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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Robin Badillo ~ Interview With A Southern Vampire!

Where to begin... I met Robin Badillo only a few short months ago, when we were both newbies and fumbling along in a strange new world of unknowns. Now we're definitely preteens, in this amazing literary life that we lead, steadily learning more each day and steadily moving on to bigger and brighter things! 
'Have we ever met?' You ask. Not physically, but in spirit and through the medium of the internet. And to answer your next query, we both write from total opposite sides of the romantic spectrum. I'm the dirty sister who spins tales of the erotic flavour and Robin is my counterpart, who enjoys to tease you with romance touched by sensuality. 
Robin is the creative genius behind a brand new series of young adult, romance novels titled 'Journey of The Damned'. I'm not going to reveal any spoilers and I'm not going to provide a synopsis - instead I'm going to introduce the lovely southern belle Ms. Robin Badillo!

1. Who is Robin Badillo? Tell us about yourself.
That’s a loaded question. After 41 years, I suppose I’m still wondering that myself. What I have figured out, much to my delight, is that I am a survivor, a halfway decent mother, a loyal friend and a blossoming writer, just trying to find that inner genius. That last one will be an ongoing project that I only hope I live long enough to find.
 2. When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
I have always been a writer, of sorts, whether it was poetry as a girl, or short stories as I got older. Sometimes, I’ve been known to just jot down random thoughts or philosophize about life in general.  If I’ve thought about it, it’s probably been written down somewhere, even if it was just on a scratch piece of paper.
 3. Who and/or what prompted you to write your first novel?
Self-imposed therapy!!! I was at a crossroads in my life and needed to work some things out, so I bought notebook paper and a binder, and yes, like a crazy woman, hand wrote an entire novel. It was a May/December kind of love story. (I was trying to bond with that inner cougar lurking inside that loves those younger men.) Still have it in my nightstand and it will probably stay there, not that it was bad or anything, but just because it has great sentimental value. 
4. Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration comes for my own desires. As a young widow, I had to start all over with four kids. Just at that stage in my life when I was supposed to have my stuff together, I was thrown a curve ball. My next Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome is out there somewhere, and don’t think I’m not looking for him. In the meantime though, I’ve created my own sexy heroes and trust me, they do exactly what I want them to do. They never argue, their clothes are never on the floor and, Lord, have mercy, they leave after I write a love scene so I can relax and get some sleep. Now that’s inspiration!
5. For those who don’t know, Ms. Badillo loves vampires – if you hadn’t already guessed! LOL If you could become a vampire Robin, would you? What time period would you choose to live? And would you be evil or good?
If I could have been a vampire I would have been in one of two scenarios. I would have either lived in medieval times, ruling over my minion with a stable of young vampire studs to do my bidding, or, I would have been a vampire madam in an Old West brothel, inventing new and interesting ways to seduce cowboys and ride bareback.  Naturally, I would have been all about love and romance with only the occasional naughty escapade.
From the series ‘Journey of The Damned’ – Please tell us about your latest release, ‘Forbidden’ and your upcoming release, ‘Scorned’.
Forbidden is the second book in the trilogy, and takes place after Demetri and Sydney have jumped through hoops to be together. Just when they thought they could begin their life of immortality side by side, well, “stuff” happens. New characters are introduced, including a sexy, young Australian, named Connor, who puts Sydney to the test by tempting her in every way possible.
The events that unfold in Forbidden, throw the family into an uproar and there’s a chance Sydney could lose Demetri forever, if not from her own inability to control her forbidden desires and blood lust, then possibly from a psychotic female vampire who is after her, seeking more than just revenge.
Scorned, is where the fate of everyone is finally decided. Sydney finds herself in the Amazon jungle, surrounded by a trio of vampire hunters who are drawn to her like a cat in heat. Sydney’s on a mission and these hunters are mucking up her plans with passionate advances and some rather precarious situations. Not to mention, Connor, who is still tangled up in the middle of the confusion, doing his best to prove Sydney that he’s the one for her.
Will Sydney and Demetri find their way through the chaos and danger, or will the final curtain on the series, be the final curtain for the vampire lovers as well? We’ll have all the answers February 1st, 2011.
6. What separates your vampires from let’s say Bram Stoker’s? Are they traditional? If not, how so are they different?
My vampires are all for the most part, contemporary, even the ones who have a couple of centuries under their belt. There is no creepy pipe organ music setting a mysterious scene or bats flapping rubbery wings in these story lines.
These vampires are young, sexy and even environmentally friendly. The stories are the best of the good versus evil scenarios, with a lot of action, sweet lovin’ and twists that would make a pretzel say ouch! They fight with a passion, love like there’s no tomorrow and protect their own with an unstoppable vengeance.
7. What is your favourite vampire novel or series? Do you have a favourite vampire movie? And why?
I must say that I have really enjoyed the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz.  My daughter insists on each new book the instant they hit the stores, and I can’t blame her. They are classified as young adult, but I like them too. No, they don’t warm my heart as much as a certain family of sparkling vampires has for the last few years, but they are a great read.
8. Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?
I have said this before and although it sounds strange, every plot, character and title I have every created were all born from a conversation that played out in my head. It’s usually an intense scene between the two main characters, and involves some form of conflict, but from that, the rest of it just evolves and falls onto the page.
Just think, not every person you see walking down the street talking to themselves is crazy; sometimes they just may be a stressed out, overworked writer plotting their next novel. Yeah, that sounds about right. That’s my excuse I’m sticking to it.
9. What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why?
The middle is the hardest for me to write.
The beginning is the introduction. The characters are fresh and crisp, wide eyed and na├»ve, then the end is where you see the characters evolved, dusted off and for the most part, put back together again (if it’s a happily ever after tale)
So, the middle is where the characters have to be dragged through the mud, slapped around a bit, and as we say here in Texas, rode hard and put up wet. That isn’t an easy task, even if you have an entire stable of young vampires to do your bidding. So, yeah, the middle is where I spend most of my time, tweaking the torture chamber.
10. Has your own life influenced your novels? And if so, how?
My own life is nothing like anything I have ever written about. Vampires aside, even with all the everyday drama life can bring, I would take flat tires, clogged drains and a stack of bills over the things I do to my characters any day. Did I mention the part about the torture chamber? Okay, just checking.
11. Are there any other mystical/mythological creatures (sorry I’m not sure how to categorize vampires) that you’d like to write about such as werewolves, faeries etc?
Vampires are in the paranormal genre, though they could probably fit into others as well. I like shape shifters and have recently been studying angels, demons and fairies. If I had to write another genre, it would be about werewolves, but not the hideous beasts that savagely murder people on the full moon, but rather the shape shifter version, with sexy packs of were-boys and were-girls who find themselves in lots of trouble and romantic situations. It’s kind of hard to get serious with a guy, if he has fleas, but the sex would probably be something to growl about and sink your teeth into.
12. Can you give us a glimpse into your newest WIP? And when we can expect a publication date?
Hmmm! Currently, I’m three quarters of the way through the second edition of my second trilogy. Yes, vampires. Yes, romance. Yes, turmoil and surprises. But this time, the heat level has been kicked up a notch or two.
Book one of the Blood Hunter trilogy, The Beginning, is set for a March 1st 2011 release with the 2nd and 3rd to follow soon after.
I’m thrilled about this new set of vampires. We’ll see different skills and abilities and these vampires just may even be a bit more traditional than the ones I’ve brought to you before. At least as far as the sun is concerned anyway. There won’t be any romantic sunsets for these lovers, but that doesn’t mean the dark doesn’t hold some hot romance to rival what you’ve seen so far.
13. And lastly Robin… Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
In five years, I hope to see my youngest daughter graduating high school, my oldest son already on his chosen career path in the criminal justice arena, and my middle son and daughter enjoying college.
As for me, I hope to have a real office, or at the very least a desk with a comfortable chair. If I stay on my current path, my writing should have improved significantly and maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to have a decent fan base other than just friends and family. I may even reach the number of friends you’re allowed to have on Facebook and have to open a second profile. That would be cool. (Smile)
Most of all, I just hope that we’re all healthy, busy and living life to its fullest doing what we want and enjoy. I’m not high maintenance, so just the basics will do!
Robin what a great interview! I really enjoyed having you here! And I can say without any hesitation, if I ever need advice of the vampyric kind I know who I'll be calling! 
To hit Robin's website hit this link: Robin Badillo.com
To purchase any of Robin's novels hit this link: Devine Destinies Publisher
I think the next one will be a Yaoi Christmas lol
Until next time - yep you know it Happy Yaoi Hunting!! ^_^!!
Blak Rayne xoxoxo



  1. Great interview! I love what you said about your characters. Now a days, vampires are so often confused with the dreaded old timey Stoker vamps!

    Annie :0)

  2. Awesome interview, guys. Like Annie, I love what you said about your characters, Robin :))

  3. Hi Robin and Blak! How cool that you flew up to meet with Blak in person! That's my idea of adventure! I hope you get that office. You'll need it. You have a long and wonderful writing career in front of you! Lisa Anne Vance

  4. Great interview! I get snapshots of scenes, too when book sort of 'comes to me."

    Good luck with the book.