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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ratings & Reviews...

Good Morning Vietnam!!! Wrong intro - but awesome movie! My God if I could fly off the cuff like Robin Williams does I'd be a multi-millionaire by now!

Anyway, on to my blog post for today...and this is probably one of the touchiest subjects for any artist - and I'm talking author, actor, painter etc...the dreaded rating and reviews. 

I haven't been a published author for too long, I'm a newbie, I'm still learning and I'm not ashamed to say when I've made a mistake and believe me, I've made a few already. But one thing I have done right, is ask questions. My father always said, "You're never going to learn unless you ask." And I've found the most valuable piece of advice, I've received from fellow authors (and I mean the veterans of this business) those authors with a list of published books as long as your arm is.... TAKE IT ALL IN STRIDE SWEETHEART!

For those who know me, know I'm a fairly thick skinned person and not much phases me. You can ask my kids and they'll tell you. I'm laid-back, level-headed and I never panic (not that anyone can actually physically see). Here's an example of what I mean by no panic. And I swear to you, this is a true story. Five years ago, I used to be a dispatcher for a trucking company (yes working with a bunch of truckers does thicken the skin) anyway, it was mid afternoon and I get this phone call and it went something like this...
"Hello are you, Deborah?"
"Yes," I replied with faint trepidation in my deep voice. "Who is this?"
"You don't know me, but we live next door to you in the townhouse complex..."
"Ah yes...okay. And you are?"
"My name's Lynda - anyway, and please don't panic, but there's been a fire at your place. I called the fire department and made sure your kids were out of the place. And please don't worry they're okay - your children are okay. Your daughter is at the hospital, but she's okay and your son is just fine. I went with them to the hospital."
Now, the whole time this strange woman is relaying this information, I was staring out the large window in front of my desk, my heart did pick up a bit of speed, but...and here's the clincher, I literally grunted. That was it. I remained calm and waited until she was done. And I honestly believe she thought I was a jerk or something. Because this was my reply.
"Thank you for all your help. So my children are okay?"
"You're very welcome. Oh yes they're just fine."
"Where are they exactly?" I let off a low sigh, like I was bored or something.
"In the hospital... But they might be home by the time you get here... I could bring them home if you like...?"
"That won't be necessary."
The woman I'm sure was staring at the phone wondering who the heck she was talking to. Because my voice remained monotone the whole time and she was like what the????
"All right, I'll leave work right away." And I hung up.
In the hospital it was the same thing. I knew my children were fine. And I think the cop attending the incident was appalled, because I just stood there shaking my head. When my daughter explained she'd been trying to deep fry some doughnut dough, my mom had given her and the oil caught on fire, I smirked. Of course I gave them both hugs and kisses, reprimanded them, but I was also relieved they were okay. The 'Doughnut Incident' - as we've labeled it has become a running joke in this house. "Now we can look back and laugh." I told my daughter. A month after the fire I brought home a box of fresh doughnuts and my daughter laughed but hit me, she had this phobia for a while. LOL

Back to the rating & review thing... As I was saying, I'm usually thicked skinned, but when someone tells you your book wasn't good, your heart sinks and when they tell you it was great, your heart soars. This is the most ruddy emotional upheaval I've felt in years - not even my kids can upset me...but this??? I don't know if I'll ever get used to the comments good or bad.  YIKES!!! I've been shit on and I've been praised! And there's no in between. It's like being told you suck in bed... I mean too much bad press and you're done!
What do you think??? And how do you cope?? (remember the chia tea lattes, that's my crutch)

On to happier chatter - as promised, I'm posting the latest info.

I've been interviewed today @ Novel Sisterhood! It was great fun! Take a look! Cut and paste the links below/or hit the title of this blog post!

On Nov. 28-10 I'll be chatting live with a great group of authors! I'll post info later on this.

On Dec. 1-10 I'll be interviewing Avril Ashton!

Jan 3-10 you get to hear my manly voice @ Blogtalkradio - because I'll be going live with Linda Mooney!

Another author and artist Mahalia Levey is at this link - take a look!  

What else... I think that's all for now folks! Back to yaoi on the next blog!
Until then and as always Happy Yaoi Hunting!!
Blak Rayne^_^!!


  1. YOU SICK WOMAN! How dare you bring up my touchie doughnut incident!!! I was 13! TTATT I'mma eat yer brains for that!!!

    On a side note, when are we getting that camera in the office, it's dearly needed to capture our hilarity in action!

    -Jax (Mini-Blak if you will XD)

  2. Uh huh...mini blak eh?
    Now that we can look back, it is funny...perhaps I should purchase some doughnuts tonight...
    **evil laughs**

  3. Wow, you handled that incident with the fire like a pro. I would have freaked out. As for the review...I try to take it all in stride. I try very hard to shake the bad off and embrace both the good and the bad. Great blog! Thank you for sharing.