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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What does it for you?

Hello! I'm back and wow what a great Christmas! Thoroughly enjoyable! How did you do? I hope yours was just as good! I was looking at my husband last night when the title of this blog post popped into my head.

What does it for you? And this is in reference to the sex you're attracted too. Personally, men do it for me - not that I haven't noticed a gorgeous woman and sadly felt envy! LOL

Is it his/her tight gluteus (nice ass)? Is it the eyes? His/her smile? Or is the front bulge perfectly enhanced by a pair of tight and expertly configured pair of blue jeans? Is it her boobs, cinched together snug within the confines of an uplifting bra? Yes - I do notice a woman with a great set of tits! LOL

What makes us take notice? Scientists claim that on some genetic level (caveman basics) we're animalistic. That there's this basic of mutual attraction where we need to do it. Women give off pheromones and when we're ready to mate our skin radiates this glow, our pupils dilate among other visible and measurable physical reactions. Everything that makes us attractive to the opposite sex goes into overdrive (so-to-speak)! 

And what about gay men? After researching, the same can be said for homosexual men and women. It's doesn't matter what sex you are or which sex you're trying to attract, the same things that excite and lure in your unsuspecting prey, are pretty much universal.

For me, it's always been the eyes and smile that I notice first. Of course I'm far from a prude and when the opportunity arises, I will inspect the rest of the package. And if I'm permitted and can get my claws in, I will cop-a-feel of the buttocks as well as the bulge. I'll be simply charming then move in for the kill. An alluring smile will crease my lips, maybe I'll laugh and all the while my body is getting closer to his...until I can lightly brush the part of his anatomy that I'm interested in.

In my youth, I was introverted to a point, not that I wouldn't speak, but I wasn't what you'd call sexually aggressive. I'd always sit back and play the silent observer. I lacked confidence in the area of sex. But with age comes wisdom and growth, and a certain strength in oneself - confidence is gained. Now as a forty-ish woman (no spoilers here!) LOL I find that I know exactly what I want in the bedroom. And I have no problem saying so or just doing it. I've had my fair share of men over the years and notwithstanding my sexual orientation, I've also had opportunities with the same sex. For some strange reason, which I might explore at some future date, I've had a number of women come onto to me and actually ask me out on dates. I'm not sure if I give off mixed vibes...

Getting back to the topic at hand. I think after watching all the shows, reading the articles and just going along with what Mother Nature intended, we are sexual beings. We can't help it. Just like all of God's other creatures we've been constructed to reproduce, but here's the interesting part, we're the only creatures on this planet that can actually face one another during copulation and we're the only ones that can make love - versus just doing it for the sake of off-spring! We, as humans, can enjoy an emotional bond during sex!

So what drives us? Is it chemical? Is it natural? Is it visual? Or is it just the fact that we as human beings need to have that physical interaction. From puberty until death we seem to seek it, we yearn to feel a connection whether it's purely sexual gratification or emotional. I believe it's a combination of everything above - what I find attractive in one man I don't in another, but I'm still attracted! In youth we feel a need to experiment. We age a little and the body clock begins to tick, we must reproduce. Then we age a little more and now it is the time in our lives when we simply want to be reminded of our youth, to feel sexy and be told we're still attractive. Then once again, we age and this time it's the security in knowing we have someone who's there for us, a companion, a lover and a friend. Love grows and evolves in stages as we do!
Life's nice isn't it...**big happy sigh**
Well those are my thoughts for today! LOL

Here we are heading into the New Year (time does fly)! And I've got some great things to share! I'm very excited! I've got an awesome interview coming up with Andi Anderson and I'm in the middle of negotiations with several other authors! LOL I'm going to be on Blogtalkradio Jan 3 (me and manly voice) LOL and of course I'll continue to post all sorts if things! But there is one more announcement I haven't shared yet...and I'm sorry but you'll just have to wait. I'm saving myself for the New Year! LMAO I'm saving it for the New Year!

Enjoy the pics! Yes normally I only post men - but I figured what the heck, a few pretty women wouldn't hurt! It's great to be back writing and chatting, I was beginning to feel with-drawls... XD

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. What a lovely blog, nice pics. I totally agree about us being sexual beings. I myself love the sight of both sexes. A pic of either may be a turn on.

    Plan to pick up my copy that you sent me today hon, looking forward into delving into it! :D Thanks again!

  2. Great pics, and I don't discriminate. I'm a lover of men and women. Lips and eyes get me every time. But so does a tight, squeezable ass. Hmm. *drools*

    Can't take the teasing. Give up the news already!