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Monday, November 22, 2010

Late Night Quickie...

Okay, what the shizzz?? First it's Wix that's giving me fits today and now it's Photobucket. I try to do something nice for my friends and Photobucket goes and kicks me in the --- well you know. I follow their guidelines and they still take my pics down. They weren't offensive stupid @$#@ Photobucket! **Deep Breath Blak**.... 

So to let you know ladies, I will be fixing the slideshow somehow - and thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions! Very appreciated!

All right, I'm much calmer now that my rant is over. I swear if naked men aren't the answer then nibbling on ginger snaps and sipping a Chia Tea latte is the answer ladies - and make sure there's lots of cinnamon in the Chia! I'm a Chia fanatic, ever since I quite smoking. I exercise every morning and have done so for eight months straight now. No lie. I take my treadmill to new heights, sweating to the music on my IPod every single day. And I've started adding some sit-ups etc to my work-out. I need to lose thirty pounds and I'd be so happy if I did.

That doesn't mean that I don't like myself now, I just need to lose a bit of the extra. I'm not a petite creature - I was yarns ago in my teens, but I didn't eat back then and I didn't have children yet. In high school I was one hundred and forty-five pounds, lean and muscular, wearing size seven jeans. No joke. I know you're saying to yourself - 145?? Okay, here's the deal my sweeties, I'm five foot eight and at 145 that was damn skinny for me. I looked hot! Not so hot now - well the hubby says so, but I swear he's going blind! LOL

I've been very fortunate. I smoked since I was thirteen, quit at forty and I can honestly say you'd never know it. I hardly wrinkled (very lucky). Good genetics I guess. And I'm white as a ghost - not a sun worshipper, I'm afraid. I love the heat, but don't sit in it baking like a whopper.

Anyway, I don't induge often, but tonight I snuck a few ginger snaps and a Chia. I make them at home. And oh they were so yummy! Now I just need my naked man fix and I'm off to the races again! LOL I'm just teasing. 

Updates...well I worked on the website tonight and did a few tweets, finished an interview and I'm preparing for another one. Soon as they're up and running, I'll post the info. Also, I believe by next weekend I'll be posting an interview with a dear friend and author Avril Ashton! You won't want to miss it! She is a sweetheart! And she's got an awesome new release!

On Sunday, November 28th I'll be chatting live at Literary Nymphs. I'll post the info to that soon. Yes I'm a busy little beaver. LOL As far as blog postings go, I'm diligently working on them. Christmas isn't far off and I'd like to post some recipes, stories and jokes. 

Anyway, I'm off to do a bit more writing then Mr. Sandman will be stopping by. I need my beauty sleep. LOL

Have a great evening everyone!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!! ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. Aww. Thanks B.R, for the shout out. Great job on giving up those smokes. And you're so right, naked men are the cure-all. Of course, my better-half must never know I said that. In his eyes I'm soo innocent *slow blink*