess.

As you probably noticed, I keep adding more pages to this blog. Eventually I'll have a Red Lipstick Journals tab, the Eye Candy and Yaoi ones will be filled, and a few others. I'm trying to expand off my home website. In the near future I'll have Book Trailers posted and my latest book covers! 

Speaking of blogging, everyone knows, to constantly add new content is a time issue and a question of what to post. I like to keep things fresh! So in light of all the blog swapping going on, I'd like to invite any other authors, artists, yaoi fans - those who have an interest in erotic literature (particularly M/M), that are interested in doing a post for Blak Rayne Books blog to drop me a line! I guess it would help if I gave you my contact info! LOL

Happy Yaoi Hunting! ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. As usual, great post!! Hope you have fun in Japan. My son went with a student organization when he was 14 and was able to visit an art school that specialized in anime...he actually had a session with one of the creators a popular anime comic there. You will LOVE it!!
    Robin Badillo

  2. Thanks Robin! I am excited. And I'm sure we'll have a great time. Lucky boy! Now there's something I'd thoroughly enjoy doing - anime is the best cartooning in my opinion.

  3. Delicious topic, this kissing thing. Liking it.

    Japan you say? Would love to tag along but that would entail me leaving the house...yeah, no thanks. :)