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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Literary Nymphs Chat

I was at Literary Nymphs chat tonight. And it was quiet... I think I picked the wrong time and wrong day to join in (ah well better luck next time). I talked to a few people, mostly others authors which was wonderful! While I was chatting, a fellow author of homoerotica, stated that she's just finished reading Devotion and loved it! That did it for me! Absolutely made my night!
On my second to last post titled 'Ratings & Reviews' I discussed my feelings and how ratings and reviews affect me personally. Well including tonight, the last few days I've received some overwhelming praise from a few readers and a couple of authors who've read my first novel Devotion - and that was the greatest pick-me-up I could've asked for! Very nice! And of course this has inspired me to get back at it! I just thought I'd share!
So aspiring authors, newbies and veterans never give up hope! I honestly believe that picking an author is like picking your underwear, it's a very personal choice! LOL You aren't going to please all of the people all of the time. Each author has their own unique style and it isn't going to be to everyone's taste. 
Speaking of personal preferences, I have a confession... I do love to read period, but I also have a soft spot for fantasy. Now hold that thought... There is one writer in this genre who has dominated the charts for the past number of years and I won't say who he/she is. Because if I did, I'd probably be halved and quartered! LOL Anyway here's my confession... I borrowed the first novel of this writer's series and sat down to indulge, and yep, I had to literally force myself to read the first couple of chapters. It was like pulling teeth from a hen. It was awful. I was damned near falling asleep. I hate to say it, but he/she just didn't do it for me. OMG so brain-numbing dull... Just my opinion though!
Have a great evening folks!

Happy Yaoi Hunting! 
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. I didn't know you were doing a chat, I would've popped up to bug you. I hear you about the pick-me-up, there's nothing like when someone loves the thing you've created.

    Psst! Whisper the name of the author to me. I won't tell, promise ;-)

  2. LOL thanks!
    Okay but you've got to come closer...
    I'll only give away the initials... JKR
    Damn it I better duck - I see flaming projectiles heading my direction...