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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Eye Candy

As I've stated before, I like to snoop around the internet, searching for interesting articles, pictures and well, anything that sparks my interest. Tonight I was searching for more yaoi when I happened to come across some awesome real life eye candy. Okay, we all know that YAOI is delicious! LOL But the real thing can be too! My hats off to whoever took these photos, these men are absolutely gorgeous and OMG **drools** There's something about the male physique and you ladies know what I'm talking about... 

I've been in love with the opposite sex for as far back as I can remember; tall, short, no matter the skin colour or shade of hair. I've always found something to love about each man I've met throughout my life. 

My first love was a twelve year old Native Indian boy (God rest your soul Cory), who lived across the street from my house. The last summer before we moved away, I spent every day with Cory. I was six and infatuated, and to this day I can still taste that first kiss. Years later, when I was told of his untimely death, I was truly devastated. It took me days to stop crying. Not only did he leave an impression on me, but for some unknown reason he remained a part of my heart. Cory was simply beautiful with the darker flesh, smooth features and the - I want to get lost in your locks of silky, black hair. I miss you and maybe some day we'll meet again...
Later it was a redhead with freckles that took my breath away... Rob you had the greatest smile! Mike, Don, Jason, Donald, David, Kevin, Dave, Robert, Mark, Greg and on and on... And so I aged, learning more about men, sex and the complications of dating and emotional ties. Nothing was perfect and never is, and I have no regrets...  Now I know why God created men, so us women, have something to hold, cherish and enjoy!

P.S. My latest purchase from Ebay came in! YES! And I'll be posting pictures and a write up soon!
Until then...

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. I have always had crushes on Native American guys. They are simply beautiful.

  2. Blak,
    Tit for tat, I see!! LOL!! I so hope your hubby is secure with his position in your life. Your list of past loves read like a role call at a hockey game.... you sexy devil you!! All teasing is with love and admiration, of course! Enjoyed your post as always and look forward to many more....especially with sensual art and yummy, calorie free eye candy!!

  3. Thanks ladies.
    I can't agree more Scarlett - Native men are yes sooo beautiful!

    And as for my hubby, he's Italian and he thinks he is Gods gift to me! LOL He knows about my past as I was in a right mess with several men when we met (don't ask!). LOL And he has the patients of a saint.

    He's wonderful, he's got this smile and when he get that chocolate tan in the summer, I can hardly keep my hands off...
    Okay must move on!

    Glad you liked the post! I'll see what I can dig up for next time!

  4. Well, damn!

    No, I'm done. Got nothing else to say ;-)