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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mmm...What's Your Flavour Of Sexy?

This isn't Baskin and Robins. And there won't be any double-dipping your ice cream in a vat of chocolate or caramel topping. I’m talking what’s your flavour in men? Do you even have a flavour or do you just plain worship the opposite sex like I do? When it concerns skin, does the melanin influence or discourage your choice?
Take me...

Psst…come closer and I’ll let you in on a little secret. If I was single and I could travel back through time, be twenty again and possess the knowledge I have now, I’d be chasing some tight Asian ass! LOL The majority of my boyfriends were Caucasian and there was a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and I can tell you there can be issues there when you aren’t German or you aren’t able to speak French. I dated an East Indian and several native Indians but sadly never an Asian. I don’t know what the fascination is or where it stems from, but it’s always been there – just as my love affair with anything Japanese. I swear I was Asian in a past life (I should research this)! My secret craving - an Asian dipped in chocolate ready to be licked... WHOA! Sorry I must remember inside voice!

I think it’s the smooth flesh, the curve of their eyes and black hair. I’m not positive, but there is something about Asian men that just turns my crank. I was pretty bold as a teenager but could never seem to muster enough nerve to ask one out. Maybe it was the language barrier. Oddly enough when I got a little older (early twenties) and worked for my father, I had a number of Asian men hit on me but unfortunately they were married–ugh!! LOL

Last night I was searching the internet on the hunt for pictures when an interesting website popped up - 'How to Date a White Woman'. No joke, that was the title. I read the posts, and I was quite surprised to discover, that there's a vast group of Asian men in the world who feel a strong attraction towards white woman, but don't have the courage or cultural knowledge to ask them out. They have legitimate fears - Will I be rejected due to my race? Asian men are generally shorter in stature. Will my height have an effect on my chances of dating a white woman? It is a fact that most Asian men are a little less endowed then white or black men. Will I be able to please a white woman sexually should we become romantically involved? And the list went on and on. I'm sure you get the idea. F@*$! If I had've known that all those years ago I would've definitely approached one. Ah well live and learn. 

Thank God interracial dating is more widely accepted now. I’m not very old, but I can remember the flack I received for dating the East Indian fellow (even from friends) and believe me it wasn’t nice. I was a teenager in the eighties, the era of one-hit-wonders, bright make-up, legwarmers and feathered hair, and narrow-minded thinking. From grades eight to ten, I attended a Christian high school (until I refused to go any more) and the racial battery got worse. The Dutch Reform Church ran the school, so most of the students were either Dutch or German–I’m guessing as high as eighty-five percent, and this included the bulk of the teaching staff. I wasn’t blond and I wasn’t Dutch/German, so I was verbally harassed almost every day. I’m English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh and Hungarian–a mutt in their eyes and I was treated as such. One Dutch boy (who shall remain nameless) had a desire to date me, but didn’t because his parents refused to see him with a ‘non-Dutch’ girl…nice eh? I remember the conversation like it happened yesterday. I was standing in the school parking lot waiting for the bus, it was the last day before summer break and my last day attending the school, and this boy walks up. I’ll call him Mark and my name will be Barb–I must remain incognito!

“Hey Barb, how are you?” Mark asks.
“All right, I guess,” I replied.
“I hear you’re leaving school for good?”
“Yeah, I’m going to a public school in the fall.”
He frowns a little and says, “I don't want to see you go.”
“Oh and why’s that?” I eyeballed him of course, knowing exactly what he meant. Okay so I was a flirt damn it!
Mark inches a bit closer and his voice softens, “You know why.”
I didn’t say a word and he continued.
“I really like you Barb, and I regret I never asked you out.”
“I like you too and if you felt the same, why didn’t you?”
“My mom won't allow me to date a girl who isn’t Dutch.”
Needs Vanilla...
I can tell you at that point I felt like crying and it didn’t help that everyone waiting for a bus was staring. But I kept that stiff British upper lip. He apologized for his parents ignorance, told me how sorry he was that he’d wasted three years ogling me from afar and I was literally shaking by the time he left. It wasn’t a nice feeling. Many moons later and we hooked up on Facebook. I think he’s married to an Asian?? Go figure. Perhaps a little Dutch rebellion...

My advice on dating - whether it's sexual preference or skin colour don't allow anyone else to dictate, the choice should be yours alone. If that person treats you with respect, it feels right and they set your soul on fire just do it! Love doesn't discriminate. I could tell you a story that would bring you to tears - so remember NO regrets either!

And for those shy and/or insecure Asian men out there - yes there are some women of the pasty variety who do find you attractive. How will you ever know until you ask? To boost those fragile egos, here are some fun facts: In a number of Asian cultures, the men are supposedly taught from a very young age how to sexually satisfy their partners. Caucasians and Asians generally have gorgeous children. Asian men (Asians as a whole) liver longer than Caucasians. Even into old age, Asian men on average remain healthier and are able to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. See...not so bad!

Next up is author f/f Annie Alvarez on Jan 30th and what an excellent interview! I’ve added some new features to the blog and my website – plus Goodreads! Take a look! Enjoy the day!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. Awesome post and definitely some hot eye candy. I know as a fellow child of the 80's that those racial boundaries were present. In fact ran into a few of them myself. I'm so glad that peeps are more open minded now.


  2. I don't discriminate with my taste. Not race nor sex nor age. Love is love is love. And damn those fine-ass Asian men.

    Where the hell were they when I was single and humping anything in sight??

  3. Woohoo! Wow what Hot pics. I do have an actor I love who is Taiwanese, he is amazingly beautiful

    B4 I was married I dated a Filipino... LOL

    But as you state, love is love! No matter what color or sexual orientation!

    Great post!

  4. It good to know you all agree ladies! Thanks for stopping by!